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Pennine Petal
Morning, thought I would say hello before I set off over the hills.

I think I'll have to make a visit Nola.

Didn't manage to get any of my plants in over the weekend, doesn't look like I'llbe getting to do it this week though.

Have a nice day, y'all!

Morning each.

Nola, another chicken owner here  ~ ~ (that's my version of waving)

Hope the weather is kind to everyone. I might even have time to go in the garden today.


Pleasant day here, I am going to see if I can find somewhere for my new plant.

Pam good to see that you are still in contact, where is our postcard from Becks

Flo are you sure that you are not going to keep Twinks?

Did anyone watch The Bletchley Circle? There looks like there are some good contestants on SCD this year it should be very competitive.


Kate, I'm just off out to chat up the vet nurse and see if she would like him. Of course, if she'll take the two young dogs instead, I could keep Twinks ;- )

SCD - bring it on! It's the only 'reality' show I can bear to watch. I love Craig RH and can't wait to see how Darcey B's style as a judge develops.


Flo I am hoping that Darcey is a very technical judge, I always think that CRH would be a great dinner guest. Good luck with the nurse it would be good to know that Twinks has gone to a good home.


Im a strictly addict and very glad Darcy will be a judge. Anyone watch Paul O'grady last night? Find staying awake after 9 oclock rather hard so dont really watch anything too late i knoe i miss alot but then i would fall asleep and not know whats going on anyway. Really hoping  i can stay awake long enough to watch Downton on Sunday.

Pottie Pam

Good morning forkers,

I'm also worried about Becks. Perhaps she has found a Spanish waiter that she was warned about.

Not too much to do in the garden at the moment. Just keeping up with dead heading the cosmos and dahlias to keep them going as long as possible. I always plant lots of daffodils this time of year and then think this is taking for ever, why did I buy so many.A few years ago I bought a big sack full of 'White Lion' not really expecting much as it was late in the season and some of the bulbs were going a bit soft but they are a picture every spring. I'm a bit mean and don't like to spend a lot but have great succes with pound shop bulbs. Last year I bought some hyacinths from there. They were a lovely very dark maroon with a black stem so hopefully they'll appear again next year.

Sorry to ramble on about gardening. Enjoy your day all.


Maud how was the trip to Wisley?

pottiepam I had not thought about a waiter for Becks,  I have had good  results from cheap bulbs too.

Hello folks sticking my Neb in again because I heard SCD mentioned, honest will not stay long but saw Lisa Riley in the line up which brought back a memory, do not write that girl off.
At sixteen I went to the big boys dances with my new work mates having left school a month or so earlier. Being too young to go drinking with them (in fact slung out of the three local pubs for being too young) I went to the tea bar in the hall for a drink.
The Lady behind the bar was a Lisa and she leaned over saying I will give you that tea and bun if you promise a dance, of course I said yes I mean free tea and bun!
It had to be after she had closed and cleaned the bar so my mates now there and in full flow as they weighed up the girls saw me head off and get the lady up and shock surprise she danced like an angel. My mates made comment, you disappeared in there, was it warm and comfy or what the h### are you thinking of with all that talent out there. I told them I made a promise and fulfilled it.
I got many free teas and cakes she was the Daughter of a local baker well used to being on her feet from dawn to dusk, hauling sacks of flour around but loved dancing although she had to work on the bar.
Big girls can dance and it taught me never to judge.



Hello Nola - I'm also a chicken keeper and 3 of my hens I raised from eggs so I'm very proud of them. They're wellsummer crosses so lay lovely dark brown eggs.

I had a visit to the dentist this morning - just a check-up, no further treatment needed this time. Then I was a bit naughty and instead of coming straight to work went back home to water my pots first! Don't tell on me!

Becks may be having problems getting a connection - either that or she is having too much of a good time - to her surprise! Not sure she'd be interested in a waiter.

Pam, I bought hyacinth bulbs in Wilkos the other day - should I just plant them in the border or would they be better off in pots - am thinking maybe a pot on the front doorstep where its sheltered, or the front border? Both south facing.

If you don't like weepy films do not watch My Sister's Keeper. I watched it on a plane - and sobbed - so embarrassing! The film has a different ending to the book - but its not a happier ending.



Frank, once SCD gets going we'll be expecting comments from 'one who knows' :- ) What happened to the palais glide? Doesn't anyone do it any more?

Katre, vet nurse, like me, has a dog that is not used to cats so is reluctantly saying no. Am awaiting a call back from Cats Protection now.

How is that you go to the GC to buy a small bit for your hose, come away £20 worse off - and you haven't even bought a plant!!!


Pottie Pam

Sorry about Twinks, Flo. She looks such a sweetie. I'm sure she'll soon find a home but a lot of shelters are innundated with unwanted pets at the moment.

I'm not much of a dancer but I loved what they called 'country dancing' at school. The Gay Gordons and Strip the Willow were my favourites as they were fast and furious. 

Lottie the hyacinths will look lovely by your door. You can buy prepared bulbs now which have been chilled and they should flower by C*******s indoors. Over the years I've planted out indoor grown bulbs when they've finished flowering and the followering years they flower just after the daffs.

