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Deanos Diggin It


Still raining, and as been all last night and all today!

Had to go out in the back yard and lift all my potted plants out of the outer decorative one's as they are all overflowing! shall add hole drilling to my to-do list!

Just noticed flicking through the glossie's, Octobers issue of GW are offering 4 free Bearded Iris, n this weeks issue of AG mag are offering very similar.

I am feeling a need for greed, n may just have both!! 


Insomnia1973 wrote (see)

I honestly used to enjoy my school meals. But saying that, I eat almost anything, and did back then.

Same here Becks. Apart from tinned tomatoes. I've always liked rice pudding, semolina and tapioca so I suppose that helps.

Dean, you little tempter! I love irises, I might just have to have a look at those offers.

Gary Hobson

I like tinned tomatoes. I have one every morning with my full English. Sainsburys premium quality, so probably tastier than school pigswill.



Semolina and rice OK though!

Deanos Diggin It

Flo! I LOVE IRISES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goeff! I get what ya mean! I enjoyed that too! Although not off the page! That would do my OCD no power of good!!!!

Flo- We could order together n split P n P!




Deanos Diggin It

You have been renamed again Geoff! My apologies! and to add insult to injury, that was my late Fathers name! What a pleb I am! 

hollie hock

Evening everyone- I love SCD, this year looks a lot better line up, less chance for it turn it in to a pantomine which is what I think was going on for the last 2 years. Will have a look at Fern's training. When the series starts proper, I'm an addict for it takes two on BBC 2 every night. I do prefer Claudia to Zoe though.

Tapioca- no way I'm ever going to eat that! or rice pudding but semalina with a jam

Recovering from a mixed weekend- my young female house, unneutered cat, went crazy on Sat- full blown nasty cat attack directed at me! Very very scary, it was something out of Hammer house of horrors! I've got the wounds and bruises  to prove it! Emergancy trip to the vet yesterday, now spaded and so far so good

On a positive note saw Dexys (mid night runners)  in Bristol and they were fantastic,nothing like going to see a band live

Pennine Petal
Evening all and hello Artjak. I put on quilt overs like that. Used to work for a company that made quilt covers and one of customers in an Irish department store showed me how to do it.

What a busy lot of writers you've been today, I didn't see any spammers! Does anyone remember something called Ulster fry that you could buy in Woolworths when they did food?
hollie hock

Not keen on spam but love bacon grill I still haven't got to grips on how to post links but when every I hear spam I always think of Monty Python


"Always Look on the bright side of life" Hollie-Hock,  the local fish n chip shop near me still does spam fritters they do taste so much better done in dripping as well,  ohhhhh the calories !

Miss Becks

Geoff, for some reason, when I just saw this picture, I thought of you.


hollie hock

Becks- thats a very good illustration of the well known & widespread "man flu" condition

Pennine Petal
I like the advert of the 2 women in the street which reflects that illustration very well. Can't think of the brand though (not very good for a marketer!


Pennine Petal
I heard on the radio on the way home that ther'sa shortage of apples from abroad so supermarkets are going to br stocking not so perfect British apples. I wonder if they will be cheaper or will they say that they have to charge more because of the shortage.

If any of you are growing apples, there might be an opportunity for you!

Hollie-hock, poor you. I hope you are recovering well from your wounds and the shock.

Glyn, I'd heard about shortages of fruit and veg and that some supermarkets are going to make a virtue of selling 'knobbly veg'.

hollie hock

Hi Flo, it really shook me up, it was very nasty but my wounds will heal. Everything so far is a lot calmer, she's coped really well with the op and fingers crossed that's the last of it. Lesson learnt and I would advise anyone with a house cat to get them neutered as soon as possible.


We bought 14lb of Bramleys for 30p a pound when we were in Hereford earlier this month, direct from the orchard. The grower told us the crop was down 40% this year and apples in the shops would treble in price. English apples are the best in the world, doesn't matter if they aren't perfect, they taste great.