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Morning Folks.

Lovely morning here if a tad cool.

Where to start in the garden, lots of jobs to catch up with. Remaining lilies to sort out, then the cold frame, some of the plants have not survived the winter, so must have clear out and make room for some more that can come out the greenhouse.

Bjay -Best of luck with the wedding cake. I made my daughters, and 2 nieces in the past,  quite a responsibility, but all turned out OK.

Have a productive and happy day.



Morning, no afternoon, all.

My gardening activities are 'on hold' with continuing sciatica- drat- & having to take care of my arm. Oh well can see me having to delegate the pot moving & compost bin turning to OH, who as a non gardener may not be the best person..... Any hints Dove?

He was to be seen using a spade at daughter's yesterday- fine by me, it's covered in rubble in places & clay beneath!

Today we must do some paperwork, so tomorrow shall move dahlias around as struggling with space in the house. We did go down to a rather cold Dunham Massey on friday for a walk around the gardens there. Too windy for OH to do much photography though as branches/plants wouldnt stay still! J.

Jean Genie

Afties all  Sun is still struggling to come through the clouds here. No where near as nice as the last few days but still dry.

Jo, hope you're feeling better soon . I've never had sciatica but my friend suffers badly with it.

Try and have a rest today.

Bjay - you are following in Jo's footsteps - Don't do too much. Watch the foot.

Could never train my OH, Dove - just boss him around. Don't trust him near my plants.

Gardening Grandma

My OH once 'weeded' out lupins, clematis and a rose! He now mows the lawns and does a bit of heavy work around the place.


GG that's what my OH does - he can recognise verbascum when in flower, fuchsias the same but that is because he likes them, does take pride in lawn though

Cake - it has now taken 45mins longer than the recipe said, that's why you bake test samples. On GB Bake off they must tests and test.

Just taken it out of oven - not too happy with it, will ahve to see whaen it cools down

Spent morning sorting GH and attempting to do some sort of cold frame - I haven'y one - so that the plants don't go 'soft'



Bjay, that's the problem I always have with cakes, the cooking time is miles out.

GG, I have similar issues with OH. His main duty is to chop down brambles and ivy  Only the other day he was doing just that and decided to remove an unsightly metal frame while he was at it - it's a support for some plants that flop about so I was not a happy bear. Easily sorted but it was not his department!!!

Gardening Grandma

Mine always claimed that if it were up to him, he would have only grass. He now feels quite proud when the garden looks good, though he still thinks I am an idiot who needs constant supervision. He could be right, actually....


I gave in & took painkillers again earlier. Am now comfy again.

My hand/arm problem though is going to be a real b****r. Oh well I'll cope, have to.


Paperwork done & dusted & shredded. OH has tried to cancel something on an apparent 24hr/7day phoneline, only to discover that they arent actually functioning today! Website also non-existent as well...... J.

Caz W

Sorry to hear about the sciatica and hand/arm Jo and don't feel bad about taking painkillers when you need them! 

I think I can join in with the last few posts in saying that OH definitely needs direction when willing to do gardening jobs

Good luck with the cakes BJay


Morning all. Going to England tomorrow  so won't be posting for a bit - lack of computer. Got a lot to do today. Late start as farrier came to shoe horsey. Couldn't ride as she needed shoeing, farrier ill, now he's been and I'm going away!

Pennine Petal

Jo, try a TENS machine, worked for me yesterday.


Glyn, I may have to if the sciatica doesnt settle.

Today I got lots done, including carrying my Hosta pots from by the house wall down to the bottom patio where they spend the summer/Autumn. I decided to try whist the pots were at their lightest as we've had no rain for ages.

I managed, but probably not the most sensible idea with a poorly R arm, a knee objecting & the odd back twinge! Anyway, afterwards I sat sheltered from the wind having had more painkillers! The nurse I spoke to last week has also phoned to check up on me!

Tomorrow am off to the hairdressers- the first cut in over 12 months- then lunch at GC with friend. So no real chance of more injury there??? J.

Pennine Petal
Try not trip over any plant pots Jo!



TENS is good. Does a lovely job on a back.


Didn't help my daughter when the hospital gave her one to help with labour pains Nutcutlet!  Her husband and I took so long trying to fathom out the instructions as to where to place it and how it worked that she threw it at us!  We were only trying to help, honest.

Pennine Petal wrote (see)
Try not trip over any plant pots Jo!

I survived!

Nice lunch & had a £5 off any full price plant voucher too, so another Heuchera has come home with me! 

Off to wash the car now. I usually wait until it's rained/raining, but I need to sort it so metered water it will be. J.

Gardening Grandma

Chronic pain is so debilitating, Jo and Lizzie. I hope you find answers. Does the local hospital have a pain clinic?

We have 2 SILs, a BIL and a DIL with rheumatoid arthritis, so I've seen and regretted the effects of this problem quite a lot, but thank the Lord I haven't experienced it personally. I'm grateful for my health.

Am planting a blue meconopsis this afternoon. They don't like being moved, so I hope it settles down. Kept it in a pot until now in the hope of warmer weather, but I think I'll just plant it now, while it is relatively dormant.


Good luck with the Meconopsis GG. It's one of those plants that just doesnt like me/my garden. Tried 3x, no joy, so wont do again, costs too much!

My pain isnt chronic yet, I hope. Some caused by pulled back muscle, initially done when a student, which must be pressing on the sciatic nerve. Knee by climbing an Austrian mountain- I did it though!! on the first day of a holiday when wasnt totally fit. Rest is a side-effect of current medication, which I cant change.........oh & arm problem a side-effect of surgery couple of yrs back which will apparently re-occurr from now on! Drat! I will keep on gardening, thus setting things off again, so I winge, take painkillers & try & carry on as normal. J.