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Gary Hobson

I bought some cherry tomato plug plants, last year, from Blooms/Wyevale, and they turned out to be very definitely not cherries. By the time I realised it was far too late to think of taking them back. How do you take back a fully grown tomato plant. Far too much hassle. I'd grown cherry toms before, from seed. That's reliable, but expensive, as you pay about £3 for 10 seeds.


Kate, knowing daughters OH there wont be a crumb left, but if there is it will be in your cyberlocker pronto

Becks, Italy is also my absolute fav for holidays, just love it, the food, the style, architecture, not to mention the sunshine, I was going to say men, but thought better of it although Italian men are a bit on the short side. No offence intended to any Italian men who read this forum.

Just off to feed the Fleur the cat, as I have said, rather posh.

Will catch up tomorrow.

Miss Becks

Why are there so many holiday companies??? Anyone got any recommendations for hassle free bookings, and no hidden extras? This will be my first time booking a holiday. Simpler the better.


Becks-where do you want to go,what accomodation,hotel,self catering,villa?

Narrow the choice and it is easier

I have found Thomsons ok but others don't

Miss Becks

Not fussed Geoff. Anywhere, as long as it's reasonably affordable. Spain, Greece, Italy. I've looked at the Thomson site. Seems one of the better ones I've seen. And that's who we just went with. Those comparison sites are rubbish.



4-1 now

You could find accommodation then book a flight-assuming you want to fly-but a package saves a lot of hassle and a bit more protection

When are you thinking?

Miss Becks

Hmm, that's the trouble. Prime time August next year. Not cheap. I looked at Butlins and Haven for the Uk, with madam in mind, but it's cheaper to go abroad!! They are Priiiceeey!!


What budget do you have?

Miss Becks

Do you mean what bills can I skip?? No, roughly probably £500-£700 max. It's not going to happen is it! LOL But then I'd be happy in a caravan in Wales.


Spain etc in August is red-hot-can you go earlier or later when it is still warm but cheaper?


It rains in Wales

-for that amount you will struggle-have just booked acomodation next year for around £400 in Spain for 17 nights from 2nd September- but have still got to get there


Becks-have had a thought-how are you on coaches?


Becks why August, if you go in school term time it will be half the price. Particularly if you look at exam weeks.

Geoff congrats your first win and in style

Gary you need some 50p seeds

Miss Becks

She does have a week off in October. Coaches fine Geoff. I'm looking at the back end of the year so have more time to save!

What's Greece like?


My sister has had some fab holidays doing house swaps.



Greece is the word and is a bugger to clean and has no money

There are companies that will coach you to the continent with accomodation but it is a 24 hour journey-not for everbody but it does work out cheaper-have done it and if you treat it as part of the holiday then it is quite nice-the trouble is October is out of season

If Jess has a week off in October then that is half-term? -price goes up?

Deanos Diggin It

Pam - (Pottie one that is) Lovely Begonia's! Soz! Missed the post n was wondering what everybody else was on about!! 

Pam - LL this time! Gorgeous Dahlia's! Mine did lovely last year (as my avitar picture shows) But this year, like Fig n a few others, Not a sausage! Note to myself! Lift, store n once replanted leave under greenhouse staging until ready so the slugs don't get a free meal! Gardening Eh! Ya live n learn! 

Beck's - we have had a real week last week as a full family of 10 on an Havan site on the broads, cost me £700 but that was for two vans! n we had a ball! But I am being slightly bias! I promised myself once I left the services n returned home that I would never leave Blighty again! Promise kept! 

and I honestly believe, no matter where you go! You make your own holiday! Depends what you wanna do n get from it! 


I have been to Greece in October and it was still very hot.

Miss Becks

Good point Geoff and Kate.

Dean, I am happy with UK, and you have a point.

Figrat, they'd need another holiday after spending a week in this house!

Think I'll just start saving, but not book nothing, and see how much I have come next year and search last minute deals.



I have found a hol in Lloret for £700 or so for seven days in October for you and Jess-hotel half-board coach travel-so it can be done