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We have inbuilt ward robes-how come as a chap I get less that an a third of space and have to share that with other items?-

my stuff is on hangers-am too common for tissue paper.

Why would someone trek across Antarctica in the dark and in minus70C-do they wear silk shorts?


Jean Genie

You have just answered your own question - It is BECAUSE you are a chap !  Same in our house .


Geoff what are you doing with  the extra space now MIL's ashes have gone?

I believe that they do wear silk undies on antartic missions.


The Doctor

Geoff, sounds mad but I'll give it a bash. I'm bonkers like that

In defence of one of our posters who lives in Holland or Nederland, Amsterdam is not Holland as London is not England, probably the same ladies in those pink windows though.
It is Friesland, Groningen and Limburg, while in Germany we would shoot over the border to Valkenburg Hollands mountains, well they did have a chair lift and the best custard tarts with rice I ever ate.
Many times when they knew we were forces they would not let us buy a drink, the 51st Highland Div were the ones who took that part of Holland from the Germans and they remember to this day, wonderful people, wonderful country.




Kate -there us still half a jar to go-so we still have the jar-that is going to Selsey at some point but who knows when?

The first half is in a wood in Amsteelven

Can we please stop talking about silk undies-silk is scarce and we need to make some parachutes

Pottie Pam

Where's Becks? Has she done a Shirley Valentine or lost her laptap? She promised to keep- us posted while she was on holiday.

Jean Genie

Spanish waiter seems favourite . He may grow tomatos.

Why do we need parachutes ?


The forkers football team is going to do a sponsored jump to raise funds for a new goalkeeper-have I not mentioned this?

Jean Genie

Have I missed that post as well ?  Count me out . I get a nose bleed at the top of the stairs. Don't like heights.


You shut you eyes and think of England-don't worry about the blood or injuries there will be plenty of ambulances waiting



P Pam, does Becks have a Welsh laptop then?  ;- ) 

Sponsored jump, Geoff? I could boing up and down on a trampoline but no higher than that.

I think they may use synthetic silkworms these days and make microfibre undies.


Miss Becks

Good afternoon my lovelies!

I've missed you lot! Haven't had chance to catch up yet. Wifi signal was really weak over there. Took about half hour for a page to load up.

But I have to admit, we had a lovely time.



You will need a crash helmet then-don't want anybody boing over the side




Becks is back!!-welcome home

Can you do a parachute jump for the cause?

Miss Becks

I would love to!! What cause is it?


Forkers football team-Jean may need a push

Miss Becks

LOL. Jean has shackles! I'll just tie her to me!


We are sowing together all the silk undies