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Lion S

Morning all, brrr it's chilly outside. Just parked my car in front off the house 'cause Mum will be arriving in a couple of hours, and thermometer says 7 degrees C. No wind though, so maybe it'll warm up later. They did promise us 20C for next week.


Muffins were quite good considering it was a first attempt - I tried to share them cyberatically (love that word BTW) but I'm not sure they made it there correctly. This afternoon I'm going to try some home made tomato soup. All these cooking programmes are inspiring me. Weekend is a busy one with working in the garden and two parties to go to.



Gary Hobson
jean riley wrote (see)

.... Took this photo yesterday of a lovely honeysuckle flower. Thought it may be a nice way to start the day.


Flower for the Day.

Watched Choirs last night, a pity that the choirs are not actually 'singing as they work'. Am looking forward to the builders later in the series. Hi-ho hi-ho it's off to work we go.

Program I most enjoyed last night was the repeat of Monty's mastercraftsmen series, and the program about stained glass. There's not actually much involved in cutting glass - you just have to follow some tracing and cut bits of glass. But very interesting nonetheless. I wish he'd do a similar program on the traditional craft of bee-keeping.

Coventry Council are running adult education classes on beekeeping, advertised in last night's paper. Apparently this is the right time for people to learn about the theory, before venturing into live bees come next Spring.


Hello all and top of the morning

Woke up late- and have to catch a bus in 30 minutes-the chickens gave me a telling off

It is not cold but it is not warm either outside

Nice flower Jean

FC-I have checked my cyber-locker and nothing has arrived yet- unless they got

snaffled on the way

Gary- are bees the new project?


Good morning all.

Was up really early this morning, just couldn't sleep. It's a bit damp here but not cold.

I don't know whether to pull up the annuals I have got growing between shrubs, perennials, etc as they are starting to look decidedly ragged The cosmos which should be about 2 ft are now at about 6ft tall and starting to fall over. It won't get done today as I am going to Louth to do a bit of food shopping. They have lovely independent shops, with great local produce.

Watched Wartime Farm and The Bletchley Circle last night. The log cutter on Wartime looked lethal, as did the kiln they made for the tiles. I was impressed by the resulting tiles tough. Didn't think much to the billet for the evacuees, was it a chicken shed? That Ruth ! what a woman, can knock up a bed in no time. and make the bedding! as well as drive a tractor, make a murkey.

Love the honeysuckle picture Jean, yes it's a lovely way to start the day.

Enjoy you day



Jean, I love the flower of the day, pity we can't post scent as well!

I'm off to have a massage in 45mins so mustn't hang around here.

Hope everyone has a good day.



Just noticed this thread  bright and sunny here, but Friday is my busy day, so, have a good one folks and I'll be back to catch up later 

Pottie Pam

What a good idea, flower of the day. this is my contribution

Deanos Diggin It

Good Morning All!

Hi Lowenna! Waving Profusely!

My OH back at work today after a fortnight off, a day to myself,and the weather outside is dank and wet, so no gardening will be done today.

A perfect excuse for a few hour's at the GC me thinks!

Have a great day all! 


Good job you hired the charabang Geoff, although we may need 2. Have checked with Grandad, and all are welcome to the party. To be honest I doubt he'd notice a few extra. I counted up and he has 3 children, 11 grandchildren, 16 (so far) great grandchildren and there are 2 great-great grandchildren expected. Thats without the 3 step-grandchildren and their children. Plus partners, plus his younger sister, niece, and her family.

Cubs last night and we took them on a walk - the footpath went through a field with some very large horses in it (ones used for pulling the brewery dray) who decided to follow us as we walked. And we ended our walk in the dark at the graveyard, which they thought was quite exciting.

Hello Lowenna! Welcome to the thread.


Dean, while you're there can you see if there are spring bulbs on offer and get me a few? Ta muchly!


Jean and pottiepam nice flowers.

Geoff do you use a net or line to catch a bus?

