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Geoff, can you plant up some containers for me too? Would like lots of pink for my party. Does Margaret have a union rep?


Lottie-strange thing to buy at a GC-is nothing sacred?

I haven't informed Margaret of her rights-perhaps that is what the rozzers wanted


A dress, well I never. Does it have flowers on it?

Remember Margaret is an important member of the community


I am in charge of care in the community -not only does it keep her brain active it is good therapy -I think she should pay me

What TV should I watch tonight?


I will be watching Lewis .

I am sure Margaret appreciates that you are keeping her sane.



2 hours of continuous viewing is a lot of attention for a goldfish-not sure I can sit still for that long



There may be ironing and breaks for a snack


Don't like ironing-just had 2 rice crispie cakes just 2 left.

Is it time to reveal the winners, losers and answers for the the Juliebee Quiz?


Hi all.

I had a nice snack at a GC yesterday & didnt buy anything else!

Managed to show OH the trellis stuff I plan, well he'll have to do it, to use across MY side of new fence to give me more privacy from neighbour & friends. Need to measure up & get it.

Lottie- I tried the half birthday idea, but family wont take me on!

Weather been very mixed here- did some pottering outside & got pretty well all the wash loads dry enough before it threw it down early afternoon. Huge pile of ironing now- better be something decent on tape/tv tonight. J.


Jo, half birthday idea works for me because I've done it for years and years (started in my teens). Sunny here at the moment but I bet it won't be by the time I finish work.

Yes, the dress does have flowers on! Just wondering what I can wear with it if its cold...


Lottie you may need the thermals and the waterproofs

Does anybody buy plants in GC or is it just food and dresses?



Not just food and dresses - have been known to buy netting and bulbs! Thermals on standby!


Lottie -you haven't entered the Juliebee Quiz

sotongeoff wrote (see)

For your delight-on this special day-The Julibee Quiz-questions and answers are either royal or insect type things based

1)what insect would not sit in a deck chair

2)describe what a eight legged scarlet creature may do

3)who famously at the Coronation, road through the streets of London in an open carriage, in the rain

4)original name for Coronation Street

5)what do you call a wingless fly

6)what goes99 bonk

7)who lives in far far away palace

8)which way does the queen of diamonds face

9)what game do insects play in the summer

10)which garden nasty drinks whisky

11)which royal celebrates their birthday on the same day as me but never, ever has sent a card ,a present, or a bit of cake-not that I am bitter

There are greek drachmas or euros on offer-whatever is worth the most

any one else???



Lottie I have a silver pashmina and a black shrug if you need to borrow something, but I am sure it will be gorgeous for your half birthday.

Oh good Jo is doing the ironing tonight.


Lottie -as we are in a generous and giving mood, apparently, I can lend speedos,white joggers and flip flops.

Not Lewis after all- Ratenders is on for an hour at 8 then will flick through the channels-I have the remote



What has happened to Lewis, Where is he and his brother John?


He is still known as Tyrell and Green in these parts

I am worried that Dennis and Rita have missed the boat- it has gone without them-unless they are going to IOW


The boat always waits in Corrie

Are you still in the 20th Century or what?


It is what the locals still call it-not me-I call it that expensive shop that posh people go in.

Is Tracey expecting a happy event?


I have done some research, I cannot find any gossip on Kate Ford.