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What are those mammary things?

That is a fine figure of a man in full flight in total fear


Eeeuk, looks weird!

figrat wrote (see)
How do you propagate Dutch Gouda?


Kate, I shall never think of chauffering without a snigger now!


But Geoff, which bit of you is it? If it's not too rude to ask.



:- D :- D Kate


My Sisters Keeper is on Film4 tomorrow at 9pm.


Have just watched Mrs Biggs-how much is fiction?

Kate-is that relevant to something?-thickie here

Flo-the feet are definitely mine-most of the water belongs to the slide


There are disclaimers at the beginning of the programme

It is a recommended weepy film  needs chocolate and a whole box of tissues apparently.

Deanos Diggin It
Geoff! Just watched the same myself! n to be fair to the researchers! Job done! They are pretty much bang on! Read the book, got the teashirt n all that!
Will have to sit down and read all the posts from the past couple of days properly to catch up.Been a busy couple of days...feels like it should be nearer the weekend than it is.

Some of you sound very organised with bulbs. I always have good intentions (although there is a bag of these good intentions-of the tulip variety, somewhere in a bag in the garage from last year). Must try harder!

Looking forward to the weekend as I'm going to the Harrogate Flower Show. Fingers crossed....the weather forecast last I checked was sunny/cloudy.
Pennine Petal
Morning all. Having my cuppa before a wet trip over the hills.

Nola, Harrogate Show is lovely, I'm thinking about going to Malvern Show at the end of the month and doing a family visit at the same time. Saturday looks like it might be OK in that neck of the woods.


Morning early birds!

Have taken my 'nasty' tablet & can now eat breakfast- only after 1hr!!

Bit nippy out there this morning. Will wait a bit before putting washing out.

Harrogate Show- hmm, wonder if OH can be persuaded? His new camera would get a really good 'do'. Problem is daughter cant come re her work so grumpy ++ will result.

Glyn- Malvern Autum show is lovely. Not sure if am able to nip down this year. OH & me both grew up not far away. Am planning to go down that way anyway at the  beginning of Oct to meet up with friend & visit the churchyard where my parents are. I shall swop the plants around- pansies or violas for the winter & a pelargonium for the summer. Dad started doing that after Mum died so shall continue........... J.


Sunny morning here but it did rain overnight so I may be able to do some more digging today.

Nola I normally do not buy my tulips until they are in the sale in January, I find if I buy them now my containers are still being used for summer bedding and if I buy them half price then I can buy twice as many.



Mine are on order Kate. They wont arrive until mid/late Oct, just as I am, getting busy with other things!! Like you, the pots I want to use are still well in use at the mo.

Blimey, just looked at clock. No sound from above yet- not sure what time she got back home, I just rolled over when I heard her set the alarm. Good, she needs more sleep then perhaps less grumpy? J.


Jo it is not easy living with a shift worker  Have you ordered special tulips?


Morning all. Sunny and an autumnal chill at the mo. Lots of errands then have to wait in from 2pm to 9pm for a furniture delivery.

Feet! Oh, now I see, Geoff. And the white stuff is your magical aura I expect.

Pottie Pam

   Kate thanks for the reminder re:- 'My sister's keeper' For some reason I can't get film 4 now. Will ask my DIL to record for when I'm on baby sitting duty.

The garden seems to be having a last burst of colour but hpoefully it will last a few weeks yet. The dahlias and trailing begonias are still flowereing their socks off and the kaffir lilies (I don't think it's PC to call them that now but can't remember the other name) are just coming in to flower.

Geoff, how is Cody? Is he a sulker when you've been away or just overjoyed to see you?



Morning all-full of post-holiday depression-it is cold and autumnal and I don't like it-what a ray of sunshine I must seem-the grass has that soggy look

Still on washing machine duty

Cody keeps following us around Pam like as if we are off again soon -he will soon settle down

Flo-what is that you have ordered?-you might just as well go out for the day- you know they won't be there until 6 at the earliest

What is happening in talent show land?