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Off to town tomorrow to get holiday clothes: waterproof trousers and a sou'wester.  Garden now in the 'completely wrecked' category: broken shoots and flowers everywhere and two smashed pots.  Still, there's always next year ... I said that last year.


TIme to reveal the Julibee Quiz answers

sotongeoff wrote (see)

For your delight-on this special day-The Julibee Quiz-questions and answers are either royal or insect type things based

1)what insect would not sit in a deck chair

2)describe what a eight legged scarlet creature may do

3)who famously at the Coronation, road through the streets of London in an open carriage, in the rain

4)original name for Coronation Street

5)what do you call a wingless fly

6)what goes99 bonk

7)who lives in far far away palace

8)which way does the queen of diamonds face

9)what game do insects play in the summer

10)which garden nasty drinks whisky

11)which royal celebrates their birthday on the same day as me but never, ever has sent a card ,a present, or a bit of cake-not that I am bitter

There are greek drachmas or euros on offer-whatever is worth the most

1) ant-he would not sit in dec's chair

2) a red spider mite

3)Queen of Tonga

4)Florizel Street

5)a walk

6)centipede with a wooden leg

7)royal family in Shrek



10)slug-as in a slug of whisky

11)HRH Princess Anne

I think that Flobear Custarde is the winner and gets the drachmas -Kate you came second-you get a wallflower



What is on tonight's dinner menus?




Veggie night tonight: ratatouille (the only thing from the garden is the oregano) with pasta and parmesan.


Smallswan, I say that every year! Especially with the allotment. I've just heard though that this year's borough allotment competition has been cancelled - due to the hosepipe ban! I wonder if Lilylouise knows, as I know her OH wins prizes.

Think I might ask for some waterproof trousers for my birthday.

I had better go and batten down some hatches.


Can't bear to look out of the window, the garden's getting hammered flat in the wind.

Winner - moi! (Smiles modestly) I shall donate my winnings to the jar of foreign coins in the charity shop.

Lottie, I am happy to be Flo - any saved typing staves off the RCD a bit longer! Actually I think I mean RSI :- #


Have just trussed up the lovely lupin and it was looking grand-

figrat supposedly not as windy tomorrow but still bad-you are getting the worse of it-there will be much damage-wind now back here

Lasagne tonight.

Off to London first thing tomorrow, going to see the Chieftans at the Albert Hall, then to Kent. Should be a quick trip with this tailwind...

Getting back could be interesting, figrat.

It's OK. We're both sailors. We'll just tack down the motorway.

Second I do not mind but a wallflower, will I have to wait a year for flowers?

We have just had 20 minutes of sunshine I cooked a pork and tomato casserole with jacket potatoes, a bit of a winter dish


Probably- but it will be worth waiting for think of the expectation, the excitement,the moment it flowers.

I have had to move containers-I for-see upturned bins and green waste bags in the wrong gardens

There is a programme on 4 tonight about the 1950's house which sounds interesting


Is that the height of tv tonight

Are you having a party in your garden tonight?



Soap suds and that yes-all the money has been spent on football coverage.

Why does Rio think he is better than some other player?

The trees are doing a dance now


Just been out to put cloches over courgettes and squash, they were being blown round in circles. But noticed first flower buds on peas...if they survive this!

Geoff it is an ego thing, can you imagine if you saw catman cutting one of the old ladies lawns would you be gutted(would you ask for your lawnmower back?)


At all these tournaments high profile a non-playing player steals the limelight-Gazza in whatever year Jimmy Greaves in 66 (showing my age there)-there were others but my brain has erased them-just looks petulant and destroyed any chance of a come-back-but what do I know?

MY lawn mower was in use again the other day-just when I had forgotten about it.


Are they rerunning 'midwives' on a prime slot??

Geoff you need to embrace the drama, it is half the fun of footy.