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I've got some sweet pea seeds from Eagle, as recommended by David. Itching to sow some!
Miss Becks

I know!! Having seeds in the house is worse than having money in your pocket, just burning a hole waiting to spend it!!

Jean Genie

Popped back for a warm.  It's quite chilly even though the sun is out. Think I 'll have to put another layer on.

Pam , that is a lovely pic. Mine didn't do well at all this year so may re-think baskets next year. I've read about the weather next week - doesn't look good at all so I'm going to do as much as I can today. Not that there's much to do but I've noticed some more seed heads on the cosmos so I'm going to see what I can find.

P.Pam , You are making me think of Danish pastries now. I think I am developing a serious problem.

Morning Kate. Same here.

Jean Genie

Glad to know that Becks, you popped up as I was popping in ! It looked a bit sore on photo.


God here

Have just come back from a stroll to the shops-in the sun it is rather nice-saw loads of police cars outside a flat then in they went with one of those things for battering down doors-didn't hang around too see what happened next but it was like something from the Bill-probably a druggie thing

Where does the morning go? -have done nothing again and it is nearly lunch-time



Seeds make my fingers itchy too.

Weird goings on here, builders did not turn up till 10am and they left after 5 mins. So nice to get half hours peace in the garden. I have managed to catch up on a lot of dead heading. A couple of plants are really struggling I always find it difficult to decide when they are ready to retire.

Just had a bowlful of horrid soup which I dredged out from the depths of the freezer.
@ Kate, are the struggling plants annuals?

@figrat, Some are annuals some perennials. I have done  that with soup too


Afternoon all, sunny here and looks like it might be a while before we get another sunny day. We're going to make the most of it and head off to the allotment, we've been digging a large bed all week (about 9m x 2m), it's taken ages and I ache in places I didn't know could ache, but there's nothing quite like looking back at all the hard work when it's finished.

I'm waiting to put in seeds, winter lettuce and broad beans are top of the list for me, OH is waiting a few more days (maybe weeks) before starting on the many packets of sweetpeas he's amassed from the great big Wyevale 50p seed sell off.

Hope everyone has a great day and not too many of you have to put up with horrid soup for tea.

Jean Genie

Afties, Just come in now. Done all what I wanted to in the garden and have collected some more seeds. Cosmos and Astrantia . Potted up some more bulbs and generally had a good weed and tidy up.

Glad you had some respite from the builders , Kate.

I could do with sorting my freezer out as well Don't know what's lurking around .

Geoff, you need to spy. Do you think you could be an ''extra'' in a film  ?

Make the most of the sunshine everyone - look what I've been reading :

 Nooooo !

Pennine Petal
A sunny day but hosting the family today, just fed the horde, now all that is left are crumbs and biscuit wrappers. Won't manage to get out in the garden despite the sunshine.

Gary, 2-3 weeks behind. I still have crocosmia in flower. Was at Harlow Carr last week and plenty still looking good.

Pam, what a beautiful begonia.

Jean Nooooooooooo!        I still have loads of buds on plants

Glyn always a difficulty, social life or garden 


Jean-is that "The Daily Express"-they forecast a tough winter last year but it was mild up to January-I shall now expect a heat-wave and you will need lots of salt pinches

Braced and gritters-I don't think so-it is going to be wet and windy for a couple of days that is all-we will survive-just scaremongering-but stupid scaremongering


Jean Genie

I am now giving up on my cobaea . Had a good look in it today and nothing, not even a bud. And somethings been nibbling it.


Miss Becks

Glyn, start entertaining your guests in your garden itself. Those who genuinely want to see you won't mind chatting as you work the garden. Those who don't will stop coming!


Hello all!
Can't keep up with all your posts, you have been busy. I enjoyed the Waitrose tweets.

Sunny here today. Really wanted to dig out and sort a part of the border I'm not happy with-a bit more variety needed/some things not performing enough.
Instead however, I have been digging out my daughter's bedroom. Can almost see the floor again now. I may head off to the garden centre later as a treat.

Gary-I agree that GW must have been filmed a few weeks ago. My crocosmia Lucifer has finished, was flowering in August I think, and I'm about half an hour away from Harlow Carr.

Don't know about growing a pair Jean (or a pear) but I have grown a very dodgy shaped tomato. It is supposed to be a Gardeners Delight-aren't these meant to be smaller toms? Mine have grown much larger than I expected, trying to be beef tomatoes I think.

Anyway....tidying continued......
Jean Genie

Phew, glad you posted that Geoff .     I shall watch out for camels.

Jean Genie

Sorry - yes, it was the Express.

As I was typing, I see Glyn gave a more up to date report on Harlow Carr!
I still have some orange crocosmia in flower, just the red ones have finished.

I notice it also says flash flooding and traffic chaos-gritters will be so useful

I have promised that I will clear the loft soon so If I disappear for days on end I am still up there reading old stuff-my signed George Best book must be found to fund my like style

We used to have bedrooms like that Nola