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Deanos Diggin It

Flo! Chinese too! n pogged out! Now home, Plant hosptal needs attention! Pic's to follow! n have a tale to tell regarding my own grown veggies now the season coming to an end! But really thinking I shouldn't! But then thinking I should, to raise awareness!! 

The Doctor

Hi Guys, 

Glorious day today. Cut the grass after a week and a half, been to town with me rents and now currently sat in the lounge going nuts because I cannot watch Doctor Who until Jade gets home at 8 

Here's the link for Heligan let me know if it works

Dan x

P.S. The eye is fine, nearly healed 

Pennine Petal
That sounds intriguing Dean. Do tell!
Miss Becks

My dad is so awesome! He's popped in again today bearing gifts. A huge Strawberry and cream cake that his wife made, loads of wood for my raised beds/coldframe and he's bought me a new plastic mini greenhouse/tomato house!! It's great! Tell me where I position it?

Dean, you had better tell us that story now you've teased us!


Becks I can only tell you one thing about the plastic mini greenhouse secure it very tightly, mine blew over last winter Cake sounds nice.

Dean this sounds yukky?


Pennine Petal
Isn't it great when dads look after their little girls! Are you building the cold frame or is he?

Becks, my Dad was just the same. He always had just the bit of wood or random item that you needed and would come and help - even if you were 100+ miles away! He had 5 girlies to look after!

Glyn, we went to Bournemouth Air Festival today hence the trudging. Wish I'd thought to put a sandwich board on OH advertising Found Kitten. Actually I'm hoping he's not claimed for a few more days as I have my niece for two Teacher Training days next week and I know she'll just love him.

Jean Genie

Good evening all , I can't keep up with all these postings - thats what I get for going A.W.O.L. Well, daughter and boys have arrived in Dawlish albeit later than planned -  she got caught up in big traffic jam . I can now breathe again .

We've  had the most glorious day here , really warm and sunny so hubby and I  have been in garden all day. Weeding , hoeing, planting, fence painting - you name it , we've done it. Really pleased to see it looking so good and the good news is the nice weather is here for about 3 days. Hurray ! Went to Poundland early this morning and got 15 fritillaria meleagris and a hardy fuschia in Home annd Bargain - 99p . Planted them and some other bulbs to fill a few gaps . Starting pots tomorrow.

Becks - you seem to attract creepy crawlies ! Hope your bloke is ok, Figrat , glad your eye is ok Dan . Pam- forgot , I've been doing cuttings today as well - mainly Dianthus, Flo , any news on kitten, Lyn ,glad you had a good day out and Hi Kate, Hi Glyn and PHEW............

Miss Becks

Oh no kate! I will find a way to anchor it down at the bottom.

I'll be building it Glyn. I'm not afraid if a bit of DIY. It may be afraid of me though. 

Flo, I think he forgets I'm a 40 year old woman now, and I also think he feels a bit sorry for me, being a single mum and all, when my other 2 sisters are happily married and have men in their lives!   I personally wouldn't have it any other way.

Yes jean, I'm a bug magnet!!

Deanos Diggin It

Unfortunately! My best buddy who as grown up with me as young as eight years old! n we both met our partners in the same night club nearly twenty five years since as been diagnosed with the big C!  n she as taken the natural route for return rather than Chemo!! n I have provided as much natural grown stuff as possible!! Now I ain't seen her for a while!  She turned up today n was glowing! Am telling ya! Seen that Chemo shit with my old dear! It's poison!!!! 

Miss Becks

Dean, really wasn't expecting a story like that. I thought you were going to tell us something about your method of growing, or some disaster you'd had.

It just goes to show doesn't it, that sometimes, the medical route is took all to often as standard. Good luck to her. And very brave!

Jean Genie

Dean, there is a lot to be said on that subject , the guy next door to me had bowel cancer , shunned all treatment and changed his diet and is now totally clear. He went to India for a month as well to meditate - makes you wonder. Glad about your friend.


Dean good news.

Jean sounds like you have had a good day there.

Pennine Petal
Keep growing those special vegetables Dean, they're obviously doing a power of good!

Oh good, football next ...... Recorded Montalbano would be my preference, but you can't get between a man and his football.

Good Morning Everyone  Dean - that is wonderful  I hope your friend continues in good health - keep growing those veggies

Off to the greenhouse again this morning

Pam LLx


Deanos Diggin It

Morning All!

I am bearing a thick head! 

Reluctantly being dragged out clothes shopping! (I hate shopping)

But on a plus side, Sunday lunch at Mother in law's followed by a full afternoon pottering in my own back yard!

Enjoy ya day everyone!



Good morning all.

Lovely morning here, really annoyed that we missed Mantalbano last night and forgot to record it. Daughter and partner came for a BBQ so it completely went out of my head.

Dean is the thick head due to shopping or a little too much sherbert last night

Have a nice day everyone.

Miss Becks

Morning all!

Bit cloudy here, but potential for sun to shine. Can see a few blue patches. Will be messing with my new mini greenhouse today! 

Do they need sun all day? Or will morning/bit of afternoon sun (until about 3pm) then shaded be ok?


Thick head, Dean - what sort of Chinese takeaway was it?   ;- )

Becks, I would have said definitely not sun all day or the plants inside will roast. Your situation sounds pretty good to me.

Kit finally kept still long enough for a few


piccies. Here's one.

Raining here :- (


Miss Becks

Thanks Flo! And what a cutie! No wonder you're happy for it to stay.