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Jean Genie

I have never see that film but I believe it's a real tearjerker so I would probably need cake as well. And chocolate and ice cream !

Right - off to watch the second part of A mothers son. Still haven't caught up with the planner !!!

Pennine Petal
Kate, I've never heard of that film, what is it about and who's in it?

Jean, have a lovely day visiting, does that mean there will be lots of tea and cake?

Jean I found the conclusion disappointing let me know what you think.

Glyn. I thought it was a rom-com based on a popular book, boy and girl meet, fall out, meet again, etc was not prepared for the sad ending. It was a bit controversial as Anne Hathaway plays a northern lass, and I have to admit I thought her varying accent was very disturbing.

Now that is an idea, I do have a choc ice. I am off snailing but may have one after that. 

That second pic of Harlow Carr...those Helenium and Monarda looked so fantastic when I went there I just had to get some for my garden.

I would love to go to Gordon Riggs GC at Todmorden, haven't been for years but going there with my grandparents used to be a regular treat when I was little!

I ended up potting up my free Penstemons from T&M today. Some are looking a bit on the sickly side so will have to see if they survive.

Nola does that suggest that you are a Northener?

I have had a choc ice and I have stopped weeping.

Someone is having a party, what I find annoying is that you just hearing the thump of the music. 


Well deduced Kate1123- I now live in North Yorkshire but am originally from "the other side" as my late Grandmother-in-law said when she first met me!
Pennine Petal
You'd see a big difference in G Riggs Nola, it is a lot bigger than it used to be and they have one in Rochdale too. I pass it on my way home from work, so often go in for a wander. It's difficult to get out without buying something. N. Yorkshire must be a lovely place to live.

Kate, don't think I'll bother with that film. I'm reading a good book at the mo though, Wife #19, really enjoying it. Dound it in the charity shop.

P.S. Nola, hooked already!!

Nola do you have any joy with penstemons? I have been waiting 3 years for mine to flower

Glyn I only watched the film because my sister read the book and recommended it. I am now watching Sweet Charity


Penninepetal...yes easy to get hooked I think!
I usually drag my family round the Rochdale one when I am visiting family over that way. I usually leave plenty of space in the car and have been known to fill up the footwells too!
North Yorks is lovely, not far from Harlow Carr, Newby Hall (lovely gardens) and Fountains Abbey.

Kate- I was pleased this year to get hold of Pentemon "Garnet" again. I lost mine in the previous 2 bad winters but had been really successful until then. It flowered non stop from June to late Autumn. Part of it came with me when I moved house making two lovely sized clumps.
Pennine Petal
Morning all, looks like it is going to be a lovely day. Decided to spend my final day of freedom in the garden before the onslaught tomorrow. Just having a cuppa and a browse before I start.

Nola, never been to the Rochdale one, as we are only a couple of miles from the Tod one. Haven't been to Newby Hall, is it worth a visit? Is it NT? By the way, if you scroll back a few pages, you will find a list of real names, Geoff, whom you haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet, told me that Penninepetal was too much of a mouthful (or at least a word full!). He's back from France next week and he can always be relied on to make you chuckle.

It is lovely here but the builders are working on a sunday

Glyn enjoy your last day of freedom.

I am beginning to think I have a duff penstemon, it grows but does not flower, this is the problem with cuttings from other peoples gardens you often do not have a named variety.

Pennine Petal
Just having a break for a scone and a cuppa! Afraid not totally focused, just doing a bit of this and that. Have cut down some of the old stems from my very tall shrub rose. The variegated holly next to it has grown like mad, so just trying to work out which bits to cut out.

I don't have a lot of luck with penstemons either Kate. No flowers left on the 2 I bought and no new flowers coming.

I moved my penstemon last year on advice that it would prefer full sun and it has grown happily but with no flowers, this is one of the more annoying aspects of gardening.

It is so hot here, I have come in for a drink, but why do builders think that the entire road wants to listen to their radio and why does no one else find this annoying?


Afternoon all. I have been out for my birthday treat today - paid for in May when the birthday actaully was. Went to a falconry and got up close and personal with some beautiful birds. The owner and his able assistant are knowledgeable, caring and engagingly enthusiastic. I'll post a piccie later.

Glyn, I still remember that Sunday-before-going back to work feeling, hope you're having a great day.

Kate, like you I would be very bothered by the builders' radio. Once  my next door neighbours went out all day leaving a window ajar which meant that their alarm beeped continuously. The other-side-neighbour who has access to their house was also out. After about two hours I could stand it no more and took myself off for the rest of the day.



Flo that sounds a great birthday treat, I think a 'day out' gift is such a good idea.

Left overs for dinner.



Chicken and mushroom kebabs with kale and or cabbage for dinner.

Jean Genie

No idea for dinner . Back  from our jaunt and had a lovely day visiting . Weather was lovely in Yorkshire but it has gone really dark and oppressive here and the wind is picking up so may bring new baskets in.

Kate - homemade quiche , salad and of course cake . Chocolate brownie   How wrong was I with Mother's Son ? Had a bet with hubby that it wasn't the son that ''dunnit''  - thought it too obvious in part one but hey-ho ! I agree though part one was much better.

I still have the olympic opening ceremony on planner - think I need a mass deleting session .

Flo - Glad you enjoyed your day. I think that was a very thoughtful pressie. We went to a falconry show last year . I love raptors - red kites especially.  A few years ago we went to a farm in Wales  Grideons maybe ?  They feed the red kites at certain times of the day and they just know when the foods coming . A tractor comes out and throws the meat out  ( all donated ) and I have never seen a sight like it . Great day but hubbie said we would have fared better in a land rover - it was in the sticks and we just drove on dirt tracks

I seem to have had a good old ramble today !

Oh and hello Nola -  some else who may be able to help me out with plant probs.


Pottie Pam

Hello everyone.

They get quite excited here in Cornwall when a red kite is spotted. I went to London  in May, for a rare treat, to see 'War Horse'. We stayed over night with some friends near Oxford and I was amazed to see lots of red kites . Apparently they were almost extinct in Britain just over twenty years ago. Impressive birds.

Pennine Petal
Evening everyone, have been out in the garden all day, even managed to get OH to do a bit. Cleared a big space for more plants. Now I need to get some top soil and grit to I prove the soil. I really need some hard landscaping doing and need an expert to do, but that would probably be pricey.

You all seem to have had a good day. No news from Becks, hope it's because she is having such a great time.