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It is so hot here much warmer than it was in July. I have been busy potting on some of the cuttings of hebes that I took last year, soon it will be hebe heaven here.

Glyn it is so frustrating to buy lovely plants and for the slimey snails to get them . 


I think the 50 Shades author 'doth protest too much'.  Really wishes young people would not buy the book!! Yeah, right ;- )

Gary Hobson

Birds are good predators for snails. I took these snaps a couple of days ago. It's actually a big slug that's being eaten...

The trouble is that a couple of big slugs will satisfy a bird for the day, and there are hundreds more slugs not dealt with.

You'd expect nature to respond, so that the breeding of thrushes and blackbirds increases in relation to the expanding food supply, but that only happens very slowly.


My shed is slug heaven. There are trails all up the inside and dried slug poo in the stacked up pots :- (

And the other evening I had an adventurous snail who obviously thought its home wasn't big enough!



Now that is a cheeky snail.



That snail had a flying lesson shortly after the pic. was taken!

Jean Genie

Good Aftie all - I've missed out on loads of lovely pics and gossip again ! Daughter and boys are back from Devon with lovely tans and telling me all about their adventures - it sure was hot . I can't believe the size of that snail. It's roasting here too and tomorrow it's supposed to be even warmer. Been out doing autumn baskets and generally potting about after spending most of the day in garden centre.   

I have something scrummy for after tea.

I see THAT book is stil getting mentioned on here ! I bet you are all reading it inside the cover of G.W.

Is Geoff back yet ? I can see me getting some right old stick !


Hi everyone. Lovely pic Gary, the bird has certainly got a good meal. I'm not so sure about the snail photo, great pic just don't like the subject! urgh I can't bare to touch slugs or snails. We must have a thrush or two about as I have found smashed snail shells, but not seen the birds.

Anyway up, as they say, had a nice day today. Called at SIL to collect goodies she brought us back from France. Wine, honey, fizz and the local speciality, Walnut CAKE!!!

Caught up on all the news, then came home to get dinner ready for this evening and bake some butterfly cakes and chocolate buns for my Mums birthday tomorrow.

You are all managing to keep us on page 1. Keep up the good work whilst the holidaymakers are away. I bet Becks and Jess are on the beach having an ice cream. I wonder if it's a lot hotter in Menorca than here, we have had a beautiful day.


I am cooking potatoes in a cheese sauce with bacon.

Jean I need to know what is scrummy? Did you find anything different for your baskets?

Jean Genie

We decided to make the most of a lovely evening and the bbq is out - just the usual suspects, chicken, ribs, sausage ,etc .

Kate, I took your advice and bought some ajuga , I have planted them with cyclamen, bellis, and the obligatory winter pansies ! I've also put a little ivy in to soften the effect.

Winter pansies are '' Morpheus '' and another pale blue one . I'm quite pleased with myself - they look nice.

And my scrummy afters ?

 Devon cream tea - there's clotted cream under that jam.

Are you all jealous ?


I am jealous

I hope to see a photo of the baskets when they are settled.


I'd like to order a cream tea now, please, Jean.

You're very up together with winter plantings. I took pity on some very sad house plants this afternoon and re-potted them even though it's not supposed to be now. Probably I'll put in my winter stuff about next April!

Pennine Petal
Evening all, back from Harlow Carr, prairie planting looking fabulous. Had to keep heading for a shady seat, a beautiful 23 degrees. Afternoon tea in Betty's, lovely frangipan tart and homemade raspberry lemonade. Lovely drive back across the moors. I like to pretend I'm a rally driver! RHS selling Christmas cards and crackers ..... Oh no, I've mentioned the dreaded C word!
Jean Genie

Will do Kate - they just need to fill out a bit .  Thanks for the idea of using ajuga . I got a bit of a bargain £1 99 for a huge pot of Burgundy Glow so I split it into 2 for the baskets at the front .

Flo, I didn't have much choice in the matter. Baskets at front got battered when we had that really windy day and some of the trailing begonias got damaged. They looked  all straggly and a bit of a mess . I've saved the tubers and would like to know what to do with them now, please, if anyone can help.


Glyn, naughty step - NOW! And the RHS can join you there for starting the rot!


Jean Genie

Sorry - it went before I finished !

Glyn , meant to say glad you enjoyed your day out. We are over your way tomorrow , visiting and having a meander about.

Any pics of your day out ?

Pennine Petal
Forgot to take the camera, Jean. Gordon Riggs GC is always worth a visit if you are near Todmorden.
Pennine Petal

Jean, found 2 nice ones on heir website.



Jean Genie


Glyn , it looks lovely , I'll put that on my to-do list . Don't think we'll have time tomorrow though, more's the pity, we've got a few visits to fit in and it's more Yorkshire side where we're going. 

Thanks for the pics


I have just watched the film One Day and now I need some cake