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Ah but Flo -can you do the voice-what was his name??

Morning all and especially my long lost twin-today if I can summon up the energy and willpower will cut oldies grass later-I have never seen a ghost but haven't been looking to be honest

Here is my contribution to morph of the day



Stanley Holloway. Yes, I can do the accent but in a feminely voice of course. I have performed it once when I belonged to a drama group.

Jean Genie

Morning, Love the poem Pam.

 It took me ages to read last nights shennigans . I haven't tried growing a pineapple but did try an experiment involving an avocada and some cocktail sticks.

Not telling you my score in the quiz.

We had visitors last night who just happen to work in a certain chocolate factory. They came bearing gifts -

 Are you jealous ???

For some reason I am thinking of Shane McGowan's teeth.

Lovely flower, Pam.


JEAN!!! How could you? I'd just managed to forget those teeth.

I shall try to replace the image with Pam's beautiful flower.


I did the quiz again so I could see the answers I got wrong. I  only got 16 today - said I'd do worse if I re-took it :- (    Can't believe I got the make-up of Great Britain wrong - Dunce's hat on order.



Jean Genie

Can I borrow that after you ?



I fear the machinery of this site will blow up today when we hit the magic total number of views

Please no food talk again today-had another bad night

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

My moth of the day. Giant Leopard Moth


Pam, well done for growing a pineapple! Any tips? Was in indoors/outdoors?

Dan, yeah, my preference is Adventures rather than hunters, although I will watch anything along the paranormal lines!

Geoff, are you going to the docs?

Jean, That's my type of lunch!!


You're very welcome Jean :- )

Geoff, this has been going on too long. I'm starting to feel guilty that I took the mickey.


I will give it till after the weekend but cant keep popping the imodium type pills indefinitely

Yay-£10 richer

You should be glad you dont have irritable bowel. Its either one thing or the other . Love red dwarf. First saw the cat in the show Time he was understudy for one of the lead actors and so much better. Back to Drs again today think i ought to have a seat named after me.


Spectcular moth, Becks.

Is £10 enough for cake all round Geoff?

I think they're all great, Maud. I probably like Kryten best.


Lovely moth Becks! When I shop for my brother's twins I buy the same but different - i.e 2 vehicles but different colours or something. I gave them scooters when they came to stay recently that I got 2nd hand - one had tape around the handle and the other didn't, so they knew whose was whose.

Geoff - enough is enough - make that Dr's appointment!!

Love our shop - would like a broomstick!

Jean, the only time I have that much chocolate in my house is Halloween - the Cubs know where I live so we get lots of callers.

We were supposed to be making wormerys last night with the Cubs but the worms got stuck due to the floods. So we have the wormerys ready for their arrival, hopefully next week.


Lottie -is the coffee crisis sorted?

So these are not any old worms then- these are M&S worms?


Pottie Pam

Love the moth. Cruella de Vil could make a coat with a few of those.

The pineapple was grown in the conservatory, Becks. It's a few years ago now but I seem to remember it took a few to produce a pineapple.

I've bought a ticket for the Euro Lottery tonight so send in your wish lists everyone.

Poor Geoff


The coffee crisis is not sorted - but will be shortly. Worms are coming from wiggly wrigglers or somewhere - because we don't have enough time to go and dig up 20 worms for each Cub! I don't mind because my compost will get the leftovers.

Will write my wish list now Pam and send it off to you.


Excellent worms, from Wigglies, Lottie, and they are the best sort for the wormery. We made one at school in gardening club and some children found them endlessly fascinating - as do I.

Can't believe how the rain gods are tormenting me. Yet again, I get the dogs ready, go off up the road and there's a downpour. This time they really meant it. My new wet coat very successful if only the hood didn't keep falling over my eyes. Trousers and socks dripping. Dogs drying off on towels in the kitchen.


Ping! We've gone round the clock!! It was 995 a minute ago, now 003.


I looked at the screen for 10 seconds when it said 100,000-I definitely need help

There is washing to go out, the roof that I thought I had fixed is dripping again but I can't find the spot where it is coming in-why is nothing simple?