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She is wearing loose fitting clothes-if the black comes out and cushions are strategically placed you heard it here first.

Has Tyrell and Green solved it yet?


They always solve it on tv in the allotted 2 hours.

I will keep a special eye on Tracey 


It'll always be Tyrrell and Green to me!


Flobear how close are you to Geoff?

Hi everyone, havent been on here for a couple of weeks so spent ages trying to look for the thread 'may in your garden' then realised we're now into June! sorry very blonde moment. Left a post in June in your garden but had no replies so can I pick your brains on here?

First hope you had a nice holiday Geoff and i can see Kate is on form with her banter lol, always makes me smile

Now my question.....drum roll...... not exciting though Im afraid, does anyone know if there is a 'better time of year' to lay new turf. We have a small area prepared in our front garden and we have been clearing a large area in our side garden for veggies but its taking so long and I have nowhere to put out my peas and beans. i was thinking of delaying the turf til later in the year and using the area for the beans etc instead. Should we have the miracle of a hot August and a late harvest of beans would I have any probs laying new turf then?

Gawd Im waffling now, hope you get my drift, any advice would be welcome



Hi Woo2

This thread is the silly one-do join in

Turf-spring time or autumn time-the idea is that in theory there is no need to water so is not so hot that the grass wont grow therefore wont take.

In mid -summer if it dries out it shrinks and so-on

But providing you water you can do it anytime- so in your case grow the beans etc then lay the turf around mid-September time -that will be fine- the ground is still warm,a bit of rain................

There you are- there will be no charge


Morning all. Not an early riser like you folk!

Kate, close to Geoff - it's all hearsay. Unless you've been hacking my phone.


Actually I went to college in So'ton and lived in or near the city for 18 years. Now I'm about 30 miles away in East Dorset. Is that far enough, do you think?  ;- )


I have been up since 7,made coffee gone back to bed, watched a bit of gloomy news, and an old Terry and June, had me weetabix and am back in the room.

It is raining and apparently the hosepipe ban may be lifted


Wrong sort of rain, sorry.

Woo2, I lifted some old paving on the South side of my house, prepared the ground and lay a new lawn which struck and grew beautifully.
That was December five years ago, it has prospered ever since. It was a case of fitting the job in with the time I had from other duties so there was some trepidation but it worked.
My memory is of a very old acid plant being removed at ICI and then fenced off, we were told nothing would grow for ten years. Some of my lads working in the area said you better come and see this, they were looking through the fence at a sea of flowers and grasses, all weeds of course but it was exactly 18 months after demolition, you do not beat nature.



That's great to hear, Palaisglide - and good morning to you. Three cheers for nature.


There will be leaves on the line.

I have a very,very long ladder and can see for miles


That puts paid to the nude sunbathing then.


I will lookaway now-

you have sun?



Ah, it's not a suntan then, it must be rust.

Right, enough jollity, off to do errands.


Geoff, may not have time to attempt that quiz - I am supposed to be working remember!

FloBear, maybe not far enough.....

Kate, thanks, silver pashmina sounds perfect. I have silver shoes.

Frank, you're right, can't beat nature. OH's old car that hasn't moved for years is slowly being absorbed back into the natural vegetation. I'm hoping it will disappear completely.


Work and errands -what happened to play-time?

Am going to reveal the answers shortly-last chance


Have I won?