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Glyn that looks a great place for a day out, is that a lavender hedge?

There is the promise here of a sunny day, I was woken early this morning by my neighbours 2 doors away having a skip delivered so I am now considering a trip to the GC.


It looks beautiful, Glyn, and what a glorious day when the photo was taken!

Apropos of nothing, as of yesterday evening I have a lost kitten residing in my house. Dogs are slavering to get hold of him. Collar but no disc or microchip. Vet nurse reckons about 12 weeks old. Am now going to have to spend part of the day making and putting up posters to find his owner. Meanwhile the brambles are growing back...


Flo do you think he is lost or abandoned, do you have room for a cat long term?


If someone's gone to the bother of putting a collar on him I guess they will be missing him. Good luck with finding the owners.

Nice and sunny here but quite a chill in the air first thing. I think I might need to find the tortoise this weekend, and start bringing her in overnight.

Holker Hall looks lovely - but a bit far for a day out for me!

I have found my dream house and its up for sale. Anyone got £4 million to spare??



I think he's lost. He's very young and I think can't find his way home. For one day I left him to his own devices but being so little I was worried he wasn't getting food so I put some down in the garden, then OH decided to bring him indoors while I was out. Much as I like cats, there's no chance of keeping him as two of the dogs would shred him in no time though my old lady would be fine with him. I'm sure he's got a home somewhere as he's wearing a collar. I'm hoping he'll be claimed soon because it's a bit of a palaver having him in one room and having to keep him company  for parts of the day. Still, it's a good excuse to watch the Paralympics  ;- )


Flo I am sure that someone is worried about him and will come forward soon.

Lottie £4 million you will need to buy a ticket for tonights draw I feel. Does it have a large walled garden?


Just checked details again - kitchen garden walled on 3 sides. That will do me!

Miss Becks

Good morning lovelies. Just. Sun is in and out today.

Aaw Flo, poor kitty.

Lottie, I'll buy a ticket as well, so you'll have spending money when you buy it. For 4 million, I hope they're going to take care of the massive scratches on the floor in picture 10.

Kate, did you do your apple seeds in or outdoors?

The Doctor

Good morning peeps, 

Went back to the steam railway yesterday, all was well until I had to go to Bodmin minor injuries unit because I had soot in my eye. They managed to get the little bugger out but not before it scratched the hell out of my cornea. They have given me some eye drops and it should heal with in 24-48 hours but due to being type 1 diabetic it may take a couple of days longer.

Off to The Lost Gardens of Heligan in about an hour so ill take loads of snaps and post them up in the relevant thread. This should give me a good in site into what i can grown in the garden because its only 3.5 miles away, it has the same soil, climate etc.

One Eyed Dan x

Pennine Petal
Yes Kate,it is a lavender hedge. The other side of this bit of the garden is a mirror image.

Flo, in my experience cats turn up in your garden for a reason!!

Perhaps we could all club together Lottie, would we all fit I do you think? Perhaps we could do timeshare?
Pennine Petal
I hope you're wearing your eye patch and pirate costume Dan. Take care of that eye - men and trains eh?

How lovely to live so close to Heligan, I have never been, but it's on my list. Used to go to Cornwall a lot when I was small, but haven't been for years.
Pennine Petal
Flo, just looked at the photos. You would need a cleaner - I could live in!

I think we can all live in as there's plenty of space. The farm next door is also up for sale for another million and a half. Timeshare is a possibility. 

OH had the camera when we were at Heligan the other day so I've not seen the photos yet. Dan, lucky you living so close, in such a lovely part of the world. Not so lucky with the soot in the eye though. My brother's friend runs a pirates shop nearby, am sure he could sort you out with an eye patch.



Lottie it has a swimming pool too

I have been to the GC and bought some of the seeds in the 50p sale

Becks I did the apple seeds outside.

Dan boys and toys eh.


Yes please David.

Meanwhile, I think I spotted Dan on his way to Heligan

 Kitten update: posters are up. Have been to buy kitten food and cat litter. Kit is on his bed reclining aginst a soft teddy that I thought might be a substitute litter-mate. Aaaah :- )


David glad you had a good day out.

Flo that kitten knew which house to choose.

Pennine Petal
Flo, sounds to me as you are smitten and kittie is making himself at home.