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Pennine Petal
Didn't know show was a Dame, thought it was just Lady, I'll have to watch my Ps&Qs. I remember Pot Black on b&w!
Weather has been fine here, although it started looking like it might rain it hasn't.
Made it to the garden centre today and got a few bits. (Didn't make it yesterday but can now see the floor in daughter's bedroom!)
Ended up with a variegated hebe, a rudbeckia, coreopsis and a perennial wallflower. Good sized plants and in the sale too so really pleased.
Miss Becks

nola, how old is your daughter?


It was Lady-not Dame that is Christopher Biggins

Everbody remembers pot black-"for those of you watching in black and white the blue is next to the pink"-not sure if that is true or just apocryphal-thats a big word for Sunday night

Nola-it has been miserable here all day-at least you went past the front door

I went to wife-swap party -got a second-hand ford cortina in exchange

Becks-she is 11, just started high school this time!

Geoff-seems I have been lucky with the weather, had a walk round the garden even if I didn't do anything.
I'm at the point of needing to dig out a chunk of border to give it a sort out. Have the joy of trying to pick out as much bits of bindweed root as I can! Decided it was a bigger job than the time I had.
Had the excitement of a massive ironing pile instead!

Maybe the forum members and cake experts should be used as testers on the British Bake off programme!



XF-I am an emotional wreck after that-where would these shows be without Coldplay and Adele and all that mascara running down faces

How can anybody not like Simon Cowell?

Posh soap now

Does anybody need ironman?

Miss Becks

Oh yes nola. I know exactly what an 11 year old's bedroom looks like.

Little Miss is poorly. She has just fell asleep, struggling with a streaming nose and eyes, refusing her milk and saying she is cold, with a duvet on her! Hate it when kids are ill.

Pennine Petal
Better off without milk Becks, it makes the runny nose worse! I like hot Ribena when I have a cold. Hope Jess is better soon

I want to live where figrat lives.

Nola nice plants

Geoff I am shattered 2 footy matches plus XF, I will need extra tissues for next week.

Miss Becks

Well I think I can safely say tonight has been the worst night I have ever had in this house.

At 2am, I went into the kitchen for my last ciggie before bed, only to discover loads of maggotts by my back door! I picked up Jessies mat, and under it were more! I picked up the mat to throw it out, opened the door, and my step, door, and patio as far as I could see in pitch black are covered in them!

So here I am, at 5.30am, still not been to bed, waiting for daylight so I can go out and see where the source is, which I suspect is my wheelie bin that never got emptied while I was on holiday. They are crawling through the cracks around the door, and are climbing up my windows! It's like a scene from a horror movie.

And to top it all, Jess has just woke up poorly.  Hope all of your days start better.

Gary Hobson

Welcome to the early-bird posters' shift.

Poor you.

The insides, of dustbins, and even containers inside the house that you might use to put waste in, even temporarily, can very easily become crawling with maggots. It can happen in just a few days. You wonder how it happened.

There are lots of kinds of maggots. There are those inside dustbins, that I assume are flies. But you can also find maggots in furniture or clothes - the lavea of clothes moths.

It's miserable here too as heavy rain is forecast, for the entire day.

Perhaps an opportunity to wash out the dustbin.


Good Morning Everyone

Your veggies and flowers look really good Dean

Flo - I love your Sunflowers

David - that is a gorgeous Rose

Becks - yuk!! You have made me shudder


Well - it is supposedly going to rain for the next couple of days so I will have to catch up with the ironing

I will make soup and a courgette cake today

These are some Sunflowers I grew from seeds saved from a rogue plant last year

Pam LL x 


What a horrible experience, Becks! It's still yesterday here--hope your day goes better!

Pennine Petal
Ergh, Becks,maggots are not nice. Good luck with that.

Thought I'd say hello, before Iset off to work. start of teaching today,I'm not at all prepared, will have to wing it!

Stay dry everyone.

Oh Becks-it just ain't going to be your day-they are probably more active in the dark and just looking for a food source -which isn't you or Jess-does sound revolting.

If you have a spray for caterpillars etc that will ge rid of them but other than that am stuck

Best of luck

It is paining here and downright miserable again-nice flowers again Pam,have a good day Glyn at the coalface

Chicken time, make coffee, back to bed


Jean Genie

 Becks, how awful for you and Jess. Did you ask your neighbour to put the bin out for you while you were away - the same one who forgot to water your plants ? If so - I would be having words. Hope Jess 's cold is better today. Honey and lemon works for me.

Pam, as always your flowers are beautiful.

We have BIG rain here, woke me up several times through the night so feel a bit jaded this morning  .  May have a doze after clean- up. Have a good day everyone.


Poor Becks :- (   ~ waves of sympathy coming over.

Your sunflowers have brought a smile to my face, Pam.

Glyn, I know the feeling. Mind you, winging it was one of my particular talents - which makes it sound as if I did it all the time! I feel sorry for youngsters in the profession who've only been trained to follow a script (well, almost) and don't have the confidence to 'go with the flow'  - or in my case the Flo :- )

Heavy pain here, amber flood warnings, drains are backing up so loo won't flush, new conservatory has sprung a small leak.

Morning everyone else - hope your days turn out well.

Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

Poor Becks. I hope Jess is feeling better.

My OH once had some maggots in the boot of the car and they got out of the container. (for fishing)  Later on the car was filled with horrible bluebottles for weeks on end.

Has Michael Fish from Soton given a long range forcast yet? I think I might start taking the geranioms and begonias in. They are still looking good but there are some cold nightd forcast.

The Doctor


You need a man in the house to deal with icky things like that.