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Pottiepam I think it is schizostylis, mine are not flowering

Geoff XF has been a little predictable, some of the guest judges have been very irritating.


I had an attack of schizostylis

Good morning everyone! It is a beautiful day here - we are off to padstow today! Love Pam LL xx
Pottie Pam

Dark pink.

Enjoy your day in Padstein Pam.

Geoff did you get that nasty disease from going down the slide too quick?



pottiepam I have just been out to tell mine off and I spotted a bud yours look lovely.

Geoff have you been handling washing powder without gloves?

Pam have a lovely day, have you had a cream tea yet?

Jean Genie

Bonjoir , Catching up on posts. Glad to see you back Geoff and glad you had a good time. It's cold here today . Can't believe a bloke can operate a washing machine !

I thought you where in Kenya or somewhere Dean ! Don't know why .

I think I may have a bud on my cobaea - hope it opens before it gets frozen.

Pottiepam, glad you posted that pic, mine have just started flowering and I couldn't remember what they are called.

Hope you soon get over the holiday withdrawal symptoms Geoff! I still haven't quite recovered after being away in August. My washing seemed to be never ending too.
It is feeling a bit too chilly for me, I think
I am cut out for a warmer climate!

The schizostylus look lovely Pam. I have no colour apart from a few nasturtiums. Oh, and my red rhododendron has decided it must be spring!

Geoff, I'm waiting for a folding table & chairs for the conservatory from John Lewis.

Due to pm delivery I did errands and dog-walk this morning. Dog walk, supposedly 40 minutes, turned into 90 when a certain Baddog went awol onto the golf course. I received a call saying he was chasing balls on the 18th tee and rolling in the bunkers!! It was about a three quarter mile walk round the outside of the course and into the front entrance for me and the other two dogs. His Badness was behind the reception desk, charming the ladies. When lifted up onto the desk he lay down as if settled for the day while the ladies cooed at him. Little s*d.



Jean how long will it take the cobaea from bud to flower?

Flo that is a seriously naughty dog

I had to pop to the shops and buy some puff pastry having watched TGBBO.


Washing update for all those many who must be fascinated-last load in- a lot of stuff dry and put away- a pile of ironing for Jo when she is free.

I felt very brave on that slide -it was a long way down but I don't think Tom Daly needs to worry

Flo did the dog drop any shots on the way round?

Pam sounds like all is well on you hols-can you bring me back a pixel-ta

Pottiepam perhaps I picked picked up schizostylis from that lady in the window in Amsterdam-will definitely not be going there again

It has been a lovely afternoon-did you dig Kate?

Pottie Pam

He would make a good golfing partener for Geoff, Flo. At least in wasn't in the 19th hole.

What are you making Kate?

Still no Becks. I hope she didn't drop her laptop in the pool.

Pottie Pam

Saw this cricket  today. Not as fearsome as it looks. I've discovered this year that I can't hear them chirping now, although can hear everything else okay. Another sign of getting old.  I used to think summer was over when the crickets started chirping.

At least I can hang around shops now and not  be driven off by those mosquito things that shopkeepers use to discourage teenagers.


Geoff I only did small amount of digging.

pottiepam I do not know what to make it was just mouthwatering watching all that baking, how easy is it to make a danish pastry?

Easy but a bit fiddly. If you make dough now, you could bake them for breakfast tomorrow.



Easier to go to a cake shop or Daneland


Geoff, no-one mentioned that the dog dropped anything. Of course, they may have forgotten to look in the bunker.

I think if you rub on some tincture of araeococcus you should get over the schizostylus in no time.

Kate, puff pastry - sounds calorie-laden. Just google something, there's bound to be inspiration out there.

Pam, I'm picturing you hanging round the shops now :- D


pottiepam what is the shopkeeper mosquito thing?

figrat thanks for the recipes they look yummy will try later

Flo I know it is bad for you but sometimes you just get a craving

Geoff have you tried suggesting that to Mrs Geoff?

I have roasted a chicken and will be serving it with salad.


Noooooo-not chicken !!!-I am going to buy some live ones tomorrow- how can I break it to them that there are people that eat their relatives?

Nasi Goreng-think it has chicken in it

She does not want to go to Daneland

Pottie Pam

Kate, I don't really hang around shops. The mosquito thing  is a device that emits a piercing noise that only youngsters can hear as the pitch is too high for older ears and it discourages gangs of teenagers hanging  about outside shops. Just drives them on to annoy someone else.

I hope we don't see you on ' Embarrassing Bodies ', Geoff, with your condition.