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Pennine Petal
Morning, or is it afternoon now? You should call that cat Twinkle Toes! It is so cute with those big round eyes. What will you do if no-one claims it?

I have been having a lazy day so far, reading a good book and trying to decide what to do with the rest of the day. Wet here this morning, must be better now though as I can hear the horses clip-clopping by.

Or Twinkle for short, Glyn. What a great idea! If no-one claims him I'll have to pass him on to a rehoming centre, much as I'd like to keep him. Unfortunately my two younger dogs have very strong chase instincts and would shred him if they got their paws (teeth) on him.

Your lazy day sounds terrific. I have much mess and mayhem to deal with, it's been building up for a while now and I can't let it get any worse.


Flo he is a cutie, I am surprised that no one has claimed him.

The day started bright here so I took the opportunity to pot on some perennials and Pam inspired me to take some more cuttings.

It is going very grey here but no rain yet.

Miss Becks

It stayed dry enough to put my greenhouse up!

 Now gonna find a way to anchor it!!


Becks it looks lovely



Heyy!! Good going Becks. Best of luck with anchoring.

After dog walking and keeping Kit company while watching Paralympics (bet you didn't know kittens were into sport) I thought I'd have a bit of a tidy and hoover round. However, Pepper-dog put paid to that by coming in from the garden having been frolicking in the pond; he looked like a walking mud pie so had to have a bath. He leapt out at an early stage and shook himself so the whole bathroom was spattered.He's now having noisy play fights with Maisie dog because water turns him into a complete gremlin :- (
I want to move in to Kate's animal-free household. Now, if possible.


Flo you would be welcome, I do need to warn you that I have watched the Liverpool game and I am now watching the Man U game so you will need to bring a scarf and a rattle.

Miss Becks

Thanks girls! I have some old wire coat hangers. Might see if I can adapt them to pinning it down.


Thank you Kate, I think I could even suffer footie if it meant escape from the zoo ;- )

Will be interested in your solution, Becks, I'm a great one for 'make do and mend'.

A Hurricane just flew over my garden, sadly camera was indoors. A much better view of it than at the Air Show yesterday!

Gary Hobson

Should the plastic wardrobe be attached to the wall? When you buy self-assemby tall wooden things the instructions often say 'attach to wall'.

Nice posh multi-level stand inside. Too good for plants, surely?

Jean Genie

Good aftie everyone  . Rain stopped play this morning after the promise of a nice day so put potting plans on hold until tomorrow - it's supposed to be a better day.  We went out for brekkie - full english  and then went to Ikea for some bits and bobs, came back and then went to G.C . for some more babies . Kate , I got the ox - eye daisies you recommended for under the tree and they are still flowering.  I also got some variagated ajuga - Pink and green and some more bulbs . Good day all round - however purse is severely depleted ! I feel an economy drive coming on.

Flo - that little kitten is a proper cutie - I'm glad I didn't find it . think I may have been tempted !

Becks - your greenhouse looks great . I have an idea for you - I've got a few pots with tall shrubs in them in the front and it gets pretty windy out there . I put a couple of half bricks on the top to steady them so maybe you could do something similar ?


Having a chuckle over your animal exploits--just finished hoovering up my usual couple of pounds of dog hair from the carpets, sweeping arbutus leaves off the deck[the maples and conifers haven't started yet], spotted my first swarming termites, and have taken steps to deal with some rodents in the attic.Oh, the joys of living in the country! Have to keep the plug in the bath to foil the giant spiders who want to live there!!!! It hasn't rained here for almost 2 months, and since my water supply is a collection sysem, each drop is used twice--and it's walking, not running water. I'd take that kitten in a heartbeat--my Deedle went to the Rainbow Bridge a month ago, and I miss him dreadfully.

Deanos Diggin It

Good Evening Guy's n Gal's!

Dan - Glad to hear the eye is on the mend!

My thick head was due to my buddies partner wanting to clear his chest! Did it over a few cold one's sat in the back yard! A friend in need n all that!

Beck's - Totally agree with Gary! Need's anchoring to the wall! n well done you!!!

Inka! - Surely we can pursuade Flo to send Twinkle first class air mail!

n I as had a good day pottering! Welcome to ward 7!

 A few bit's I picked up from work before my Carlisle exploit's!

All showing new growth! Well Happy!! 

Deanos Diggin It

Oh! n the stick in the bottom left, I too was worried about! But we have growth n bud formation! 



I wish, Dean--both my dogs are black with white feet, so Twinkle would fit right in!

Very nice display, Dean.


Pennine Petal
Evening all, turned into a lovely afternoon here after a grey start and I managed to get a few hours in the garden. You have all been very busy, what an industrious lot we are. Lovely blue sky still, but the midges are biting.

Have been cutting back a holly and a berberis which were blocking too much light to the top bed and the perennial geraniums which have taken over. Pulled a lot of geranium machorizum out, as it has gone mad and is taking over. I always feel bad about chucking out healthy plants!

My back is telling me I need to sit back and watch George Gently tonight.
Miss Becks

Gary Plastic wardrobe! Yes, it is like one of those. There were no instructions really. Just a picture with numbered parts and where to put them. The stand inside is an unused shelving unit from my spare room upstairs. Does the job nicely.

I've used bricks for now at the sides, like you said jean. I haven't anything sharp enough to cut through the coathangers wire. But the back of the unit lies over the back poles of the greenhouse, keeping it down at the back. Hopefully it will do tempararily.


Inkadog, you definitely have your work cut out!! So sorry to hear your lost your lovely Deedle - cute name, btw.

Dean the green-fingered, obviously!

Black cats traditionally travel thus, don't they?





Miss Becks

Dean, what's the red coloured plant?


Thanks, Flo--his full name was Deedlepuss Rex cuz he loves his mum. Rescued 17 years ago near Los Angeles. He just showed up one day and decided I was his human. So I flew home with him. If I get another cat, it will find me.