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I shall be watching XF on plus1 so no spoliers please-still haven't seen Gareth- will save that for tomorrow's snow blizzard

Becks are you sure those aren't caramel desserts?

Miss Becks

ha ha ha. No definately camels. It's nice to know that in times of poverty and drought, they still have time for a yearly orgy.

Jean Genie

Evening all , Just watched Judge John Deed . Old one but good one. I refuse to watch X.F. so watching Mrs Biggs on planner followed by old Wire in the Blood that I haven't seen. I made lamb stew with loads of veggies and barley. Yum .

There is a lot of holiday talk on here tonight . I think we will be going to Ourgate this year . Not to far from Ourgarden !

Hope you find something Becks , sure you will. We've done quite a few Greek islands but !'ve not been to Spain.

I have cornish ice-cream.

Nursery tea here. Macaroni cheese.
The Doctor

Sup homies,

After a small hiatus, mainly building myself up to my ultimate geek moment getting my iPhone 5 yesterday. I'm back in the garden, trimming away the ivy and clearing the  lane so i can sow wild meadow seeds and plant my daffodil bulbs.

I cant seem to upload photos



Pennine Petal
Jean, Ourgarden sounds like somewhere in Holland!
Pam, lovely dahlias.

The tribe has gone now, peace and quiet reigns, Rocky still AWOL, disappeared soon as they arrived. 2 boys been out in the garden, fighting with sticks and examining snails and slugs. Gorgeous 3 year old Brioney fascinated by fridge magnets and washing machine lights.

Braised steak with onions and carrots with potatoes and cabbage a la James Martin, followed by sticky toffee pudding and custard. All plates cleared!

Glyn I watched the programme with your students, it was an interesting idea to give them some money to see how productively they spent it.I was pleased to see that he saw the potential in them.Do they get any support from the lecturers? Do you have any students in future shows.

XF was like a pantomime.

Jean how do you know that it is cornish? 

Pennine Petal
From that programme one is studying Enterprise Development, so he is learning about setting up his own business. The other is on Business Management. We had someone on last week's programme, but no-one else now.

Rocky has decided it is safe to come home.

Just watched three rampantly gay blokes singing Respect and mincing about on stage-it was not family viewing-it just looked weird

Pennine Petal
Perhaps it's time to start watching something else Geoff.

But if you take a small child to a pantomime an old bloke dresses up as a women and a women dresses as the prince and kisses the princess, plus a selection of baddies and raving evil queens.

Glyn is the pasta shop up and running?

Pennine Petal
Not sure Kate, I think that it was due to open, but not sure when. They are very ambitious, so am sure they will do well.

Bed-time- I will now have nightmares


Glyn keep us updated.

Geoff I aim to please


Good Morning Everyone

Some of the Roses are flowering like mad at the moment - this is Silver Jubilee

Pam LL x




Jean Genie

Morning everyone, Very odd. I posted a few items last night , but they've vanished ??? Pam, to coin Gary's phrase that is a beautiful rose  '' Flower of the Day''. Maybe one day I may be as good as you . I'm surprised you haven't got your own nursery, - you definitely have a gift when it comes to growing (and taking cuttings of course . )

Glad you enjoyed your evening and Rocky has settled down again. My cats are the same when we have visitors.

Kate, I don't think that was ''proper '' cornish ice cream - S/ Markets own brand. Not a bit like I remember it to be. Geoff must be having a lie-in after his disturbed night.


Jean Genie

Second bit was meant for Glyn ! Think I need more coffee.

Gary Hobson

There wasn't much on TV last night that appealed to me (not being a fan of XF) so watched BBC4 documentary about deserts. There, it only rains once every 6 years or so. When it does rain the people have a celebration. The men paint themselves and chant, while 3 women judge them. Each woman judge picks one man. The 'prize' is that the man has the woman judge for the night.

Insomnia1973 wrote (see)

Jess is amusing me. .a programme on BBC4 called Human Planet about desserts. Many questions about what they are doing.

Some of the photography was impressive, and it was followed by a 'behind the scenes' film showing how they filmed it. The people who make these films seem to be on one long holiday - driving around the desert in 4-wheel-drive trucks and playing with long-range cameras.

They're very welcome to some of our rain. Looks like a wet week ahead. Should be dry this morning, so really need to get some jobs done.


At last some zinnias have flowered

 A very grey day here but no builders yet

Pam that is a lovely rose.

Jean did you dream that you posted?




Pottie Pam

Good morning everyone,

I've been lucky with my dahlias this year. I take a chance and leave them in the ground covered with a layer of bracken. Not too keen on these big doubles. my favourites are 'Bishop's Children' and so easy to grow from seed.

Horrible day here. We have an amber weather warning.