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Morning all.

Just a flying visit as I have to be at dog rescue open day all morning. I hope the sunshine lasts so I can get outside this afternoon.

Hope the sun shines where you are too

Bunny ...
Hope goes well today Flo

Looking forward to everyone having a bright and sunny day 

Morning folks. Looks to be best day so far.
Morning all
Sun shining here as well, hope to get out for a little while.
I have some seedlings to prick out today.


Caz W wrote (see)

I used the paviors from Wickes to edge a small flower bed last year and they seem much stronger than bricks and less likely to suffer frost damage (that's what happened with the old  bricks that were already there).  Think they were about 38p each.

 I think the paviors are best option as bricks deteriorate but I expect the guys in builders merchants will give good advice on the merits or otherwise. I've always found B's Merchants very good for hard landscaping stuff. In last house we used a local supplier for gravel and they were terrific- great products,prices and service.

Miss Becks

I'll have a look at those as well.


There's not a cloud in the sky ...................... 

Pennine Petal

Morning all, I'd love to get out in the sunshine but too much other stuff to do today. My garden is looking a mess too, we still have pockets of snow around here despite the sunshine.

Catch you later.



Morning all. 0° this morning, sky hazy sometimes that means sunny later.

We're of to England on Tuesday so must get my new bed finished and planted with the homeless impulse buy plants. I think I'm repeaing myself on different threads!

Miss Becks

Cheers Dave!! I will be having a snoop round!


Morning all

Today some Fuschia plugs came. They are supposed to be climbing ones - Black Lady - has any one any tips about these? It is a long time since I grew any fuschia from plugs but they appealed to me and I have several places they can go

Also going to dig the concrete in shrub bed - I thought I could top dress it with the some of the top soil coming on Tuesday. Is that a good idea

Oh full of questions today, sorry.



Hooray - the bride has made  decision. She wants a cake with alternate square and round tiers

The bottom tier will be round . Quite a relief because it's the one I preferred 

Next is what decoration she wants

Wonderful out there, just hung washing out without a coat

Bjay - pot your plugs into 3" pots and if you want them to be bushy pinch out the growing tip when there are 3 pairs of leaves - I have some Lady Boothby climbing fuchsias that are hardy - they have been in the border for about 4 years now.
Love the cake
Pam L L x


When we redid our garden about 9 years ago we didn't have a lot of money to spend on edging so we decided to use brick paviors - they have lasted really well
Pam LL x

Cold and grey out there 6°. Should be gardening, will go out in a minute.

Fab cake Bjay, good luck with it.

Pennine Petal

Pam, didn't know you could get a climbing fuchsia. I really like the sound of that. Used to grow lots of fuchsia, but got bored with them. I still like the delicate ones more than the big blousy ones. Sometimesfucsias look as though they are made of wax.


Right, I'm off outside now for dfinite.


The sun has got his hat on, hip, hip, hip , hooray 

have been outside without my trusty yellow fleece.

Pam I have just potted them up after a good soak and they are now sunning themselves n the GH. I will wrap them up with the other babies tonight though.

I was just wondering how they climb?

Have just evene doff the opposite front border to the big one. This one just goes straight across but is slightly wider than it was. Not such hard work.


Afties all. Have spent a little while sitting out enjoying the sun!!! (I know!!!) and trying to decide where to plant the shrubs I already have. Round my new paving in case I failed to make that clear. Came in to find requirements for shrubs I have so far. Now I really need to find somewhere to obtain reasonably priced 'little stuff' - small lavenders and thymes for starters as GC pots work out rather pricey.

Great cake, Bjay - get practising!