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Depends if actually addressed to you by name or as Sir. Pedant!

It's really pleasant out there- grr. Washing out already on airer!

Nurse due in a bit then daughter taking me to GC for a coffee. If still dry when return may look at state of lawn. J.


Fo those at toil-

Rowing bronze for chaps

A good chance coming shortly for girls rowing



Flo -those are just my style-do they do them in 9 and a half?

Dan -will leave the finance up to you-but will not accept- failure -no pressure

The Doctor

If that doesn't work sotongeoff I'll try and sell off Fratton Park on eBay for development. What do you think? (Praying you're a Saints fan)


For the toilers

Update-golden meddle for the girls rowing.



Dan-fan-is stretching it a bit-follower is more accurate-Kate is the footy guru

Portsmouth are a week away from oblivion (should I be smiling?)



Bronze meddle for a chap rowing

That is three meddles this morning and Jessica Innes is leading the heptathlon after the first event

Going to try my first home grown tomato as cheese on toast to celebrate

Gary Hobson

I'm exhausted after that morning's rowing.

Some medals seem to have a bigger emotional impact than than others. I felt Katherine Granger's (am ignoring her parner) was one of the most moving. The greeting she got from Redgrave was something else.

Must congratulate the groundsman at the Lympic arena. Did I hear someone say that that grass has been laid within the past few days.

The Doctor

If we all club together we could buy Portsmouth FC and rename it Gardeners United. The pitch will be immaculate, the dugout will be a water feature and the goals will have a variety of climbing plants


Could rename it too. Tatton Park has a nice ring to it.

Geoff, 9.5 no probs.

Gary, thanks for all your efforts at rowing. I missed it all - you probably noticed you were stroking on your own.

I expect groundsman borrowed teams of people with Chelsea show garden experience, they're used to producing things at record speed.


Ironically one of Portsmouth FC's sponsors is- or was -Jobsite a recruiting company

There was something on the grass this morning Gary-all the work of transferring the arena but into what we can see now took was done in the last week working 24/7 and -the track was covered with a plastic removable coating -so yes grass was laid in the last few days


Very quiet here today -where is-

Becks,Lottie,Pottiepam,Kate,Smallswan,Jean,Flowerchild,Jenny LTG,David ?(some I have probably forgotten)

Must be a work thing-whatever that is


maybe they are gardening

Miss Becks

I'm here!! Just tidying round outside and avoiding things I don't want to do!

MuddyFork wrote (see)

maybe they are gardening

I did not think of that-what a wally I am



I have been to the GC, I bought 12 geraniums for 2.50, will I get them to flower this year 

There were large notices everywhere about supervising children, it  must have been very trying for them on wet days.

I feel that Portsmouth are doomed and a strategic takeover would be good.

I have just seen bronze medal in judo, could that be my sport?

Miss Becks

It's also school holidays Kate, so I bet they're sick of them running round like loonies while the parents take no notice.


Kate do you relish being thrown on the floor in your jim-jams-if so- then yes

and the geraniums may flower this year if containerised

Becks I think your strawberry leaves are ok but just getting old like so many things

I did all my chores this morning


-I am confused-just dipped into cycling- there 8 laps -for 5or 6 of them they follow some old chap on a motorised bike with a basket on the front as if he has just been shopping  in Sainsbury's then he pulls off -then they have a race for 2 laps-don't understand- why?