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Rats, Kate, you sussed me!


Flo that kitten probably had a tip off from the local cats that you were the perfect host.

My neighbour is watering his lawn maybe it did not rain there yesterday.


Looks like a wonderful trip, David. I love the lake and the valleys with the river. The ones of the train are terrific too.



 Hi folks --David. Lovely photos, Both me and my OH love steam trains and travel on them when we get the chance. There's something about the smell and sound that take me back to my childhood. I had to cross a railway line on the way to school and when there were trains coming we would to stand on the bridge and let the smoke/steam engulf us. Those were the days..

Sorry to hear you have a bad eye from your experience Dan, hope it's soon better.

Flo, hope the little kitten soon find it's owner, we have had 2 cats go missing, unfortunately neither came back, one was found on the roadside, and the other just disappeared. It took me weeks if not months to get over it.

We have had a trip to Louth in the Lincolnshire Wolds today, beautiful weather, fish and chips in the paper, feeling very full, no tea for us tonight.

Kate, What ever is the matter with your neighbour, is he nuts, I think we have had enough water to last this summer and next!!

Chris X



Chris sounds like you had a nice trip, I now fancy chips of course my neighbour is nuts, I honestly believe he does it out of boredom.

Looks like a lovely train trip. Steam trains were known as 'diddlydumps' in our family because that's what I thought the noise sounded like...diddlydump....diddlydump etc. Bloke and I popped up the road to South Devon railway station the other weekend - the smell and sound of the trains very evocative!

Am very fond of Aberystwyth as I was a student there - and went on that train a few times. Can remember it being so windy in the winter though we'd have to hang onto the railings to get round the corner! And I seem to remember there were a lot of pubs......

Kate is this neanderthal or another nutty neighbour?


Living by the main line to London we were electrified from before I can remember. I recall steam trains as huge noisy rushing beasts that shot through our station without stopping while we held on to a grownup's hand and shrank back against the wall. However I do love old technology and was fascinated to see the innards on a trip to the Watercress line once.


Lottie this is the Neanderthal russian vine grower have you bought the lucky ticket yet? Is it a blue moon today?

Miss Becks

I'm intruiged by the colouring on this spider that just dropped from my kitchen ceiling!! It was a couple of inches wide at least. Never seen one like it in here before.


 David, some of those views were lovely! Having Chaswater nearly in my back garden, we hear the steam trains tooting all weekend when there are events on. It's lovely.

Pennine Petal
Great photos, David, I wish we had done that when we were there. I remember going to Devil's Bridge once when I was small and I loved it.
Pennine Petal
Never seen one like that before, Becks. I watched a tiny spider yesterday in a coffee shop. It went from the wall, past my face, across towards the guy on the next table. They are incredible little creatures.

Watch out for Hidcote: a garden for all seasons on BBC2 at 7pm tonight everyone.
Miss Becks

Glyn, this one came down like it had a parachute, SWAT style! But I did scream.

No jean today? Hope she's ok.



figrat may be it is a lucky blue moon.

Becks that is a mega spider you could keep it as a pet.

I have bought a lucky ticket for the communal house, walled gardens and swimming pool. It would be one continuous party.

David K

Thank you for your kind words folks.

Fraid the pics don't do justice to the views though. You really need something to give perspective to show how high above the landscape you may notice that farm houses seem to be the size of matchboxes.

Miss Becks

Kate, are you mad?? A pet? No.

You're all very quite tonight. Partying?


Nope talking to my sister, this is a coincidence, her son found a spider in his room and she told him to keep it as a pet, I am not mad.

Pennine Petal
Evening, should we start calling you miss Muffet Becks? What does Jess think about spiders?

You're right it is quiet tonight, everyone must be out to play. I don't have a social life thought , so watching Die Hard 4 again.