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Jean Genie

Kate and Pam, they are gorgeous - there is a distinct lack of colour in my garden at the moment. I am very jealous. May give the dahlias another go next year.

You may have a day of rest , Kate. The builders may be attending church.  Don't know what happened with the posts - very odd.

Sorry to say Pam, we have sunshine and it' s a nice day here   but we are due to get our soaking later.


Nice steady rain here, I'm pleased to see it though hope it doesn't out-stay its welcome! A good chance that it will get the fungi fruiting so I can go out with my camera tomorrow.

Here's a sunflower  from a packet called 'Vincent's mixture'. I got them because that was my Dad's name. I like yellow best but it was interesting to see other colours.



Flo that is a really lovely colour, were they all the same?

David that is gorgeous.

Jean it is quite nice to go in my kitchen in my jim jams and not be concerned that the builders are watching me.


It has been paining since just after 7 and now is set for the day apparently-no wind but it is cold

Nice flowers everbody -this is my contribution for flour of the day




Noooooooooooooooo! You're right, Geoff, they almost never do. Generally I don't look. It will be the 4th in-carrr-nation of Clarrie - she's the Archers equivalent of Dr Who.

Fabulous roses Pam and David - even though I'm not a rose person, I appreciate those.

Kate, the mixture had dark reds, oranges, traditional yellows, pale yellows and some stripey jobs too.




Another e-mail hiccupp?-3 at 11.49 or is it just me?

Pottie Pam

Kate,Pam Flo and David. Lovely flowers. I love the peach coloured sunflower. I think Geoff takes the prize for flower of the day.  


Geoff I cannot believe that The  Saints are out of the relegation zone and above Liverpool Lots of footy today

11 emails all at once! I have been distracted by my neighbours having a barney in the street, he kept telling her to apologise 


I have read another handshake saga is still going on 'cos that is really important then I will not feel so guilty abut kicking you in the shins or falling over because the wind blew too hard in the penalty area

I shall watch cars whizzing around in the dark at 200 mph

The drip from the flat roof is back.


Geoff you need to embrace the drama

It is not nice to call someone a drip, where has he been?


Geoff, great to see young Paulo in goal for the Saints yesterday and of course your first win.

I'm planning on being very lazy today and doing as little as possible




Hi everyone.

Feeling a little jaded today after last nights meal, ate too much, but as I only had 1 glass of white vino, I can't blame that. must be the late night.

Lots of beautiful pics, I love roses, but some of mine have not done very well this year.

I know what you mean about actors not matching up to your expectations. but some who are not what you would call  handsome or good looking just have that certain something.

Cold east wind here today, but at the moment dry, so I will be snuggling up on the sofa and watching some tv.

Cat feeding duties completed.

Roast Lamb for evening meal tonight, with usual accompaniments




I have just been outside-now the wind has got up and there was a big thunderclap-no gritters noticed

Leggi-one day I might even go-one day.......................

Hi Chris-have ordered lamb shank from the kitchen

Pam-is there a prize or a badge?

Gary Hobson

I don't watch the Archers so have no idea who Carrie Grundy is. The article above says that she's a matriarch. The photo looks quite fitting. What else would you expect.

Speaking of voices and faces, it intruiges me when adverts have obviously dubbed voiceovers. Often adverts for very expensive products, and Fairy Liquid. Can't they find an actor/actress who can speak at the same time as looking glamourous.

Pennine Petal
Lovely photos everyone, I've got buds on roses but no flowers at the moments,other plants soldiering on, just waiting for the 50mph winds and 50mm rain to batter everything down!.

I need to get out and plant some stuff from pots into the garden, but have to some e-training on interviewing so that Ianbeallowed todosomenterviews next week. I must learn to stop saying yes! Currently watchingF1 though.