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David  and Flower in defence, Gary as a striker, Jean can go in midfield, we need a few more


Becks-I will need help getting the socks on -so not that healthy-there will a lot of Lucozade needed-and Sanatogen


Lots of ralgex spray needed I think


My OH has just watched the GB ladies football and he agrees with David K, says they put the men to shame, no messing about, no rolling on the floor in agony and a great result!! Keep it up ladies.  We are all behind you. Lets hear it for the girls Yeah.!!!!!!



LTG what position would you like to play in our team?


Excellent news wish id watched it now

LTG I was going to give you a warning if you hang about you'll end up on a team yourself but Kate has got you ha ha


I would have to be on the sidelines I'm afraid- too long in the tooth for all that running about, it wears me out just watching. I'd be alright in an advisory roll, like how many oranges we would need for half time, having the crutches ready in case of injury and having the G & Ts ready for the team talk at the end.


LTG we will need a lot of gin for all the aches and pains


Embroidery fine, it might have to have sequins in it - I can't resist sparkly stuff. I could also be involved in the flat-pack four, I've assembled a lot of flat pack items in my time.


Geoff Ive just googled this flat back four Im none the wiser but Im pretty sure Flo it has nothing to do with furniture Ow dear..As physio I want a sequin top too

Gary Hobson

Dull here this morning, and heavy rain forecast for this afternoon. A really good excuse for a day watching telly. And there's plenty on too.

I like the rowing. It always starts quite early, 9.30. I don't know why rowing is always on so early. There are 15 events, and I think we have finalists through to 14 of them. Must be a medal in there somewhere, over the next 4 days. Redgrave, speaking on Breakfast, forecast 7 medals, including 3 gold (he hopes). The first key final is around 11.50 this morning.

Then, all afternoon, there's women's, followed by men's, cycling, round Hampton Court Palace garden and environs. Brad must have a decent chance.

I think that paved paths round gardens are so useful for kids to play on bikes.

Swimming was exciting last night, and the prospects for tonight look even more exciting.

Jean Genie

Good morning - so much to catch up on ! Have been chuckling reading posts and think team G.W. would look good in these.


Jean Genie

I have nominated myself for cheer leader and reserve the right to pick my own costume - plus fluffy wavy things of course,

All menu plans looked good for last night -  Will be looking out for chocolate cosmos.

Jenny - pic taken near Tomitoole - forgive spelling if it's wrong.

Next door building summer house with shingle roof ???  He spoke to me yesterday so I asked . He is also sending someone to have a look at vib / tree who knows his stuff - can't wait ! I am becoming obsessed.

Squirrel has robbed all contents of bird table . Hubby spotted him first thing this morning.   Greedy little bxxxxg !!!


HI Jean, Where did you get the shorts. I don't think they would be big enough for me!!! and I haven't got the legs might have been OK 50 years ago, but I love the sequins. They look very snazzy, just right for our team.

Your last post beat me to it, so I now know where the picture was taken.



You lot crack me up, I'm not supposed to be sitting at my desk giggling!

But yes, I have two whistles - does that qualify me as trainer? Don't know huge amounts about football but I can sort some good training exercises. Run up the pitch, kick a ball into a goal, run back, sit down for 20 mins with a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

I think Pam ought to be a cheerleader as well, she can wave pompoms.

Gary, keep us updated on the boat activity.


Any more suggestions for team name?

We do need a few more players, pottie pam? Inkadog? any strikers out there?

David normal kick off is 3pm on a saturday so we should get you home on time.

I love the sparkly shorts


I'll go on strike at the drop of a hat, I hate ironing and doing the housework, is that the sort of striker you mean? everybody out!. As for a team name what about Crocks United, just a thought. Have a nice day