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Kate its a leaders only weekend so no cubs or scouts to worry about

I will have to be on the lookout for plants walking off by themselves! I don't think its a very big garden so I'm not sure what I might come home with. Will let you know.

It seems that our allotments waiting list is now non-existent, which I find hard to believe. Current plot holders are taking on additional half-plots as there's nobody to take them on. It seems Mr and Mrs PP have now got an extra half-plot, opposite their original one. I won't be taking on any extra as I can't keep up with the one I have got! Oh, to be retired! 


pottiepam I visited Probus many years ago before I knew anything about gardening, I seem to remember going to keep my mum company.

Lottie sounds like it will be a party. Odd about the allotments, I thought there was still 10 year waiting lists at some. Did you buy a lottery ticket?

Pennine Petal
Afternoon all, what a lot of chat I missed, pretty begonias, Probus, allotments, digging up gardens, camping, dancing and there's more, Lottie, I used to love going to camp with the League of Friendship (a local group like guides but with green uniforms). Don't think I would want to sleep on a camp bed now though!

Becks, will you be going minimal, so that Jess can take all her toys? Remember you are going to have a great time.

New school eh Frank, don't they grow up fast?

Off up the garden now, OH has offered to help me, wonders will never cease!

Have decided to dig up a spiraea arguta. Been thinking about it for a while now, but as it's in one of the potentially sunniest bits of the garden, I know it's done its time. Going to be a bit nervewracking though, as there's a very healthy clump of cyclamen, which are in flower now, quite close to it. So plan is to make a nice little nest lined with leafmould, then scoot the cyclamen over into the shady border and hope they don't notice.

Took bloke to hospital today for check up, he has to keep nelson sling on for another fortnight. Don't they get under your feet when they can't do anything?


Frank, I hope your grandson had a great first day and his mum managed not to embarrass him!

Becks, I trust you made the most of your 3 hours :- )

I'm exhausted after having my niece here for 7 hours (yes, I was counting!). As I suspected she fell in love with Twink who kept hiding from her as she was a bit too bouncy for his liking. She has no experience of cats but I eventually persuaded her to play appropriately and they had a lovely time.

Lottie, what makes you think you'll have time when you've retired? I used to think that ;- )


Deanos Diggin It

Fig! Have to agree (althought being ot the male species!)

Glyn - Couldn't agree more! it really is hard work keeping up! 

Woke this morning (well, middle of the night) to that horrible dry feeling at the back of ya nose n that burning sensation in ya chest, n when ya cough, ya feel like ya head is gunna fall off! 

Sod's law, when I have arranged to take all the kid's n grandkid's away next week for a bit of family bonding time with all that as gone on this last few years!

And arrived home this afternoon to notice the new neighbour's have employed a gardener (well say gardener) to tidy up!

I have seen this time n time again! Now I have confessed to not being a plantsman! But jeez! I do know the basic's regarding pruning etc! 

They turn up with a set of petrol hedgetrimmer's n just lob two thirds off every plant! How the hell they can call themselves gardener's! n actually draw a wage for what they have done is beyond me!

Right! Lemsip n bed! Have a good evening all! 




Dean my neighbour has employed a 'gardener' who comes every week to prune his 12 Russian Vines and butcher the rest of the garden, he is very creative he starts by blowing the leaves then prunes then blows, the trims then blows, all petrol. I suppose  a fool and his money are easily parted etc.........

Flo when I was  a child I spent every spare moment reading and all the cats loved  to sit on my lap, it was almost as if they knew that there would be no movement for hours.

figrat you will need to find him a hobby

Deanos Diggin It

Kate! You need to let go of the Russian vines! Thinking they interfering with your Karma! Lol!!


Dean, sorry to hear you have a lurgy :- (  Hope the Lemsip helps. What about the Scotch medicine? I have a sore throat and hope it goes before I'm on Auntie duty again tomorrow as I promised 'an outing' to my energetic niece.

Kate, I too was a great reader as a child (still am when I'm not 'busy') but we didn't have cats!!  However, in the days when these things could happen, we had a 'class cat' who turned up one day at school all skinny and sad then just stayed. During story time the children who were still and calm found that he would sneak onto their laps. It was always a lovely end to the day.

Deanos Diggin It

Flo! Me n hot toddie's don't mix! Right! Sarnies done! Bid you all good night n god bless!!

Pennine Petal
Dean, cross your fingers it's a 24 hour bug, Flo, hope the throat doesn't turn I to a cold, mine usually does.

Have come in from the garden to rest my back now, dug up a load of alchemilla that was growing around my steps and dislodging them. OH came to dig up the old hebe that needed taking out and then set to work on the phygelius that is rampant. There was a huge network of roots and runners under the soil. Haven't managed to get all of it out yet.

Wasn't sure what Russian Vine was-so I googled it--and then discovered I have one, except here it's called Silver Lace vine. Fortunately it's covering an unsightly stump, and is in no danger of overwhelming anything [no close neighbours]. I then discovered the one on the trellis is the same, but sould be easy to keep in check-it's very accessible. The flowers are pretty. It has received no water at all for 2 months.

Pennine Petal
Flo, front page of the Independent today - beware of the cat!

Good Morning Everyone

I didn't have time to make the cake yesterday Lottie - will try today

Kate - I do mix vermiculite or perlite in with the compost- the reason I use trays is because I am greedy and want lots moreplants I use pots for some things

I never have much luck with fuchsia cuttings at this time of year so I cut the plants back ,take all the foliage off and hang them in the greenhouse.By February they have usually made lots of lovely new growth and that is when I take my cuttings

I have to get the greenhouses in some sort of order today - our Son will be doing the watering while we are away

Our Grandaughter Lily- who has cerebral palsy which affects her walkng-  went to watch the Equestrian event yesterday - she told her Daddy she would like to be in the Paralympics 2024  Bless her little cotton socks

See you later !

Pam LL x 


The Doctor

Good morning,

Still trying to get back into my routine  without any success. Taking 2 weeks off from the garden (because parents are down on hols) is starting to show, my new borders need weeding, I don't think i have made them deep enough because the grass from the lawn is migrating its way into them. The lawn is fine because I cut it last Saturday (OCD played a part in that), my lavender babies have grown about an inch since potting them 2 weeks ago.

I have a stag do to go to in Newquay the weekend and my rents return home on Friday so normal service should resume soon and i shall start with my long list of things to do, starting with autumn feed & weed, building a could frame, ...1001 other things.... and finishing with my outside toilet to potting shed conversion

All will be updated to my poor excuse for a blog

Dan x


Morning all. Just catching a few moments quiet before the niece-tornado arrives. Sun is out, gorgeous day promised so 'the outing' is on!

Enjoy your days, folks.

Jean Genie

Morning all, Just catching up on everything. Ended up with a humongous headache yesterday which turned into a bit of a migraine. Not good but all gone now . Was wondering about Monday - I was out nearly all day in the sun and even though we are in September , it was quite strong. Much better today but a bit fuzzy.

Hope you're feeling better too Dean and everyone enjoys their day.

Glyn - I'm curious about the Independent front page.


Jean I find the low sun often catches me when I am in the garden in September, particularly when you are bent over working.

Pam that is a lovely story about your grand daughter. Do you hang the fuchsias in baskets?

Sunny here but noisy again.