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Frank, that's very enlightening, thank you. I hadn't realised it was one of those dances in which you move on to the next partner. I like those. When we were little Mum taught us the Veleta and the Gay Gordons because we had old 10"  78s of those.  She and her sisters also did Scottish dancing in their youth. We used to lay sticks down in a crossed-sword shape and make up our own to suitable music!

Pottie Pam

Not really a SCD fan but I did enjoy it when Anne Widdecome was on. She was such a good sport.

Lottie when is 'My Sister's Keeper' on. Like a good weepy.

Lovely photos, Nola.


Pam, not sure - it was on very recently so will probably be on again very soon. I recorded it but haven't watched it again - I feel I need the house to myself with no cynical men around!

Will put the hyacinths in a pot.

Will put my tenner on Colin Salmon. For all I know he has the dancing style of a plank of wood but I think he will take it seriously.


Gutten Tag peeps!

Am back!  This site going soooo slowly. Thought when tried to post when on holiday that t'was the local net access, but now am not sure twas that at all. OH had to take his laptop with him of course. He did actually load all the hundreds & hundreds of photos onto it. Kept him happy for hours!

Will catch up on you all sometime soon. Am plodding through 2 weeks holiday washing for OH & me, plus daughter's pre holiday weeks worth & her holiday stuff too! Ironing will start tonight, she says..... J.


Welcome back Jo, hope you had a lovely holiday, and that the chocolate store is now well replenished! Leave the ironing for another day - I'm sure there are lots of other things to catch up on!



Hello all--just thought I'd check in on all your doings. Here we have Dancing With the Stars soon--it's an all-star season, so it should be interesting--but I can't believe they've brought Bristol Palin back--ugh!

The garden scene here is very depressing--between the drought and the deer, my kitchen garden has practically nothing left.Can't figure out how the deer are getting in--they are quite desparate for food and may be jumping the fence--if so, I may as well not have one. Gues I'll just plant a lot of spring bulbs-they don't eat those.


Jo good to have you back, hope that you are well rested.

Chicken in a BBQ sauce, with rice and peas.


Ooh, that was faster.

No, have been very restrained about the chocolate, honestly. Only bought a small amount back with me this time. Daughter, however....... We found her favorite one at the first supermarket we came to, so cleared them out in the first week! Yes, they restocked before she arrived, so SHE then cleared them out! Her walking boots decided to finally come apart, so she gleefully left them behind allowing more chocolate to return to Manchester!

Not sure what shall do for tea tonight. Am on my own, so will investigate the fridge/freezer. J.


Jo, welcome home!

Just a bagel and I've already had it. Yoga tonight so can't eat too much.

Managed to trawl through the 150 pics that OH took at falconry. Then had to downsize as they're huge files. A bit contrasty as it was a v. sunny day. I think I was saying 'who's a pretty boy then?'  ;- )



Chili and rice tonight (and chili is already cooked), so an easy one!

Lovely picture Flo - of you both!

Pennine Petal
Evening all, one of those frustrating days at work when you an't get anything done.

Jo looks and sounds like you had a good time. Nola, thanks for the pictures, will definitely visit. What's the forecast for the weekend.

SCD, some good contenders there, I will hold my tenner back until I have seen them dance once.

Gammon joint tonight, but OH only put it in 10 mins ago, so won't be eating early. Good job it's a small one! I phone to tell him I'm leaving work, so if he'd put it on then timing would have been perfect. Oh well, at least he cooks!
Gary Hobson

I'm wondering what that bird's got in its mouth. They are normally given small dead birds or mice. But that looks like a black and gold fish. And that bird doesn't actually look very falconish to me. It's still an impressive birdie. He/she would scare the living daylights out of my blue tits. If birds dream they probably have nightmares about things like that.

Deanos Diggin It
Welcome back Jo!
Hi Lola! (waving with huge welcoming smile!)
Sounds like Pam is enjoying her time away
Thinking Beck's as succumbed to sunshine, Sangria n Spongebob Square Pants dvd's!
Thinking we picked a good week weather wise, been glorious ever since we arrived!
Kid's n Grandkid's having a ball! (make's me an happy chappie!)
Been Zooing n Safari'ing today, n the faces on the little Guy's was a picture!
Flo - Seen some cat's for your collection today, but thinking your pooches would be at a major disadvantage! (Twink would surely have a little chuckle to herself) is a real shame she can't stay!
FloBear wrote (see)

Frank, that's very enlightening, thank you. I hadn't realised it was one of those dances in which you move on to the next partner. I like those. When we were little Mum taught us the Veleta and the Gay Gordons because we had old 10"  78s of those.  She and her sisters also did Scottish dancing in their youth. We used to lay sticks down in a crossed-sword shape and make up our own to suitable music!

OK FloBear I will start again and this time explain it properly.
Progressive dances like the Schottische or progressive barn dance you took the girl in your arms formed a circle more usually three one inside another to get them all on the floor and did a fixed set of steps a waltz round and changed partners to the left.
The Palais Glide Lambeth Walk and a couple more you all got in a line one line behind the next making sure you had your arm around a girl on each side otherwise you got talked about, you moved  forward then right then left then a kick and did it all again ad-infinite. I kept out of it as a rule although a girl not too confidant would ask me to get her up which being the Gentleman I am I never refused.
The Veleta was usually the very first dance we were taught at the Scout Guide or Cadet Dances, the Cadet Dances I became the MC which meant you led the dancers off in each dance and they joined on behind you until you had circled the room, it also meant you had to know all the dances.
The school dances you danced with the girl at arms length, if they could not get war and peace between your chests you had to marry the girl. Things were different back then.
Just had a lovely custard tart with me cuppa whilst writing that.


Pennine Petal

I once did some Scottish dancing at an after conference party in Stiring. The guy that was calling the instructions had a strong accent and the dancers were international. You can imagine the chaos that ensued given that we had all had a drink or three and most of the participants couldn't work out what they had to do. I was laughing so much I was crying. A good time was had by all.

Gammon a bit diappointing (not OH's fault), he managed quite well making his first parsley sauce.

The football's on, not quite as exciting as Andy Murray's final must have been.



Evening all! We have had a lovely today been to kynance cove,mullion cove,the chocolate factory-yum yum! and I made a glass pendant thingy for Lily!!! Pam LL xx

Frank, not only more enlightening but highly entertaining too! War and Peace :- D :- D  Sorry I didn't pay attention properly the first time.

Gary, it was bits of dead male chick. This bird preferred heads. It's the front edge of the wing that looks as if it's hanging out of the beak. She's a Ferruginous Hawk though this species has been recently re-classified as eagles so you're right, not a falcon.

Pam LL I've always fancied visiting Kynance Cove and that area. Now I know there's a chocolate factory in the vicinity I'm adding it to my Must Go list!!


Deanos Diggin It
Well football watched! A long time in a long time! We really didn't deserve that result! We played pant's! No conviction! No commitment! n in my eye's no proper teamwork! But a result is a result!

Dean, who counts as 'we' in the footie context?

Deanos Diggin It
Flo! "We" in the context of of footie,it is our national team! That count's us as we! I am reliably informed!