Jean Genie

Good Aftie all just come back from shopping. Popped in poundland to have a look at bulbs. I never have a problem with them either but go to the G.C. for the nicer ones. However , I managed to find 3 commelina . I'ld never heard of them before until someone on the forum posted a photo and asked for identification but remember thinking I would look out for them. Very unusual - can't believe my luck. Can't plant out until next year - label says Jan - June.

Sorry but I'm not a fan of Strictly but I have put ''One Day'' on planner.

I also purchased a large box of tissues. I have seen '' My sister's keeper'' so know I'll need them.


Lottie I would put the hyacinths by the door, they should have a lovely scent.

Flo I am sure that you will find a Twinks a home soon. How did you not buy a plant?

Jean you may need a cake as well. That commelina looks interesting.


Gary Hobson

This is the SCD outlook scenario....

Richard Arnold - never 'erd of 'im. Looked up name on Wiki and says ITV news presenter. That's why I've never 'erd of 'im. Previous form on ITV news presenters (they always have one) - no chance.
Johnny Ball - is that the father of Zoe Ball. b 1938. What's he doing here?
Fern Britton - might be interesting, will get a lot of sympthy/empathy votes from women.
Nicky Byrne - member of Westlife - very serious contender and should have a strong chance - echoes of the last series.
Dani Harmer - never 'erd of 'er - appearently played Tracy Beaker on a children's TV series - looks a possible contender.
Jerry Hall - very tall - could be a prima donna asking to get booted off.
Sid Owen - somewhat Johny Ball - but at least he'll be up for a good laff - though I wonder if he'll actually see the joke when it's on him
Victoria Pendleton - athletic and talented - but might be too serious - will the public empathise with her, maybe not
Lisa Riley - never 'erd of 'er - apparently a feisty barmaid in an ITV soap - should get some public empathy (even if dreadful dancer).
Colin Salmon  - a James Bond type actor - will be popular with some lady viewers - be interesting to see if he can dance - it's possible - the first week will reveal all.
Louis Smith - Olympic gymnast - probably like Pendelton - athletic, but too serious.
Denise Van Outen - might have what it takes, in terms of popularity and ability - we'll see.
Michael Vaughan - cricketer - sportsmen have a good batting record - could be a dark horse.
Kimberly Walsh - from Girls Aloud - rythmic with dance experience - serious contender.

Who's the tenner going on ?





Glyn-Some pics of Newby Hall from when I went this July. There are different areas, a rose walk with hostas, a water garden, long borders, orchards etc. I enjoy the scones at the cafe too!

FloBear and Lottie- I ended up with hens after watching that programme with Alys Fowler! I only have 2 hens, did have 3 but one died recently. My hens are Welsummers too, Lottie. Lovely brown eggs but I think mine have finished laying for the winter now.

I too like Strictly, was interesting to see the line up Gary. Dani Harmer did well on the Let's dance for Sports Relief and I saw Lisa Riley in a panto last year-not much dancing in it though!



My blind tenner will be on Denise VO, I think West End training will give her the discipline and she will be able to do the chat.

FloBear wrote (see)

Frank, once SCD gets going we'll be expecting comments from 'one who knows' :- ) What happened to the palais glide? Doesn't anyone do it any more?


As with a lot of things after the war it got slung out and new stuff moved in, Ballroom dancing survived in clubs and in our area is making a comeback. The palais Glide, Lambeth walk and several dances where you moved on to the next partner were wartime get everyone on the floor dances, you danced in lines so the ones who could not dance got up and followed those who could it was all fun stuff and made sure those with two left feet got on the floor.
They all vanished in the late 40's as Jive and other things came in, we called it the jitterbug although it had been called Lindy dancing. Nice dances such as the Chrysanthemum Waltz, Rumba Royal. Cotillions, Gay Gordon's slowly went apart from our own Sergeants mess dance when some of the old hands wanted them.
The Beatles killed dancing as we knew it but we could always manage to find dances abroad, the Dutch and Germans always wanted to see English dancing and some great nights were had by all.
Now my Daughters go to dancing school for modern dancing then go on dancing cruises, they go on one in November and have already done the Norway North Cape cruise all singing all dancing, what goes out of fashion always returns.
Talking of dancing what happened to the Black Bottom, my mother was brilliant at it and had me in stitches watching, Dad was not bad either, roll back the clippy mat and put the gram on.



Gary, impressive 'outlook scenario'. I haven't even heard of 5 of them so I'm not putting my tenner on anyone yet but the winner will be someone young, who's had dance & acting experience or is a graceful athlete.  For the sake of Jean and others we may need a 'Strictly Pottering' thread soon.

Kate, I did try to find a plant to bring home but decided to be very sensible and not condemn something to the next 6 months in a pot while I decide what to do with it!

I'm getting inspired by the thought of bulbs but, after hearing on the bee threads that some are pre-treated with insecticides that harm bees, I want to find out where to get non-treated ones.

Nola, I did wonder for a moment if that was your garden  ;- )


Nola lovely photos.