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Curried frog?????!!!

Agreed about the panettone. I have choc muffins.


Panetonne made into bread and butter pudding is delish with fresh cream. Roast chicken, roast potatoes, beans and cauli, followed by summer fruit in jelly for tea at number 32. I can't sing, so my daughter tells me, but would give it a go. Do we have to dress up? if so as what? Not frogs I hope, Paul Mc did the frogs chorus.

I need to make an Italian pudding for Saturday night, any ideas, but not tiramisu.I can't stand it.


Choc muffins are much nicer than panettone - almost anything is!

I am using up random stuff for my supper.

I have a parrot costume if we're dressing up. Or a Sorting Hat costume.



It's cos I'm a WOFWIC  ( woman over fifty with intriguing costumes)


Gary Hobson

Some interesting telly tonight (depending on one's taste). There often is on Wednesdays.

I'll be watching Who Do You Think You Are, actress Alex Kingston, blurb talks about an emotional program, and her ancestor 'living in a disreputable manner' and leading a 'colourful life', about which there will be a 'wealth of information'.

There's a new antiques series on BBC2, 8pm, in which owners of stately homes are selling a few bits and bobs to pay the bills. Think instead I'll watch Food Hospital on Chan 4, on at the same time, about how diet can alleviate arthritis. Not a sufferer myself, but it might be interesting.

And there's a late program about Salmon Rushdie, till midnight, if one wants to stay up.


I was thinking that we could have a crash course in belly dancing and combine that with the singing, that would solve the costume query. Who could teach us?

Chris roast dinner on a Wednesday?

What about the footy?


Deanos Diggin It

Just sat catching up on GW! Never realised how many I had missed with all the going's on!

Gary - Totally agree with one of your previous posting regarding the last programme! Totally relaxing!!

Been inundated with Kid's n Grand kid's all day! But now peace!

Lancashire Hotpot devoured! 

n my eldest Daughter as just returned my car! (in one piece!) Phew!!!! 


Is footy on again?

Will watch soapy stuff till 8 ,then something recorded, then Mrs Biggs at 9

I not want to be eddukated tonight

Dont you need a belly for belly dancing?


Geoff can you not hear SAF shouting?

Chris how about a cheesecake using amaretti biscuits?

Dean is it cold enough for a hotpot?

Deanos Diggin It

Kate! I have succomned to flicking on the heating! I do not Deqeuth a bathrobe, housecoat!!


There is a red-faced man tapping his watch-is it him?


It's been awful up here today- rain & more rain with some sun very late on! Still the houseplants are back inside house & porch respectively- must be vigilant with the latter in case I missed any small snails. The cactii compost mix has small bits of grit in it that can 'hide' a similar sized small snail as have found before.

Seedlings potted up, think have enough suitable compost left for when I need to sow sweetpeas. Am sat looking at daughters' orchid & Hoya on dining room table They havent yet made it into her bedroom- wonder when?

Plastic bags removed from cuttings & they are either in the porch, on kitchen & spare bedroom sills & some still in closed coldframe.

Alarm set for fairly early get up tomorrow as mechanic collecting my car. Plans for a trip out scuppered. Nothing important, can wait. Well he did swop his arrangements around for me last week when he sorted the MOT.

Oh & we now have a windowcleaner again- only 10 months after neighbour said she'd sort....... I noticed hers being done, so was cross as she'd not said anything to me. Then checked they'd do mine as well. Reasonable price, every 4 weeks same day so can sort if daughter sleeping, like today so her window missed. And, bad grammar, he cleared out the overflowing extension guttering without being asked!

Count me out for a choir, cant sing, wont sing! J.



Thanks for the Italian pud ideas, like the sound of them both, will have to consult other half, he's the one I have to please as he can be a bit picky. Daughters partner is trying to convince me that Blackberry and Apple crumble with custard is Italian, umm maybe if I slosh some amaretto into the custard I might get away with it.

We had roast dinner tonight as Waitrose had chickens on offer and I thought we could have hot today, cold tomorrow with jacket potatoes and salad (easy tea) and then soup, all that for £3. 50p

Nothing much on tv that I want to watch, might have a peek at Who do you think you are? Hubby has gone to a dominoes match with his mates, hope they win as they have had a losing streak, they take it very seriously,


Jo if you wont sing you will have to be in the dance troupe, I think we could find you a podium to do your thing on.

Utd have scored but he is still red faced

Pennine Petal

Evening everyone, what intersting conversations! Anyone who is cold needs a 'onsey'. I heard about them on SImon Mayo tonight when driving home, apparently all the rage with students, presumaby because they can't afford the heating! I will try to find a photo. Haven't seen anyone wearing one to a lecture yet, but it is only the first week back.

I can't sing a note, well I can and I love to sing, but you wouldn't want to lsiten to me. How about if I do the halft time refreshments and I could to marketing for any concerts and the CD?



Glyn we need performers, you could stand at the back with me and do the la la las.

I have seen people wearing onsies and all I can say is "not in public please."