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Pottie Pam

Ooops taking up too much space.

Gary Hobson

The glory lily was in a cool greenhouse, presumably too cool.

The plant I bought from Burncoose came through the post, complete with flower pot, and cane, in a big box. Lots of screwed up paper as padding. I've also seen these plants at my local GC (Blooms/Wyevale) but they only had a novel orange variety, which I wasn't so keen on. I prefer the red ones.


Pam- no idea how you do that!

My Schizostylis are both in the borders. I do try & mulch in the late Autumn. Am in NWest & was concernd that it wouldnt cope, but on a walk around the local streets one day I spotted loads quite happily being rampant, in some cases, in various front gardens. My one variety is definitely more lax/floppy than the other, but that could be because it's an older plant?

BTW Pam have actually finished the chemo- YAY- but am still on a couple of drugs both of which have various sideffects of their own. The increasing tiredness is getting me down a bit at times, but I know to stop, there & then, if it starts. OH had a good example of that last month when he was dragging me around a town centre on the day after I'd received a dose of one of the drugs. I rebelled & nearly sat down in the middle of the road!! So by the Austrian holiday time he was much more understanding & we got to stop & sample the culinary delights of all sorts of cafes that previously we'd ignored! J.

Miss Becks

Good afternoon lovelies!

Rudely awoken this morning by an unannounced visit from a friend after dropping her kids off at school.

And I'm sure my washing machine just tutted as I started loading it up again.

Jess now at nursery, so few hours peace.

Gary Hobson

I think that glory lily tubers might be intended to be lifted and overwintered somewhat like dahlias. The tubers are stange things, a bit like carrots, though not tapered. It's not easy to tell which way up they should be planted (if you should come across a tuber).



Have been busily doing nothing again

Here  is a site that I stumbled across -your put a word in and it makes an anagram-tried Lottiebeans just for fun-comes up with 10500 options-still like the first one-"baseline tot"-gary hobson-"angry hobos"


Gary Hobson

There are some adverts at the top of that anagrams website.

They are trying to sell me weedkiller.

Big Brother is watching us.


Well I never I also popped into home bargains this morning and looked at the flowering discs, I did not purchase them as I failed with my baskets again this year and have vowed not to do them next. Jean you will have to let us know how you got on. I did succumb to some tulips and some chocolate marshmallow cakes.

Pennine Petal
Hello all and very nice to meet you Lowenna!

Is schyzostylis lily also called Kaffir lilies? Man hated lots in her garden and I have tried them here but they never seem to flower. I might try them in pots as they are very pretty. I think the pale pink one is more hardy that the dark pin.

Had my hair cut today and popped in Lidl, 6 hedging plants for 4.99 including hebe and box, quite small though. They had some pretty miniature roses too, also 4.99. I bought a little indoor miniature rose for my office for 2.00 in Morrisons.

Jo, let's celebrate! How about a cyber-party? With cake and balloons. We could set a time and all eat cake at the same time.

Ooh I like the idea of a cyber-party - just let me know when to eat the cake...but don't make me wait too long!!


Yes Schzostylis was called KL, until it was considered none PC.

BTW assume 'man' was 'my Nan'- well that's how I read it! J.


Lottie, have you ever heard of pre-tea tea? It's what a friend gave her children before they went out to tea anywhere so they didn't disgrace themselves by behaving like little gannets. I'm sure there's such a thing as pre-cake cake  ;- )


Crossed posts & my slow typing again!

Cyber party good idea anytime. I've still got to be 'good' though, just until been weighed at the hospital .

Ooh, missing GQT, back later. J.

Jean Genie

I have news on the cake front. All the Halloween cakes are on the shelves at Asda and they have chocolate cinder toffee ones . Didn't get any - waiting for someone to give their verdict.

Maybe we can have a Halloween cyberparty and award each other prizes for the best pumkin lantern ?


As one of 4 children we were always fed before we went out to eat 



Good Afternoon Everyone   Food shopping this morning - was very naughty and bought some Yum Yums from Waitrose The weather forecast says we may have a frost tonight - that has put me in a panic - I really must finish the cuttings

I love the Flowers of the Day  One from me


Hello Lowenna 

Pam LL x


As one of four children I am expert at dividing things into quarters.

I am growing my own pumpkin for my pumpkin lantern - will I get extra points for that?

Pam, did you see the news article about the Waitrose tweets? Really made me laugh.

Pre-cake cake - an excellent idea but at the moment I only have one cake!!


Lottie - no I missed that

When things - like cake- needed sharing - one of the boys would portion it and the others would  choose first

Pam LL x


I shop at waitrose because...............

...............tescos does not stock unicorn food

...............their swan burgers are good enough for the queen.

...............they have a better class of shoplifter.

Never underestimate the british sense of humour.

Pennine Petal

Jo, it was 'mam', the iPad must not have liked it and changed it to man, it's funny like that. I don't always notice that there is gobbledygook in the sentence. I think I will give up posting from the iPad, you can't do the smiley faces or upload the photos. I probably need an ap for that. Being Welsh we always said mam not mum! BTW could you have a small piece as a special treat?

Becks, do you have a bit of Welsh by any chance, my lovely is an expression often used in Wales.

Jean, we could have one party now and then a Halloween party too. As we always have Parkin in Lancashire, us northeners could introduce the southerners to its delights (if they are not familiar with it).

Currently having a break for tea and chocolate digestives. Dripping from leaky guttering on to the window sill outside driving me bananas.