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Oh Becks- I think you have been had-there is no stripper in Two Men From Gerona.


Decorating hmm well my OH is now saying that he has some days off this month and will finish the paint work then. I know he will do it, but, I can say its so irritating to see it needing done Im not going to nag Ive worked that out long ago it gets you no where.

I'd like to see your shorts???


Becks, there were definitely bar scenes in FC&NK, I remember the Bushmills - apple juice of course. Maybe your director just fancied a bit of 'local colour' in the scene ;- )  We had a director who had a yen for bellydancers and shoehorned them into every panto we did.


Hello Dan.

I think we will need sponsors to pay for the jet, so that will determine the colour of the kit, do we have a financial whizz?


sponsors I hadnt thought of that theres more to this footie that you think. Well with the jet, the pampering sessions and the ton of sequins we need we're talking big money



Jenny-is that invitation to the Highlands if I wear the shorts?

I have found a chap with a head for figures



Miss Becks

I can't even check Flo, it was over 20 years ago now! But my father will definately remember. Will ask him next time I see him.

Aren't GW sponsering us???? Thought that was a given!


Well Geoff I might keep my head down if I see a man walking towards me in pink shorts not a sight your likely to see round here, more likely to be a tweed bit itchy though


Well, for those who don't fancy pink and sequins:




Jean Genie

Morning , I see you've all been at it again ! I have been up all night designing our cheerleaders outfits and have nearly finished. I will show you the finished results in due course and I'm sure Pam will be pleased with the finished results.

I have now got 11 50ps.

In the meantime , don't forget -



Very sparkly Jean. The players will be dazzled.


Flo-those shorts I like-do they come with matching shoes?

Jean-that is too bright for this time of the morning

HMRC-have very kindly told me by e-mail that I am due a refund of £250-all I have to do is to give them my bank details and they will pop in there-isn't that nice of them?-I have 72hours or it goes to the orphanage.

Jean Genie

Haha I wonder if the Nigerian Royal Family work HMRC ? They wanted to put £5000 in our account .

The Doctor


I'll have a word with my bank manager. What I'll do is, I'll ask for some stupid amount first i.e. £114 Million to build an Iron Man suit and while hes laughing to the point of a hernia, I'll drop in the price for a jet and he'll probably be say yes

Keep'em crossed

Dan x


Morning all.

Not a happy bunny, twas brilliant sun first thing Then it has really chucked it down. All soaking out there & now brilliant sun again! Lawn cutting abandoned. Busy few days coming up so no chance to do even if it stays dry- fat chance.

When is this match scheduled? & who are you/we playing? Have I missed something? No chance of clean kit till next week! Need to consult washing machine manual re the care & maintenance of sequins!

Curling tongs? Kevin Keegan style? J.



Gary Hobson
sotongeoff wrote (see)
HMRC-have very kindly told me by e-mail that I am due a refund of £250-...- have 72hours or it goes to the orphanage.

Poses an interesting moral dilemma.

Charitable and generous souls will want the money to go to the orphanage, and will take no action.

The selfish will want the money themselves. Actions have consequences.


Geoff- you do know that HMRC never, ever ask for such details dont you? Just checking.............. J.


Yes Jo I knew it was dodgy-but it must trap some people-here it is-

 Unclaimed Tax Refund Notification

You are Recieving this Notification Because you are yet to claim your tax refund which has accrued up to 239.41 GBP,
This is the last and Final notice we will be sending regarding this issue. you are advised to respond Swiftly to this mail
so as to facilitate the process within 72hours of receiving the information Submitted.

On files dated 07/02/2012, The following Banks are processed within 48hrs of recieving your information due to the system link up.

Barclays Bank Plc

Co-operative Bank Plc

Halifax Plc

HSBC Bank Plc

Lloyds TSB Bank Plc

NatWest Bank

Santander Bank

other banks are required to allow up 72hrs.

You are require to Submit the tax refund request using the reference below

https://online.inlandrevenue. re&origin

Please Note : If the Account provide is incorrect or inactive your refund would be forfeited and also

For Security reason we will record ( IP Address, Time and Date ) Delibrate wrong input will be criminally persued

Yours Sincerely

HM Revenue & Customs

Crown Copyright | Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy | Accessibility





I love the way they put "Yours Sincerely"


No exact match; these pick up the reddish stripe but the flatties are described as Tweed Wing Flats so may be more suitable for a whinger.