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Pottie Pam

I can't see that kitten moving out Flo. You will miss him when he goes.

There's a song that goes 'You're my favourite waste of time' and I think that applies to animals too. I could spend ages watching my chickens. They've all got different personalities.  the life of chickens and pigs in little cages doesn't bear thinking about.

Miss Becks

Morning all!

Jean, she's driving me mad already. We're not leaving here until tonight!!

Pam, no, she's never been on a plane, but has been asking for a couple of months 'Is that the one we're going on?' everytime she's seen one in the sky.

Flo, I really haven't a clue. It says 'Free Wifi' for the place we are staying, but I haven't looked at charges really. I'm not planning on phoning or texting people. I'm tight like that!

I finally asked my friend for a link to where we're staying last night, to show Jess. Here is the link if anyone wants a nosey.


Good morning all.

Becks -  that villa looks wonderful Hope you both have a great time, at least you will have some good weather! can't guarantee the same for us next week in Hereford, says changeable whatever that means.

Having a day sorting out garden, house etc.

Have a nice day.



Pam, it will be a wrench when kitten goes. I'll wait until after the weekend in case his owners have been away. I've never heard of that song, what a great sentiment! Have you told us about your chickens and I missed it? I'm down to two from my original four. I expect there will be chicken conversations when Geoff returns as he said he was going to get some more after his hols.

Becks, it looks lovely and if it's sunny and Jess is having fun you'll enjoy it :- ) 
About the cost of phoning etc, I was just thinking that if you're planning to check in here sometimes you don't want a nasty surprise when the bill comes. I've only heard about these things and don't go anywhere so can't make a useful comment on charges.


Becks you must check that every single time you have logged into the free wi-fi otherwise there will be a very nasty bill when you get home. The villa looks lovely.


Pottie Pam

I have posted about my chickens before,Flo. I have ten and one cockerel. I have a lot of trouble with foxes and even though the fox can't get in where they are in the photo they still fly over the gate. I could clip their wings but they wouldn't get up on the perch then.

Gary Hobson

I often wonder how people keep their plants watered when going on holiday for a prolonged period. Not too big a problem at this time of year, as it's not searingly hot.

I'll never forget Joe Swift's crackpot scheme of using a half-pint bottle, with a wick, to keep a hanging basket watered for a couple of weeks.

I expect you can get watering systems these days that you can switch on and off over the internet. I suppose that's what the WiFi is provided for.

Pennine Petal
Gary, I bought some bright orange spikes from our garden centre and you attach a water bottle to them. I also bought some coloured black glassball with spikes from Aldi a couple of weeks ago that you fill with water and stick into the pots. Haven't tried any yet though.

Having woken up really early this morning,got up had a cuppa and went back to bed. Did a lot of driving yesterday and didn't sleep well the previous night, think it must have taken its toll, I woke up at 12.30 now I feel horrible. Headache and a husky voice, hope I'm not sickening for something, right at the start of the new term!

Flo, have a listen to it on Spotify, it's good,but it will stick in your head

Pam, I guessed you had probably posted abou them before but things move quickly here and it's easy to miss posts and piccies. It looks an idyllic scene. I had trouble with flying chickens when Lizzie was around so, even though I had a fence built, I couldn't leave the two young dogs outside at the same time as the chooks.  I'm amazed to see you have grass. My girls grubbed up the lot on their side of the fence.

Glyn, thanks for the Spotify idea. If I get an ear-worm I'll know who to blame ;- )


Becks and Jess. Have a good trip. We'll try and stay off page 2  ;- )


A view of my garden from my computer desk, taken by a friend who visited the other day. If you look VERY closely you can see an embarrassment of cobwebs on the window!

Miss Becks

Evening lovelies. Just saying goodbye before the frenzy starts. My laptop will be the first thing to be set up over there tomorrow, so hopefully the 'free wifi' will let me log on. Have a great weekend/week all of you.


Pennine Petal
Enjoy your trip Becks, look forward to your news - y viva Menorca!

Figrat, what a lovely view. You call those cobwebs! I daren't show you mine! We have spiders everywhere.

Bye Becks.

figrat I would just assume that you are looking after a pet spider.


Figrat, my cobwebs are intentional -  a wildlife friendly means to control flies (well not friendly to flies, obviously).


Pennine Petal
Oh good, football again ................
Deanos Diggin It

Bon Voyage Pam n Beck's! 

Well! having been advised by my OH this last week, with stern pointy finger to revert the back of the landrover from a Gardeners grotto to a family saloon!

Job Done!

Just to load early Morning n were off!

My leave of absence now in!

Have a good week everybody!

Pennine Petal
Have great time, Dean. If only I was off somewhere exotic instead of back to work next week.

Our numbers are dwindling rapidly. Have a good week Dean.