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Miss Becks

They were proper seed potatoes Kate, from one of our local shops. I know they are first earlies, but forgot what name he said. It's only the one container that's doing it. The other buckets, and one's in the ground are fine, and they are all in different spots round the garden. This container was the closest to the blighted toms though. But I'm still not convinced it's Blight with them. Think it's just fungal to be honest.


Good afternoon everyone  I am up to my eyes in cuttings at the moment - just going back to the greenhouse now  I have trouble keeping up on here at the moment See you later

Pam LL x


figrat that sounds painful is he OK now?

Pam what plant roots best?

Becks my attempts at potatoes were pitiful

Miss Becks

It's my first time as well kate, as with everything. I'm not expecting a lot. And there's only me and Jess, so no bumper crop needed. Only cost me 50p for the seed potatoes so no big loss really.

I love being busy Pam! Enjoy.

figrat, I take it he wasn't wearing the tin foil hat. That would have protected him!


Kate - I have a go at rooting anything - it has two chances  I have been taking cuttings of trailing geraniums,variegated geraniums and scented geraniums. This afternoon it will be white and pink marguerites  Then it will be plectranthus,sanvitalia,brachycombe,felicia,verbenas and anything else I fancy

Pam LL x



Thankyou Becks  Don't forget if you would like some cuttings just shout

Pam LL x

Took Bloke out for full English which we had on a table outside in the sunshine. Almost felt continental! He's got his arm in a sling contraption so I had to cut up his sausages and bacon. Going to be a long couple of weeks...fortunately my car's automatic so he should be able to drive that, which leaves me with the huge 4WD truck. Hey ho. @ insomnia - I harvested a couple of kilos of teeny spuds from plants which must have grown from my compost, I never planted them! I just left them to it, didn't do any of that earthing up if I tried to grow them I'd fuss too much.
Pennine Petal
Figrat, hopes he is OK, men don't always do pain well, do they? Oh! The joys of A&E on a Friday evening!

I'm off to the recycling centre with my 3 trugs of my cuttings back and a quick look round the market.

Have a lovely afternoon all.
Miss Becks

Thanks Pam.

figrat, you're probably right. I'm leaving them to it really. I filled the containers and have left them .

Anyone know what this is?? It likes my potato plant! Thought it was a green ladybird, but looking closer, it isn't.(Just below the big flower bud)

My Cauli's are infested with these buggers.



First is a shield beetle, second probably flea beetle.
Miss Becks

Cheers figrat! I actually meant the caterpillar in the 2nd pic.  Bloomin things are eating everything! Found them on my peppers as well. Greedy sods.


Becks that is a lovely juicy caterpillar

figrat it will be  a very long few weeks.

At last the sun is trying to come out.

Gary Hobson

Blue tits and robins do not eat cauliflower. I don't know exactly why. Perhaps their digestive systems can't cope and they get upset tummies, or perhaps they just don't like the taste. Pigeons don't seem to mind eating uncooked cabbage.

Anyway what nature does is to arrange for the caterpillars to eat the cauliflower plant, and then the little birds can eat the caterpillars. It's a sort of fancy recycling to feed little birds.

A few lucky caterpillars might escape being eaten, and they'll grow up into butterflies or moths of some kind. Life is a bit of a lottery when you're a caterpillar.

Well been out in the garden. And spent an hour or so in the deckchair in the sunshine reading a book. Decided the weeding can wait for a day! All excited, new Dr Who series this evening.

What I don't like are the little grey slugs you get in lettuce. They really put me off, I have used no end of salt in the washing water. ugh. horrible

Anyway I have done my last cat feeding/watering duty today so it's back to normal, no more flying around between 3 houses, managed not to set burglar alarm off.

Getting ready for a BBQ, must get sweet potato wedges in the oven.




Deanos Diggin It

Good Evening All!

My job in Carlisle is done!

Just catching up, but left my TV/Computer glasses in the hotel room.

You are all a little larger this evening!


Palaisglide wrote (see)

 it taxied along the ground after landing, the Pilot came later by parachute.


:- D :- D Frank

Dean, I shall certainly be larger when OH gets back with Chinese takeaway especially as we had fishandchips only a couple of nights ago. Still, after a tiring day trudging back and forth along Bournemouth seafront, we think deserve a no-cook-no-wash-up meal.

Kit the cat is still in residence. I'm trying to get a decent piccie but he won't leave me alone.

Pennine Petal
Managed to get a few hours in the garden, pulling up all the grass that has been invading from next door's garden. Attacked the phygellus but it's running all over the place. Just when I needed OH to help digging up the remains of the figwort (I know I should never have given it house room) he was having a nap. You just can't rely on them!

Chris this is the problem I have with lettuce, mine have the slightest hint of a bug and it really puts me off.

Flo that kitten does not seem to be missing anyone?

I have had bacon and chips will need to do extra digging tomorrow.

Pennine Petal
Sounds like that kitten is right at home, Flo! Why were you trudging up and down the promenade? Did I miss something earlier? Did you have a sandwich board with posters of the kitten?