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Goodbye, all.

Deanos Diggin It
n if ya being physofical? I wanna know who came up with the word "Curb" to describe a path edge!

Philosophically Curb would be used by people with horses it is a bit or restraint where as Kerb is the edge of a pavement, a row of raised stones.
So to Curb is to hold a horse whilst kerb is to keep cars off the pavement?.
pity it does not work.



Oh, right, Dean. I had no idea team GB was playing footie last night ;- ) 

Morning forkers. Wonder what time Geoff will be clocking in. And we still haven't had a postcard from Becks!


Jean Genie

Morning all , Just catching up . Lovely photos , Nola - I thought at first it was your garden as well. Loved yours too, Flo - stunning hawk. Any news on Twinks ?

Jo , glad you enjoyed your hols . As soon as I read your post, I thought about Black Forest gateau!

Dean - where are you on your hols ? I'ld love to go on safari.

Pam, I need to visit that chocolate factory.

Read Inka's post about having deer in the garden - love to see that but I've a feeling I'ld have no garden left.

Well it's wet dismal and cold here so am going to my friends cafe for a nice coffee and maybe a small full english . I'll see if I can find that film for you P.Pam.

Enjoy your day everyone, and Frank - are there no limits to your talents ? Cooking , gardening and dancer !!!


Morning, well it is lovely and sunny here today, my plan today is to dig a bean trench

Football was a bit patchy, we really need to win our home games if we want to go to Rio, I use the Royal "we" too.

Flo that is a great photo.

Glyn I hope you have a more productive day today.

Jean can you bring me back a plate

I am now getting confused, Dean, Pam and Becks are all on holiday but still chatting here Is Chris on holiday too this week, she was off to see Monty and where is Geoff? 

Jean Genie

I thought Geoff was back now but I'm sure I read a post from Chris somewhere on the forum. Is Chris Love to Garden ? 

Maybe everyone's busy .


Pottie Pam

Why the 'goodbye' Inka?

Did Geoff say his last stop would be Amsterdam? If he's visited the cafes we might never see him again. 


Jean, you missed pianist and accordionist.
My mother thought men should cook, my father a haulage contractor would move people and accept goods instead of pay, my first piano, a banjo, accordion, working steam train and a shotgun.
Mum and Dad champion dancers in the local halls when you got money and goods, they did not dance with each other in Comps though, took me along as baby sitter would not look after me only my sister.
The lights music fabulous clothes and the dancing, I was hooked, there was always some lady would get me up between the comps and I was a quick learner.
Demonstration dances at school, Scout and Cadet dances with one of the better girl dancers got you noticed so no shortage of partners.
Starting the big boys dancing and unable to go to the pub first (the landlords knew me) as they did gave me an empty floor (well of men) and a plethora of partners including a much older lady who was Latin perfection you get the picture.
I did take some lessons but ended up acting as a partner for some of the girls during instruction. You could dance every night of the week on a Sunday we all went to the Ace club always short of men because only lemonade was served and no pass outs. So Jean it sums up some of my formative years and in time did meet my future wife Joan at a dance, that was another unbelievable story.


Pennine Petal
Morning all, having a quick break, so though I would say hello.

Thanks Kate, more productive so far!

Dean, my national team didn't do very well!

Glyn did you get a thrashing in Serbia?

pottiepam I was worried about Geoff shopping in Amsterdam

Jean Genie

Frank, You have some very interesting tales to tell and I'll bet there are more to come. I have read your poem, another talent !

I have just polished off a not so small full english. My friend says I need feeding up. Don't think I'll be eating all day after that.

Glyn ? Serbia ? Tell me more.

Maybe Geoff is tip - toeing round the tulips.

Still raining here, I am having gardening withdrawal symtoms. I am reduced to washing pebbles from the outside pots. Sorry to ask, but these begonia tubers - how do I store them ? I was thinking wrapping them in newspaper and maybe putting them in garage. Thanks.


Jean that was how I was planning on saving my begonia tubers, mine are still in full flower, have yours given up? 

Now I want  a full english

Jean Genie

Kate, they only had a few flowers on them and the foliage was turning yellow ( both baskets ) . Can't work out why they didn't last very long as they were fed and watered but they did get a bit of a bashing when we had the bad winds last month and some of the stems got damaged . I decided to give up on them and re-plant. I'll do that with the tubers and hope for better luck next year.

Have you got any flowers or buds on your cobaea ? There are none on mine   but they are still growing like triffids.




Jean I am useless at baskets I have grown mine in containers this year.

My cobaeas are not looking great, I saw some in flower at Wisley on Monday and should have asked a member of staff the secret, MD has never mentioned his.


Pottiepam--I am discouraged by no replies.

Inkadog wrote (see)

Pottiepam--I am discouraged by no replies.

My reply would be start eating venison or build a Ha-ha that is what the big house owners did so they could keep their views.
My son and DIL will be landing in Canada in a few hours near Calgary, can you supply some good weather.


Pottie Pam

Inka, I'm so sorry. I don't always reply but I love to hear about your life in such a beautiful place.


Thank you--I am quite devastated , as the deer have wiped out many perennials I have been carrying grey water to for the last month-as well as most of my sedums. I have repaired the fence [they were getting in underneath], but don't know if any plants, like my Bloodgood and Coral barked maples, and my Cotinus, will come back--must wait til spring.

Frank, tell your rellies that if they don't like the weather in Calgary, wait 15 minutes. Here we are praying for rain---but there is none in the forecast.

As for eating venison--I wish, but the neigbours are too close to start blasting away, much as I'd like to.There are too many deer on this island, and no natural predators. But hunting season starts soon!