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Jean I also lost my bet on who dunnit, I thought that it was going to be a complete twist and it would be the husband.

Glyn I am also at that stage of needing landscaping, as you say the more pricey side of gardening.

The Doctor

Good morning Chaps and Chapesses,

Back from my mates stage do in Newquay now currently sat at work .

What a weekend, the highlight of the weekend was the Coasteering. I have never been so scared in my life, jumping off of a cliff and falling for around 3.5 seconds before hitting the water .

Dan x

Jean Genie

Morning all , did anyone have a problem with the site last night ? Couldn't access it as message kept telling me the web address could not be found. Very odd.

Watched some of the closing ceremony of the paralympics - liked the four seasons theme.

I know what you mean about landscaping being expensive. I would ring around for quotes first. The price can vary so much .  One guy wanted over £200 to reduce the height of our tree . We got the job done for £40 and they also removed a conifer so I expect it would be the same with landscaping these days.


Dan, madness or what? I bet you feel well-chuffed with your achievement though.

I couldn't get into the GW website at all last night but I can see you managed to play nicely without me  ;- )  I half-watched the closing ceremony but went to bed before the end

My sister-in-Wales lives in a Red Kite area. I found out that in the 'olden days' when they were common everywhere they were known as Shite Hawks because of their scavenging behaviour!

Pottie Pam

Well done Dan. It's makes you feel good to do something scarey. The zip wire at Eden Project next. I'm sticking to the zip wire in our local children's park which has just had a makeover.

Flo, my friends near Oxford would probably agree with that name for Red Kites. They said with in minutes of putting food out for the birds Kites would swoop down to get it. I was still fascinated to see them though. We've got lots of buzzards here and although they are mostly carrion eaters too, are quite shy so not a problem.

I think Summer is finally over. I watched a programme about the Artic ice melting and that could cause our summers to be wet in the future.


The Doctor

Whoa I think I just seen a tumbleweed roll past


Jean Genie

Haha Dan - yes it is a bit quiet on here today. Maybe everyone's gardening !

I think you are a bit of a daredevil on the Q.T. !


Hello Forkers, had a lovely camping weekend, the weather was just perfect! Others were complaining it was too hot but I just enjoyed it.

And I have a new-found claim to fame - I met Julia Bradbury at the weekend!

While I was away though no 2 son got knocked off his bike - by another cyclist! She apparently pulled out from behind a wall without looking and he hit her front wheel and fell off his bike. He was shaken, cuts, grazes and bruises but nothing that won't mend. His bike was also damaged though, so is now in the repair shop as its his means of transport to work.

Everything was back to normal this morning, everybody off to work apart from no. 3 son who was off to college. Alfie was not impressed at being deserted!


Well I took Flo's good advice and went out for the day, we went for a lovely walk around Wisley and had a nice bite to eat. I treated myself to a helenium, expensive but I priced them up before hand and the postage made it worthwhile.

Lottie sorry to hear about son, bikes on the roads make me very nervous.

Dan you are crazy.

pottiepam everytime they tell us what is going to happen the opposite happens, so next year we need them to predict a very wet summer.


Hello. I am just playing with Sarah's. iPad having a lovely time, Pam ll x
Gary Hobson

Had a frantically busy weekend, attending a couple of village functions on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Have done no gardening at all.

Saw the paralympics closing ceremony, and the parade this afternoon. Noticed that Victoria Pendelton confirmed that she's in Strictly Come Dancing.

Jean Genie

Watched some of the athletes' parade this afternoon after housework . It looked quite good but didn't see it all.  

Glad you had a good time , Lottie and that your son is ok. I am very wary of cyclists.

Sounds like you had a good day, Kate. Hope you rounded it off with a nice cake.

Nice to hear from Pam,

I don't like the idea of more wet summers , Pam. Headlines on Express today :  80 m.p.h. gales to hit Britain - something to do with Hurricane Michael . Super.

The Doctor

Franks Diabetic Ice Cream

 That is all x

Pennine Petal
Evening all, just got back from work, first days back always seem to be long ones.

Dan, brave or stupid? I certainly wouldn't want to do it, but well done foe having a bash.
PamLL, if you find smiley faces on the iPad let me know!
Gary, Victoria Pendleton eh? I bet she does well. Have we heard who else yet? I
the way round though. I need to plan to visit a placement student in Surrey, so that I can get a visit in.

No Becks, having a great time or no wifi?.
Lottie, thank goodness he's OK


The Doctor

I think i was brave but there are guys and gals who do this on a daily basis, they are the nutjobs.

I recommend it to anyone who wants to push themselves to the limit. and after all that i still cannot work out how Sherlock survived. 

Pennine Petal
Light and mirrors Dan! I always fancied abseiling, but was never brave enough. My neigh ours go pot holing, now that is a step too far!
Jean Genie

Glyn, I've always fancied climbing but I can just about climb the stairs now !

Well, you survived the first day - expect you'll come to '' terms '' with it now ! Maybe Becks has found out it would be expensive or like you say really enjoying herself.Watching ''Leaving '' on itv - 3 parter so hope it's better than A mothers son.


Hello and goodnight all. Well done to those who kept things ticking over today, it's good to catch up with all your news after my busyish day. I did get a chance to sit down and watch some of the athletes' parade whilst keeping Twink the kitten company for an hour. Tomorrow will ring Cats Protection and ask if they can find him a home - though it's possible that the vet-nurse who scanned him for a microchip might be interested. I'll chat her up tomorrow and sing his furry praises.

I'm not at all brave when it comes to adventurous stuff. My youngest sister and her family go caving - too claustrophobic. A few years ago on a school trip I braved a (not very high) zip wire because the children in my class had all done it and were egging me on. They were so thrilled when I gave it a go and were very sweet and encouraging as they could see I was nervous!

Hello all!

Thanks Glyn, seemed cheeky to use your "proper" names without being invited!
Newby Hall isn't National Trust but RHS full members can go in free during April, May and Sept. I have a Historic Houses card and use that to go in for free. The gardens are lovely, will dig out some pics when on the computer (can't on the iPad).

Kate-shame about your penstemons. Can't say I do anything special apart from dig a hole and plant them! The "Garnet" variety seems a bit tougher than some. I have had more tender ones that haven't done as well.

Would have liked to have spent more time in the garden at the weekend, did a bit.but was hindered by jobs like the washing, ironing, cleaning out the hen house and a visit to IKEA!