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Miss Becks

You can practice your jump from out the loft Geoff?!


Nola tells us what treat you buy?

Geoff I am so relieved, I was just getting my snow shoes out.

Becks, Geoff was going to fly the plane and chuck us girls out the door

Jean it is so frustrating when you grow a plant from seed and it does not flower.

Miss Becks

Oh really?? I missed that bit. Just jump out the loft then Geoff, no parachute.


Becks you always have to be careful of T&Cs with Geoff


I have already strapped two tennis rackets to my feet am shuffling around the front room

My leap will be a leap of faith

Here is an image no-one wants to see-or will pay for- cat-man is cutting his grass topless



Does he know what will happen if the cat has made a mess on the lawn


Oh I do hope so


Deanos Diggin It

Afternoon All!

Sod's Law! The Sun decides to play out on my first day's return to work!

First frost this morning, n by! It was bitter early doors!

Here goes Geoff!

 It worked!!!!!! "Give that man a Ceeegar!"

You will all be pleased to know, my glasses have arrived back safely from the hotel!  

You have all regained your normal size!!

Oh! n can I count this as my flower of the day?


Lovely photo Dean.



Relax -ladies-he has put a rather fetching dirty brown vest on now-the paps can return to the bunker

Well done Dean -have a banana


Good Afternoon Everyone  It is a beautiful day here - I have been in the garden all day and have just about finished taking all my cuttings

Love the Begonia Pam and the Sweet Peas Dean

Becks - Ouch - your poor back

Loved the Waitrose tweets

I am going to make Spinach and Ricotta pancakes for dinner and also an Apple and Blueberry crumble  

My flowers for the day - Dahlias from the allotment

Pam LL x



Hi everyone.

Geoff, the thought of your neighbour is enough to put you off your cake.

Lovely pics of all the flowers. You all seem on very good form today.

I have been in the garden for a while today, tidying up the borders, decided to leave cosmos for now as they were covered in bees.

Made lasagna for evening meal . Daughter and partner are coming for an Italian themed meal. Starting with antipasti, olives, mozzarella etc, then lasagna with salad and garlic bread, followed by a lemon concoction with fresh raspberries and almond biscuits.Phew it's taken me nearly all blooming day to get it ready, and they'll demolish it in a few minutes, but I'll be alright after a few glasses of vino.

I'm on cat feeding duties this weekend for SIL who lives in the next village, hope she is ok,the cat that is, so I have got to go and feed her and put her in for the night, I'm always on edge until SIL gets back in case anything should happen to her, she's a pedigree Ragdoll cat.

Just before I came in there was a flypast of 14 light aeroplanes going towards RAF Waddington, must have known I was at home

Enjoy the rest of your day.



Pam lovely dahlias.

Chris food sounds yummy, will there be any leftovers cyberetically?

Jean Genie

Lovely flowers , Pam and Dean. My sweet peas have well gone and I can't grow Dahlias - the slugs just munch them. I may have another go next year.

Chris, that meal sounds rather nice.

Does this mean I can put my D.I.Y. igloo making kit away ?

What is with blokes letting it all hang out ? And don't get me started on builders bums !


Miss Becks

Chris, that sounds wonderful. I went to Italy in my teens, and have to admit, the food there was absolutely lovely! I'm considering Italy for summer hols next year.

Pam, those flowers are pretty!

The dahlias are gorgeous. Not one of mine has flowered this year.

Wonderful flowers Dean and Pam. Loads to catch up on, we do seem to be back to normal (well, our sort of normal) today.

I have spent the afternoon cutting my very Very VERY long front grass. I always rake each section first to get the frogs out but sadly, despite my efforts, I managed to commit froggicide. I always feel sad when that happens. I saved two and a newt, though.

Bangers and mash tonight, hoping OH will do the honours :- )


Nola, my Gardeners Delight are bigger than usual too - I was beginning to wonder if they'd been wrongly labelled.


Saints3-1 up - after 0-1 at HT

Jean -chillax-winter is a long way off-we have just reached Autumn

Pam-the dahlias are lovely -I am disappointed in mine-just had a walk round the front and some plants are wilting through lack of water -it has been an odd year.

Becks -you might get an offer from an Italian waiter if you play your cards right-you could be the next Shirley Valentine

We are having home-made pizza-a tad Italian so will be with you in spirit Chris