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Gary Hobson
jean riley wrote (see)

...Has anyone seen any blackbirds ? .

There are plenty of blackbirds here, with young ones, though the number of small birds on the feeders is certainly fewer than it has been. I'm thinking that there's a lot of native food about right now, like blackberries and flower seeds. Tasted the first blackberries myself yesterday.

Watched Gardeners World last night. I was stuck by the feature about Monty digging up that lawn - it looked like hard work. Hasn't he got anything better to do. Big contrast between Monty working so hard, while doggy looked on, almost asleep - dog seemed to exhibit far more intelligent behaviour.

Couldn't understand the feature on slugs. I was looking forward to that. Monty waived a great sheaf of letters and suggestions that had been sent in - but we didn't find out what they all were. Monty didn't even explain how he keeps that part of his garden 'slug-free'. Does he do the nighttime trip with torch. I was disappointed not to see that.

Flowerpot Gang is mentioned on Google News this morning. There's an article about the program in this week's Horticulture Week. I can't read the details, as the full text is subscription-only, but the teaser looks bad. There were reviews in some of the ordinary papers earlier, most criticised the program not simply as a very poor gardening program, but as very poor television - the formula was too predicatble, and not interesting, to anyone, it seems.

Feature on Sky News this morning about soaring vegetable prices, because of the poor weather.


Good Morning  We have Blackbirds Jean  Weather can't make its mind up whether to rain or not so I might be in the garden or I might have to do the ironing

Pam LL x

Jean Genie

Gary - am I right in thinking some birds are moulting this time of year to aquire their ''winter coats''? Wondering if  that's whats happening with the blackbirds.

GW on planner to watch later - judging by the weather don't think I 'll be doing much outside.


Wet and cold here too

I read several reviews of The Flowerpot Gang, all said it was a tired formula. I am off to watch GW in a minute.

It took me ages to log in this morning, nearly gave up.

Jean Genie

Kate - same problem here . Couldn't click on to anything and wouldn't let me type.

Pam - maybe all our blackbirds have decided to move near you . I think it's chilly today. Off for another bird watch to see if I can spot any.


Pottie Pam

Jean, lots of blackbirds earlier on, got most of my red currants and blueberries but I think you are right, they are moulting at the moment and sulking away in the bushes. My swallow family left the garage yesterday although they had been out of their nests a few days. I counted 30 swallows swooping over the pond yesterday. they seem to be getting ready to go. Apparently the parents go first and the babies follow later on. It's amazing how they know the way. I might join them if this weather keeps up. Pouring here but there is blue sky coming across.


I have just watched GW I agree with Gary the item on slugs was very wishy washy.

David you must have enjoyed the item on sweet peas


Good morning all. It's not a bad morning here, quite warm but the clouds are gathering. I saw the news about the veg being expensive this winter, makes sense really after the weather we have had, will have to stock the freezer with essentials, and trust to luck for the rest.

Becks, Jess will love Menorca, it's a lovely island. We have been several times, although not recently. Quite different to the other Spanish islands.

I thought the sweet peas in Monty's garden were lovely, and the army wives garden looked great, just shows what you can do with a few packets of seeds and some loving care. They obviously got a lot of pleasure out of it.

Have a nice day everyone.


Pennine Petal
Morning campers, fine here so far, but waiting for the deluge.

Swallows were gathering as I was driving home from work yesterday, how can such little birds travel so far? Why is it that blackbirds always fly low across the road, I keep worrying that I'm going to hit one, but they always make it In the nick of time.
Miss Becks

Moring lovelies! Am I the only one wth sun??

Was very dissapointed with last nights GW, and the more I see Carol Klein, the more her voice irritates me.

I have beenn sent some sweet pea seeds to grow up my post, so should I sow them now, as his better ones he said were the autumn ones? Outdoors direct where I want them to grow, or start them indoors?



I cannot believe it after complaining first thing the sun has come out and I have spent a pleasant hour in the garden.

Becks I think you are too early to sow them now, I think I did mine in October, I also sowed them in pots as they will need a little protection, not only from the weather but also slugs and pigeons. What do you want from a gardening programme?

Chris I agree that army garden looked great, it must be hard for them to keep moving .

Gary Hobson

Sun has come out here too. But there are huge clouds about, the sort you get with thunderstorms. It's very muggy too, I expect storms before too long. There was some thunder and lightning last night, about 10pm, a long way off.

That army wives garden was impressive, but didn't seem to have that many plants in it. A lot was that tall white Ammi, aka Queen Anne's Lace, and sweet peas. Am considering getting some Queen Ammi next year. (And their dahlias had still not flowered - so all those in vases in the tent were brought in by RdT and friend).

Miss Becks

Yes, David has just advised me that as well. Thankyou Kate.

kate1123 wrote (see)

What do you want from a gardening programme?


I'm not really fussed, but obviously as a beginner, more 'How To's', although on this site, they are all there to refer to when I need them. I know they only have half hour to cram stuff in, but last night I felt I learnt nothing.

Gary Hobson
Insomnia1973 wrote (see)

.. last night I felt I learnt nothing.

You should have learned how to dig up a lawn, and how back-breaking that is.

And how you can turn over a tray of seedlings, without the seedlings falling out, so you can inspect the bottom for slugs. Although we only saw half that lesson and were left to guess exactly how he disposed of the slugs. Think of that bit as an exercise for the student.


Becks have you watched Beechgrove? I know what you mean but I suppose that although there is a lot to do in the garden much of it is very repetitve, this week all I have been doing is dead heading, weeding, taking cuttings and slugging.


Miss Becks

I've seen you mention Beechgrove before Kate, but I don't normally watch TV at all, so never see reminders for it. When's it on next?

Ha ha ha Gary, yes, I did notice how he turned that seed tray over, and everything stayed in!!

"Good grief" having nothing much else to do I looked in on here, I usually give it a miss as I never know what the h--- you are all talking about, and, I find people talking long hand English???
Mind it is early morning "err" early afternoon and the night shift are not on yet.
Plenty of Blackbirds up here although they are not using the feeders much, plenty of natural food around, as to slugs and snails as Gary says the old torch and a bucket of bleach and water is the only thing I have found works apart from letting the hens run in the garden as a lad.
GW last night??? At least I had three hours of C&W on chan 9 to cheer me up and tonight we have Inspector Montabano for a light hearted laugh.


Miss Becks

Frank, what's 'long hand English' ??

Hello Insomnia, long hand English is the opposite to Text speak, there are so many initials in some of the posts I end up traumatised trying to work them out.
GW C&W UK and OK are about my limit after that it is what the @##@ are they on about.
My Daughters tell me that when I text them it is like "War and Peace" I even put chapters in and punctuation.
I was taught simple compound and complex sentences and just to confound it a bit Dangling participles, none of this appears to work on E-mail or Posting or is it me, just to old for this?
Your confused poster.