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Pennine Petal
My baked potato and tuna is arriving. I shall return. Just ate most of a box of chocolate fingers with my tea, hope I grave room for it now.
Miss Becks

Cheers Bjay! Just what I wanted to hear!


What is it about "Women" a few days of clear blue skies a little bit on the cool side in the morning and evening and they cant help mentioning that Four letter word R--N



Jean Genie

Better than the other 4 letter word , Derek - S--W !


Dare I say it Derek, but we could do with some rain here in Lincolnshire.

Gardening Grandma

S.. er.. S.. er.... still trying to work that one out!

Well -I had a lovely day in the garden today well -in the greenhouse -didn't even have my fleece on!
The fire hasn't gone on tonight either so must be warmer
Can't wait to do the same again tomorrow
Pam LL x

Need to get out there in the sunshine soon; we've got a trip out planned for later in the day so need to do gardening stuff first - sun's shining, birds are singing and I've got a grin on my face 


I have a load of pots to wash. Then will spend the rest of the day poking about the garden...cooing at emerging shoots and making plans....


Morning Cheerypeabrain   Oooh, it's a bit cold for pot-washing - I always mean to do it in the autumn 

Gardening Grandma

Morning all! Woke up very late (for me). OH already home from working nights and in bed in the spare room to give me peace. I usually feed him when he comes  in. At moments like this, I realise that he is a bit of a sweetie. 


Morning folks.

Sun and cloud here but the frost is going quickly. Not sure which of the 10 gazillion gardening jobs I shall do today.

Have fun, whatever you're at!



Morning All

Hope not to have heating on here as well, but OH needs heat so will have to see.

Busy day - baking cake - first weddingcake sample, washing, gatdening, heavy stuff and hopefully yet more sorting out in the GH in an attempt to make more room

Oh and cleaning bathroom window as bloke coming tomorrow to measure it for new one

Pennine Petal
Morning all, Bjay, don't be working too hard, it is a day of rest. Cloudy here.

Take it easy out there and have a lovely day. Lots of gardening injuries this time of year, so be careful.

Bjay, that sounds like a weekend's work to me! Don't overdo things


Morning all. Feels milder this morning.

Bjay, sounds like a marathon, I'd cross something off the list.

I hope it's dry enough to rotavate the potato patch today, everytime it starts drying out it pours again. Wish it would do that in summer and keep the water bills down!


 OH has spread the remains of one of the compost bins over the bare bit of the veg patch, and turned the contents of the other bin into the empty one - I'm getting him trained