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Gardening Grandma

This forum was such a tradition, wasn't it? - though I'm a relative newbie and didn't use it much. You could see that people had great relationships. There are a few other chat threads now, which are continuing the tradition, and several conversations going on at the same time. Time-consuming but fun!



The end of an era, that was a fun thread.

Where have you all gone 

Gone home for tea


The show is over, there are new shows now!



Enjoy the new chats.

Gardening Grandma

Jo, I picked up somewhere this week (GW?) that blue meconopsis like cloudy skies. I can provide those!!


Cloudy skies, oh yes....! Just one of those annoying situations. Never mind more room for something else..... J.

Deanos Diggin It

So its "Goodnight from me, n a goodnight from him" 



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