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Deanos Diggin It

 Just a tester! It as ironed!! Yippee! Good Evening All!!


Figrat- like the sound of that border.                                                                     Yet another year when my poor old, literally, pulmonarias will be neglected again. That border is NOT on this autumns' list 'to sort'. At this rate of weather I shall have to don waterproofs & dive in!

2 other borders need attention first- I have lists & plans, but whether I have the energy, let alone the weather, is another thing.

Oh well I know that the garden will pootle along fine without me. Last year & also Autumn 010 have shown that. In 010 I barely had a couple of days out there between the end of September & January. Last year I did get quite a bit done, but once my diagnosis confirmed, time was limited by all the hospital visits etc. Not sure a 3rd autumn of neglect is a good thing though so will try my best. Trouble is I like to get out there & spend all day outside, but know just wont cope this year. Ok, list of small jobs to do then........

I too have bags of last yrs leafmould & the previous yrs ones all ready to use & an empty leafcage waiting. One less job that I did manage to do in August.

At least I dont have to worry about working now, so IF we ever get a decent day I can go out to enjoy things. W/ends nowadays always busy with other things. With OH being away during the week he isnt impressed if I announce I am gardening. J.




100 years old really, can we all come to the party, I love DisneyWorld, I had my photo taken with Mickey even though I was not a child.


I have ordered a charabang,we will sing songs,eat toffee apples,wave windmills- it will be just like the olden days

Goofy etc-here we come


Jean Genie

Will there be candyfloss ?



My dentist would prefer candyfloss to toffee apples, so I will say yes

Will everyone be watching the singing tonight ?


That Bletchley thing is still on and OH is watching that then MTW follows-will record Gareth for a later date-so no spoilers



Count me out as big wimp & wont fly for that distance. Unless a magic carpet anyone?

Miss Grumpy is watching whatever trash she's taped. Trying to get a sensible answer to a sensible, for once, question is totally impossible. I would like to know,in the fullness of time, when she plans to visit SIL & may require a taxi service, ie me, to/from airport. Didnt think it unreasonable...... give me strength! J.


That Bletchley thing is OK but as a crime drama it has too many anomalies for me.

Jo do you need me to pop in and have a firm word with Miss Grumpy? Where is SIL?


Chocolate puffs sound good to me Kate

I will watch the singing

Lottie - I hope your Grandad has a really great birthday

Pam LL x

Pennine Petal
Evening, just slozacking on the sofa after a hard day at work. I had never heard the word slozacking until I came up north, it describes it perfectly. not sure if that is how you spell it though.

Kate, thank you, I think we have some talented students too, did you see the prog? They got ??50,000 funding. We are very proud of them.

I have enjoyed the day's conversations. Glad I went on that speed reading course, very useful for catching up. Just waiting for my chef to bring the salmon!

I shall watch the singing too, after the wartime farm prog.

Pam-have just quickly scanned your 'cuttings' thread. No wonder your garden is sooo wonderful- puts my few, in comparison, cuttings to shame. Plenty for my part-shade garden though.  It's addictive & very satisfying I find.

Kate- thx for the offer of help with 'grumpy'. I just shall ignore it & when she next asks for a favour.... but must make sure OH not in hearing- Dad & daughters stick together IME. BTW SIL on IOM. J.


Good Cop has been postponed tonight if anybody has been watching it.




Geoff I did think that would be a bit sensitive.

Glyn did you give us a programme alert? Is it available on catch up?

I have never heard of slozacking



Quick visit, then off to see Gareth - he's starting without me.

Have bought the making of Choccy puffs. Any advice gratefully received.

Pennine Petal
I think I did Kate, BBC 3 so should be on catch up. Their business is called twist, a fast pasta outlet.

Just caught the end of the singing, I dare not pass comment at this stage. don't want to end up on the naughty step again.

Working at home tomorrow so won't have to be up at 6, hurray!

Flo I combined both recipes and I roll out the puff pastry to one pound coin thickness,  I cut it into small squares and place a square of cooking chocolate into the middle then seal it up, I place it on an oiled sheet  in the oven for 20 mins at 180 and then serve with cream. I have made 16 out of one packet of pastry.

Glynn that explains it I thought BBC3 was for young people, I will do catch up. Have a nice lie in

I hate that song, it depresses me


Oooh, thank you for that. I have the necessary and will have a go tomorrow.

Jean Genie

Good morning , That was all I did last night - slozacking . Not heard of it either but my gluteal muscles were aching after scraping the blockpaving. I like that word too but had to look it up !

Hubby watches Good Cop but it's a bit violent for me. We watched '' One Day'' which was on the planner - enjoyed it even though it was a sad film.

Took this photo yesterday of a lovely honeysuckle flower. Thought it may be a nice way to start the day.