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Pottie Pam

Good afternoon all,

Still waiting for the heavy rain that was forcast for this afternoon. Even got a yellow warning.

Been wondering the best way to treat my agapanthus. I've got five clumps, two in pots and three in the ground. Only one of the pots has flowers and of the clumps in the ground there is only one with just one flower. I understand they like to be pot bound. I've never fed them and they are left out over winter.

I read Geoff's post about his neighbours neglected plant so should I dig mine up and replant in pots in the ground?


Pam -I have one in a border that has a wall at the back-it had a couple of flowers and another in a corner that is enclosed by 2 walls -that has about 18 flowers-so the confinement theory confirms that

His is still blooming strongly and the blooms are enormous-this is after 3 weeks-so yes I would find a pot and squeeze them in there and bury that.

The Doctor

Take over bid for Portsmouth has been rejected! Offering them 10p and asking them to take that idiot with the bell with them wasn't acceptable.

Are there any other football clubs in financial difficulties we could start our club?

Cornwall has been given a yellow warning for rain tonight and tomorrow so laying the patio has been postponed, but i will cut the grass in a minute while it's dry.

Pottie Pam

Thanks, Geoff. I thought I might have to do that. Have we got our physio sorted out in case I do my back in. I want to be fit for the season.

Isn't Truro White Tigers in a bit of bother. If we bought that club you could all come to my house for tea. 


I am not sure if the physio position has been filled-there may be a late rush of applications

Truro White Tigers sound very exotic-what happened to proper names like Accrington Stanley?


Pottie Pam

We haven't any white tigers in Cornwall or any other colour although we do have 'the beast of Bodmin' which comes in black or occasionally brown. I'm sure Kate would have seen it or heard it howling round her parent's cottage on the moors.

I think the White Tigers got their nickname because their strip is white with yellow stripes.


Agree about the agapanthus. 1 of my pots hasnt flowered this year after repotting 2 yrs ago, but t'others are all full of bloom. Pam- you could try digging the clump up & replanting but in a large bottomless pot/flower bucket & see how they do. Apparently they like their roots constricted. Or try inserting upturned slabs around the clump to make a sort of container?

Have had a disrupted day. No GC visit after all but have just managed to do a lawn cut. Actually wasnt too wet under foot- washing still out after all.

Oven to go on next. Fish goujons + vegs tonight. Oh yes have 3 ripening tomatoes!! J.


The kitchen is preparing sweet and sour chicken

From no ripening tomatoes 10 days ago -we too are seeing them in the greenhouse- but the crop is dire

That Beast of Bodmin is Cornwall's Loch Ness Monster-I don't think it is real-is it?-or is it?

Deanos Diggin It

Flo! Wasa thinking more like

 Now I know I put my name forward for team bus driver n not yet awarded! Do I have to apply in writing, enclosing a full CV? n if it swings my application somewhat, I have had feelers out this lunchtime, and have acquired 2 options of sponership regarding the tour bus!

 Or depending on the size of the team

 n Jenny! Yeah! Will post as construction commences!

Pottie Pam

Thanks Jo. I'll dig them up and replant in a bottomless pot. I've never protected them over winter. they survive but the leaves go mushy and then regrow with lots of thin leaves so I'll put some dead bracken over them this year as I do the dahlias.

Geoff, I'd like to think the big cats are out there.

Those team buses should do nicely. Dean.

Have we got a pilot for the team jet? I once had a lesson in a glider and if flying lessons could come out of the team funds I would like to volunteer for that.


Pam- I'd never keep any actually in the ground up here. All mine in pots & they are wrapped, covered & stored in a cold, very, greenhouse or insulated coldframe over the winter. Friend does have a good sized clump in her south facing front garden. Dont think she ever protects them, but she is nearer to the coast, by about 11miles.........

Have finished off some vino & got the washing back inside. At least GW on tonight, but always 'tape' so if sport good wont worry.

Always fancied learning to fly.... ever seen formula 1 air-racing? Totally hooked when seen on IOM couple of times. J.

Deanos Diggin It

Lamb Saagorana! Hot chappati's! a few cold beers n bed!! The weekend is nigh!!! 


Oooh Dean, like the big one! We'd have to use routes without bridges over them. I think with a hat like that you needn't apply, just slide straight into the driver's seat. Never heard of Lamb saagorana. I had Chicken Jalfrezi and a couple of cycling gold medals.

The Doctor

Well, lawn has been put on hold beacuse of cycling on tv and having to feed pony. My evening will now run as follows. Olympics, GW, a fair amount of JD, Newsroom and then bed.

I've got around 2.5 hours in a Grob Tutor, if that helps


Deanos Diggin It

Dan! If that's the kind of JD I'm thinking! Your my kind of man! Although I don't touch it myself!! 

Flo! It's lamb, tomatoes, onions n chillies! but before ya bring it to rest, ya overload it with spinich!! It's nice! Get a kick from all four side's! Sweet! Spicy! Earthy! n Gorgeous! n it was!!!  

Deanos Diggin It

Geoff! Bannana Splits! Arabion night's! Remember that! The Donkey what went mental when ya pulled it's tail! But what did they call the one who had his mouth stitched up? n why? 


A certain Mr Murray has reached the final-against Roger Federer on Sunday

Miss Becks

Jess has convinced me to bake a cake at this time of night! Is there a Cakeaholics Anonymous??


There is a cakeofmickeymouse