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Chris what size glass


Gary-Archers- steam radio -pictures in your head

Apparently a couple of the Bond girls had their voices dubbed including Shirley Eaton-I like the adverts obviously made overseas that then add local voices

Lewis has broken his car

Miss Becks

Afternoon lovelies!

Very wet outside today. Dinner just been eaten with very dodgy Asda Pork Steaks. Said to cook from frozen, and they just broke up into little bits.

Loving the rose pictures Pam and David. Can't wait until I crack on with my front garden and fill it with roses of all colours.

After my geek fest on TV last night of deserts and then space (meteorites), I may start to indulge in watching TV every now and then to see more on BBC4. Love stuff like that.

Hope you're all having a relaxed day. xxx


Becks give it time -you will soon be asking me for soap updates and XF news

Miss Becks

Oh good lord no! Films and documentaries are about my limit for the TV!! Although I do like Come Dine With Me every now and then.


Jean Genie

Afties, I like docs as well. Just watched a good one on octopus. They have 3 hearts and 9 brains and are now learning from each other.  Apparently, if we are going to be invaded, it is more likely to be them as their brain(s) are very similar to ours.

Just thought I would share that with you all. Aliens from the Deep, the programme was called.




0-0 but Liverpool have had a player sent off, Geoff you are back in the relegation zone.

Becks I tried those chops once as they looked such good value but I was equally disappointed. 

Deanos Diggin It

Aftie's All!

Allotment tendered this morning, all is well!

 and these are mine!

 and at long last!!!!!!

 and the only other flowers I have to share today, unfortuanatly!


Dean -you must be very happy with that lot

Jean-thanks for those pearls-I shall use the information wisely-I just thought they had 8 legs

Has anyone ever thought about applying to be on a tv programme?

Pennine Petal
Becks, find a local butcher, who knows where some of Asda's meat comes from and how the animals have been kept. Local meat from a local butcher is often cheaper and better quality. We buy meat rom the butcher on our local market and have never been disappointed. Have you tried spare rib chops? (Not the skinny spareribs) Lovely cooked in the oven with a sweet and sour sauce. i bet Jess would like it.
Pennine Petal
Geoff,I always wanted to be on Criss Cross Quiz!! HaHa, showing my age now!
Lovely veg, Dean.
Jean Genie

Veg looks great , Dean. It would go well with my beef .

Geoff, they have 8 arms and  a brain but they have neurons in their legs which act like brains   Honestly, it was really interesting.

What tv programme did you have in mind?


Becks mentioned Come Dine With me-definitely not that

I remember Criss Cross Quiz-Geoffrey Wheeler??-perhaps something  like that- a quiz show?-don't you watch tv and think I could do that?

How about Total Wipeout?

I think Kate'sOH applied for Deal Or No Deal but failed at the sob-story phase


Hello all--welcome to fall! Here the sun rose at 7:02 am and will set at 7:08 pm. Today is apple day--have been given a bunch of Gravensteins to prep for the freezer. This year I have picked a lot of free blackberries--a bumper crop, and very few wasps. Usually I hesitate,as I am allergic. I made some Black and Blue marmalade--very tasty, and they make good gifts. Jams and peach chutney done as well. Might rain a bit tomorrow--fingers crossed, as I am down to the last 2000 gallons.

Am beginning to move plants into the greenhouse for the winter--and the maples have started to drop their leaves. Have got some free pallets from my neighbour, and plan to make a bin for leaf mould.

Pennine Petal
Inka, welcome back, we missed you. Have you been on hols?

Jean, I think it was later, but hae a feeling it was Eammon Andrews originally. Obviously before I was born?!!

Rain has started.


Jean Genie

Hi Inka , Black and blue marmalade sounds interesting. Is it blackberries and blueberries and hows the deer problem ?

Glyn , I remember Criss-cross- quiz. If we appear on that I could answer questions on octopus ! If you have rain that means its on its way to us. Time to bring washing in.


Well that was a cracking second half, SAF will be having a tipple tonight to celebrate and the good news is that Saints are out of the relegation zone.

Glyn what is a local butcher? I live in tescoland.

Dean those tomatoes are mouthwatering.

Jean Genie

Geoff do you like cross- dressing ?


Is that dressing whilst having a barney?

Yay-Everton next?