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Bonjour et hello hello to all mays amees

2600 miles later- team GP returned home last night just after10

Had a lovely time in France the splat-nav got us to all destinations with no major traumas

Spent a lot of time around and in the pool ,read a lot,slept a lot,went into Spain a couple of times mostly warm and sunny though there were a few windy days and we did have a rainy day as well but some days it was in the high 30's so on the whole- all good.

I am now a suitable very bronzed shade.

Have decided that driving on the Paris Ring-Road at 8.30 on a Monday morning is not a good idea-not for the faint -hearted

The roads in Belgium could do with some resurfacing,the service areas need some toilets,bushes- are not meant for weeing on.

Holland is very expensive at over 1.88 euro for a litre of petrol and where we have Poundworld they have the 5 euro shop ??

Amsterdam reeks of cannabis and ladies in a state of undress in windows-my gast was truly flabberred

I now need an update on the goings on please-started to read but as you get older the attention span .........................


Geoff welcome back, everybody has been coming and going on holibobs, I can barely keep up myself. Sounds like you had fun, dog and chickens pleased to see you? I think everyone who drives abroad is nuts

Pottie Pam

Welcome home, Geoff. We thought you'd been led astray.

Inka, you must be so low after all your hard work and losing your cat recently. The deer seem a real problem. Are the hunters allowed to take as many as they like? It's not good for the deer's welfare to have so many. There will be even less food for them in the winter. Are they usually such a problem? Look out on your beautiful view and I'm sure you'll feel better.

Wis ley was brilliant Kate 1123, Very very hot and managed to burn through copious amounts of suncream. Met my friend who is in a wheelchair so didnt manage to get all the way round as pushing the chair was quite hard going and i now have a swollen knee to prove it. Sorry i havent replied sooner but i cant remember what i did yesterday apart from going to Drs and that was in the morning. Still catching up on the washing as my daughter went to Bestival on the Isle of Wight at the weekend, at least it wasnt covered in mud as it was the last time she went to a festival


Maud glad you had a good day, OH is still complaining about the back of his calves from all the walking I made him do.


Men just dont have the stamina. The husband helped our neighbours put stuff through the shredder on Saturday still complaining of aching. Id offer him my back thats full of metal and arthritis but dont think i could cope with the moaning. There was a flower show on at Wisley so more oppurtunities to spend money.


Welcome back, Geoff, you have been missed on here.Someone posted a lovely photo of you while you were gone--guess you'll just have to find it!

Yes, Pottiepam, am feeling a bit sorry for myself--but a little rain will buck me right up. There are limits on the hunting--can't quite remember, as it's been a long time since we did any. There is a limited doe season first, then the bucks are fair game.

Below is a photo of wild billygoats on the island I used to live on. Keeping the garden secure from them required an 8 foot impenetrable barrier!



Wecome back Geoff, I trust you are suitably bronzed and adonis-like now.

Maud, glad its not only  me who can't remember what happened yesterday - although I do remember going to the dentists.

Inka, poor you. Although I don't normally agree with it maybe its time for a deer cull on the island as it sounds like there are too many for the food sources available, which is driving them into people's gardens. You could then stock the freezer with venison as well.

Had a call from my brother last night - he and the twins are coming to stay tomorrow - my home will be wrecked. They are gorgeous though!

Hi TDC. Or should it be 'high' after passive smoking in Amsterdam? Sorted through all my pots today, now have ~ 25 to plant up with spring flowering bulbs. Tempted to get one of those sacks of random mixed narcissi, this year's been so grim I think a little indulgence would be permitted.
@ Kate - as I'm still wondering what to do with the bomb crater left after the spirea got hoicked out, think I might start a bean trench in there at the back. Have you started yours?
@ Inkadog...sooner the cull starts the better. How heartbreaking for you.

Bloke still doing his Nelson impersonation, roll on hospital appointment next Tuesday! Chauffeur duty getting a bit tiresome, but I guess he'd do the same for me.

Welcome back Geoff-the-bronzed. Despite all the absentees we've been working to keep the forkers from being relegated to division 2.

Figrat, I sympathise. Chauffeur duty when Mr Bear broke his collarbone just wasn't funny after a while.

Inka, I do hope the rain comes soon to make you feel a little better.


Yes, next year will be better for those of us whose plants havent survived attack by predators & unwelcome visitors, too much rain & too little. We're never satisfied are we? Inka -we have to be positive!

Was up early this morning, being as quiet as poss as daughter only got back from work in the early hours. Anyway my car passed its' MOT no problem, as did daughters' yesterday & neighbours! My mechanic will do a service on mine in the next week or two. Who forgot about the MOT then with all the holiday stuff?! So that was priority, phew.

Have been Mrs Mop upstairs today. No idea when it last got 'done'. Memo to self- show daughter how to empty the hoover!! All well & good her doing some before she came on hol, but leaving it all clogged up not ideal. Plan to 'do' downstairs tomorrow.

We're due a colder night here, so have been & closed up the greenhouse & big coldframe. The porch plants are now drying out in the coldframe after their summer outside- getting soaked! The houseplants in the porch will come back inside in the next couple of days.

Finally gave in & tumbled some of the holiday washing. I just couldnt stand the piles/bags of things piled up. I did a load of ironing last night, now in airing cupboard & the next lot awaits. Now to find something good to watch whilst doing it.

Welcome back Geoff. J.

Deanos Diggin It
Good Evening All!
Kate - Sorry to confuse! Pam is in Devon on an i-pad, I am on the Broad's with an i-phone n Beck's is over the pond n as eloped with a waiter i-believe!
Jean - As mentioned, we are on the Broad's, n took the little guy's to a Safari park yesterday! Not a massive one, but did what I wanted it to do! n there was you thinking I was on the Serengetti!
Inka - I new that was what you was getting at, Me n the little guy's did ya a rain dance earlier, had a Gorgious few day's, but since our little stomp, has done nothing but honk it down! Doing our best to send it your way!!
Lottie - Only know too well the devestation left following the visit of twin's! and am currently sat in ground zero myself!
Welcome home Geoff!
n thank's for the feed back Frank! How about coping stones?
Pennine Petal
Evening all and welcome back Monsieur Geoff. I hope you will be going back through all the posts Geoff, we have been carrying on valiantly without you.

Yes, Serbia did the dirty deed, I may be living in England, but still a Welsh girl at heart.

Figrat I have started my bean trench, it is hard going and I may need to wait for some rain.

Lottie how old are the twins? Do your boys not rustle them?

Mrs Biggs and Dallas tonight.

Flo I do not know why but the image of you chauffeuring Mr Bear makes me laugh.


Have amongst all my other duties today been on washing machine watch-still got a bit more to do and there is stuff hanging out there now -it is supposed to be a dry sunny day tomorrow.

Went to Wisley last Summer Maud -it is a good day out.

I went down a water slide on hols and have pics-it is nothing like that fraudulent one

Is it trench time already?-this is like that Baldrick programme




Dean thanks for clarifying, I just need to find lovetogarden and I will be able to sleep peacefully.

Geoff did you need a medical certificate?


Do you have to get a certificate to operate a washing machine?

I have dutch gouda fron a dutch gouda cheese shop



OH told me that he does not have a certificate to operate a WM, have I been conned?

Geoff did you bring us back souvenirs?

How do you propagate Dutch Gouda?

Various bags and fridge magnets-I know how to live

A bronzed adonis on a slide