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I have no knowledge of any acid soil plants as I cannot be bothered to go to all the faff of buying ericaceous compost.

Next doors builders are working from 8am till 6pm, which means they should finish faster, I hope.


I heard the radio discussion about the onesie as well. Son No. 1 has a fleecy one that is a bear, and one of the cubs on camp had a pyjama one. I have to admit I'd really like one - for wearing inside the house only of course! Although I'm a bit worried I might look like a teletubby in it!

Jean, don't think you were rude and I'd happily share the pie

Kate, poor you - I think you had better pop out to the GC - have a coffee and get away from the noise.

According to facebook my location is Phuket, Thailand. Oh, if only........


Thanks David I will relax a little.

Chris I did not know that they still played dominoes matches. I agree with you that the relaxed planning regs are also making me nervous, if everyone extends their houses it will feel very claustrophobic around here.

Miss Becks

Morning all,

Jean, I missed your comment. (On what thread?) I can't imagine you being rude to anyone.

Kate, are you wearing earmuffs?

I have a day of ironing as well.

Lion S

Afternoon everyone,

It's a cloudy windy day but I really need to go outside for some serious weeding. Hope it stays dry.

Laptop troubles aren't over yet......wouldn't let me do anything yesterday so called Brother. He said he'd fix this but the same message keeps coming up.  

I learned some new words on here but when I asked our english friend about plonkers he told me to go wash my mouth with soap.   I just thought it had something to do with choirs???

Am going to try and bake some Blueberry Muffins later on so will let you know how they turned out. TGBBO inspired me but I think I'll go for simple first.





I have good news, when I was in the garden I practised my singing by singing along to the builders radio, I did not know the words or music but the builders still gave me 4 yeses. Oddly they have turned the radio down.

FC I am afraid it is one of those odd words, it is quite rude but has been used so much on tv that even a lady like myself would use it.

Lottie why are you in Phuket?

Becks this is the thread

Jean Genie

Aftie everyone, I feel very stupid now !  Does anyone on the forum do sense of humour transplants ? Think I could do with one.

Becks, just a storm in a seed tray !!! Me being thick.

Kate - Hope  the assault on your eardrums has ceased by now.

Lottie - you are welcome to share my pie  but only if I can share Flowerchild 's blueberry muffins . Hope you get your laptop sorted soon, F.C.

Going to remove the moss and weeds out of the blockpaving now. Hate that job but hubby here today so I may just play at being tea- lady and cake supplier. Sometimes I wish I'd gone for tarmac instead - no matter what we do , it ALWAYS comes back. Think I need a really strong weedkiller but don't like using the 'orrible ones. It looks good when it's done though.

Glad everyones' car troubles are sorted out .


Jean but what was the "joke"?  I have the same problem with my block paving


Kate, I'm not entirely sure, it just gives it as my 'recent location'. Wish it was true - have never been to Thailand.

I have acid soil, ask me anything. Just don't expect an expert answer!

Jean, thanks for the pie, and I'm sure FC will share her blueberry muffins cyberetically! Block paving is much nicer than tarmac. 

Becks, do you get 5 mins peace this afternoon?

Jean Genie

It was me taking that post the wrong way . Geoff says he thought Christopher was joking with me . (I hope ) Oh well , I've done my bit and said sorry. Looking back, that reply I posted did sound a bit blunt and when Geoff mentioned the smiley faces , thought he was refering to me !


But Jean it is a forum, you answered accurately and gave a good link to a reputable website. The person asking the question does not want to know what you had for dinner or if you like chocolate.

Lottie when we win the lottery and move west I will be asking for lots of acid soil advice and travel tips for Thailand.


Back for playing around-oddly enough the onsie did not go down as I expected so don't think that will be my clothing of choice for the future--I don't know what is with these golfers but they just didn't take to it.

Many years ago when using a strimmer I flicked a stone 30feet and shattered a patio door window-not mine

Jean,Jean,Jean-what are we going to do with you?


Its only on this thread that people want to know what you had for dinner and if you like chocolate!

Will do my best to answer all questions! 

Jean Genie

Thank you, Kate. I have now removed the hat with the '' D '' on it and have removed myself from corner!

Am now off to wage war on the block paving.

I would like to go to Thailand.

Miss Becks

Lottie, I now have more than 5 mins peace. I have roughly 2 hours and 35 mins of it! Bliss!

Kate, thanks for the link.

Jean, you are a star!!

I see the badger culling situation now has a petition to stop it.

Iron now warming up.




Am nearly finshed with my ironing- no more airing space when daughter's smaller one is filled up- it's actually too low in places to hang anything sensible onto. Dont care, this lot will go into the airing cupboard tomorrow, once have emptied that out!

I too am feeling sorry for people who live on modern estates with smallish gardens etc when these planning regs change. Being lucky (?) to live in a 70s sensible sized, already extended, house with neighbours not too close, all also with extended houses, the change is unlikely to be a problem here. Can see difficulties not too far away though. There's always going to be someone who does just what they want/like regardless. Am glad not nearer to the 2 lots around here!

Right, last lot of ironing coming up. Trashy daytime TV quite entertaining really. J.

Miss Becks

LOL jo, are you watching Jeremy Kyle??


Noo, & I take it all back! Trashy doesnt do it justice.

Have had enough with the ironing. Ok I could plod on for another 30mins & clear the lot, but cant see daughter needing her shorts again this year, nor that cotton skirt. Will check with her about some walking trousers though. The rest is some of OH's thin shirts, which again he wont want. Pile of mending has increased too.

Right, now to find something to watch or do that's quiet. J.


Silly joke time~

Two slugs are slithering along the pavement. They go round a corner and get stuck behind two snails. " oh no" says one "caravans!"