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Deanos Diggin It

Ha! Ha! Beck's! Gotcha too now! Buy the same! That way they get to play with the same thing n no fights shall be had!!!!

n as Geoff said! I hope you have or are willing to plant the top!!! 

Miss Becks

Yep, saved the tops. Worth a go I suppose! Will post the results in a few years!


Becks will you tell Dean or shalI I ??

Miss Becks

Geoff, we posted at the same time.



The idea of you two as twins separated at birth makes me laugh

Miss Becks

Ha ha ha Kate! The good and the bad! Which is which?

My type of tele on at the mo. Double bill of Great British Ghosts. The one starting at 10.30pm is about a pub 5 mins from me, The Four Crosses.  Nice!

Dean, my sympathies about your day around North Yorks, it has been a pain getting around and about. I was squeezing down roads too narrow for trucks on Tuesday, sharing them with lorries and traffic that couldn't get down the A1. I was glad to get home as well

Geoff, I do mop as it happens. That is a job waiting for me tomorrow. (I treated myself to the ironing today)

Becks, I liked the sound of that programme, had a look but found I don't have that channel

Becks I would never suggest such a thing

Have you ever seen a ghost?

Miss Becks

Nola, it wasn't much cop anyway. I'd heard of the programme, but never watched it. Half hour programme, split between to locations, so it was a brief history on each, then over and done with. If you're a ghosty/paranormal person, I highly recommend you start watching 'Ghost Adventures' when it starts on 4th October on 'Really' channel (Freeview if you have it). It's American, and it will be season 1, which is ages old, as they are now on season 7. I've watched all of them and it's great.

Kate, I've had experiences, not sure of what, but unexplainable, but no, I've never seen a full bodied apparition.

I shall watch out for that Becks, thanks
Miss Becks

Another is Ghost Hunters on Syfy (Sky, if you have it) with a team called TAPS (Trans Atlantic Paranormal Society). Totally different style to Ghost Adventures, but still interesting.


Good Morning Everyone

I had a good day in the garden yesterday - cut back and defoliated most of the fuchsias ready to go in the greenhouse for the winterSainsburys and Waitrose this morning

Have a good day

Pam LL x



Pennine Petal
Morning all, still dark outside and I'm off to work after I have eaten my porridge. Have you noticed that we are going to pass a 100,000 view soon?!


Gary Hobson
figrat wrote (see)

That find is brilliant. So pleased you found our shop. You should have gone inside and told them about Forkers, and the online advertsing that were organising for them, posting miages of their shop on the web, promoting them on Gardeners World, etc, etc. You could have claimed a 20% discount, on a bag of compost, or a broomstick. I wonder if they get many customers actually asking for fork handles, for a laugh.

Pennine Petal
Gary, you don't miss a trick do you?

Kate, just went back to the first post. What a popular thread you started!
The Doctor

Morning all,

Becks, I used to watched TAPS but I found some of their investigations inconclusive and very Most Haunted, and as for Ghost Adventures.... LOVE IT!!! they have a very "Lets go poke it with a stick" approach to ghost hunting, they are always trying new things and I love the yell at it and see what happens.

Work has been taking up my evenings as I have been tasked to update our pitiful website and I am in the process of changing roles, ascending from Store man to Wheelchair/Mobility Scooter Hire Administrator

Small garden update, I have noticed that the grass growth has slowed down and I know I've left it tad late but I'm planting about 20 mixed Daffodil bulbs tomorrow as the weather will be fair.

Oh and watching countless hours of Red Dwarf on Dave


Pottie Pam

Becks, good luck with growing a pineapple. If you pull the lowere leaves off underneath there should be some small nobbly bits that will be the roots. I'm boasting but I grow one and actually had a pineapple. It was a lot smaller than the original but  a lovely fresh taste.

I haven't seen any swallows for a few days but there are dozens swooping about over the pond just now.  I assume they are from further afield just making a pit stop before continuing their journey


Oooh, Dan, you don't want to go poking things with a stick. Remember what happened to young Albert

So straightway, the brave little feller
Not showing a morsel of fear
Took his stick with its 'orses 'ead 'andle
And pushed it in Wallace's ear.

You could see that lion didn't like it
For giving a kind of a roll
He pulled Albert inside the cage with 'im
And swallered the little lad 'ole.

I love Red Dwarf :- )