Lowenna where have you been looking?

Chris it is always a difficult decision on when to tidy a border.

Lottie that sounds like a serious family party.

FC my cyber locker did contain muffins

Dean I would like some bulbs too.



Have been on two buses-so exciting-and am £10 better off for testing council website

I remember when Cubs were mini shredded-wheat-fancy shredded wheat now-did not have brekkie this morning

Welcome Lowenna

Hello everybody else


Gary Hobson

Flower of the Day (TM) - well there was an item on TV news a couple of days ago, saying that the phrase 'Man of the Match' has been trademarked by someone, and they also said that Victoria Beckham has, successfully, trademarked the word Posh (TM). I suppose it's still OK to use the word Posh (TM) in conversation, but not commercially.

I love the idea of bee-keeping. But I wouldn't have the patience and the dedication to keep looking after the little beauties.

Bought some weapons grade Roundup this morning. It's expensive. Am about to experiment on a large ash tree. Instructions on the box talk about using an axe to cut notches into the bark. Also comes with instructions for dealing with Jananese Knotweed. The manufacturers seem confident this is a lethal product.

Jean Genie

Hi everyone, and welcome Lowenna. Just popped back from local shops - supermarket next. Just bought a flowering basket disc ??? from Home Bargains for the princely sum of 50p in sale. There seems to be a lot of plants in it so thought I'ld give it ago.

FC - your Blueberry muffins tasted lovely ( cyberetically of course ! )

Kate - cyberlocker !!!

Pam - that is a lovely flower. At the risk of sounding ignorant , What is it . Cloeme maybe ? Excuse spelling as well if it's wrong.

Everyone else - enjoy your day  Think I may post a photo of these basket discs.

Jean Genie

This is it, for 50p think it's worth a try. Can't see it turning out as well as the picture on the packet though. Has anyone tried these?

Gary - what are you doing with round -up and your ash tree ?

Hi, Geoff.  



Jean, I'm glad you asked because I don't know what flower it is either - and I can't even guess.

Hello and welcome Lowenna ~ ~ ~ (those are my cyber waves)

'weapons grade roundup'  :- D :- D

I'm quite chilled out after my massage and have set aside the rest of the day to please myself. So cake it is. Sorry no sharesies.


Pottie Pam

Hi everyone.

Jean and Flo. The flower is a schizostylis. It was also known as a kaffir lily but it's not PC to call it that now.

Has anyone grown a Glory Lily. I read about them and they look beautiful but can only find seeds on-line and they take three years to flower.


Schizostylis- that's the flower! I only know coz have 2 varieties & they are both doing really well this year.

I've given in on the chocolate & eaten rather a lot this morning, Cooking chocolate has to be the very dark sort in this house as I dont like it so wont snack on it!

Daughter arrived back in much better mood this morning & is still sleeping, but think I have to wake her about 1ish........not sure will dare, she was always grumpy as a baby/toddler if you had to do that!

Mixed veg soup cooling down. Will liquidise in a bit for lunch. Think we've enough bread, cant be bothered to get more out of freezer.

OH sounded grotty last night, but must have gone into work as nil response to the txt asking him if felt ok this morning.

Hi Lowena, the more the merrier. J.

Gary Hobson

The ash tree - I have a big one that has grown up from an unwanted seedling. I've butchered all the top, but the trunk remains and sprouts vigourously. Hence the nuclear option. Generally I like trees, but that one's a nuisance.

The glory lilies. Yes, I like this flower. I had one a couple of years ago that I bought from GW live at the NEC. I failed to overwinter it (it shouldn't be difficult).

I've got another one this year, that I bought on-line from Burncoose. It's just about to flower (I hope), at least there are buds on it. I hope it does flower before the end of the season.

Pottie Pam

Thanks Gary,

I will have a look at Burncoose. Was yours indoors when it didn't overwinter?

Jo how long will you be on chemo? You put me to shame sometimes with the amount of energy you have.