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Survived M6&5 yesterday, not much 'fun' driving though.

Car now has its' new windscreen, but there is some of their 'gunk' just in the middle! I shall try & remove, & if no joy will pay them another visit!

OH & me had a wander around a local retail park. Am sure staff in one electrical shop must've got suspicious with OH, he was in there ages & spent nowt! I came back 2X to find him!

Energy levels not so good today, so was glad of a coffee break in supermarket & have done very little since back home. Rain finally stopped & virtually no wind now either. Didnt even attempt to open garage door last night, just too bad.

All being well shall finally get outside tomorrow- that front bed must now be workable?

Peace reigns too. Daughter gone to stay with uni friends in NEast. J.


Jo- it looks as though you will have sunshine and showers tomorrow whereas as southern softies are expecting more rain-but it hasn't turned out too bad to day

Make sure you get the remote!!


I have been outside and taken clematis cuttings, I am patient I also trimmed up the grass encroaching on my square border, I wonder if OH will notice.

Geoff you have to pay postage on the dahlias, but I would have to pay postage on any present and he is worth it? Are you hoping for a bottle?

We are not allowed bath plugs.

Jo M5&6 in that weather you were brave


Not sure what it was but the sky was a strange shade of blue and I got quite warm ... could this have been The Summer?  Just discovered that my delicious Italian tomatoes will never be (well not this year anyway).  Where can I find a source of names for roses which I have been given without labels?  They are grown up and flowering and I would like to know what they are called.

Good: time for a cuppa.  Bruises not too bad.  Thanks for your concerns.



Smallswan- Paul N is good on roses-post a question and he will point you in the right direction.

Kate has been doing a Kleinie

Dad's day will probably pass me by



smallswan what is wrong with your tomatoes?

Geoff tell me where your kids are I will sort them out.

Oh to be CK, I can but dream, I noticed she still had her Chelsea nail varnish on.


Didn't notice her hands- too busy looking for torn jeans



There is a joke there but I am too polite


You must remember muttongate


I do, it was awful, I would never be allowed on tv under those rules.


There is nuffin on the telly


I have a film to watch after the footy.

What is the kitchen preparing?


Kate, the tomatoes started by being attacked by Thursday's typhoon so I tied them up really thoroughly in their south facing (sheltered!!) bed.  But I forgot to renew the slug pellets after the rain, and last night the slugs went straight for the bruised stems and ate straight through them.  I would like to have the post of slug made redundant, except that it would probably mean that something, somewhere goes hungry.

OH is lighting the BBQ (gas) as we speak, so there's something non-veggie tonight.



On the basis that everything has a point- other than being food for the next thing in the chain- what good do slugs do, or flies, or wasps?

Pork chops,potatoes,peas and gravy

Poirot is on at 8 -don't think I have seen that one but it is another 2 hours if concentration



Oh smallswan that is really rough. Each year I say I am going to give up on tomatoes and this year may be the final straw.

I am cooking fried potatoes, bacon, fried beans and fried tomatoes.

I can smell a BBQ I wonder if I could just wander in

I will record Poirot as pickings next week are slim.



All that cholesterol in one one mouthful-crikey

Don't like BBQ-seems a lot of hassle when there is an oven in the kitchen or a fish and chip shop on the corner


smallswan's OH is cooking it would be rude to not pop around for a sausage.

I did dig today, I will add some lettuce if that makes you happy.

The sun is out and I can feel plants growing as I type.


Yes, ask your chef, you have been missing out.

Denmark beat Holland


Is that good, bad. or surprising?