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Looks as if you beat me to it Kate. Trellis is heartily to be desired. If not forthcoming, I suggest you set a Russian Vine on him :- @


Thanks Flo, I think that because our gardens are on slopes it looks worse, most people would have extended their house.

I am looking at an evergreen clematis first


Good Morning Everyone

I hope you are better today Geoff

I would be upset ,too Kate

We have had to put up with our neighbours building lots of extensions but luckily the shrubs/trees mostly hide them now - not when I look out of the upstairs windows though!

I hope the worms are o.k Lottie  I wish your Grandad a really Happy Birthday and hope he has a great party

I won't join the belly dancers though - that would be just too much

Hoping to have a good day in the garden today - weather forecast is good Going to Homebase to buy some sacks of bulbs - it is a 15% discount day

Have a good day everyone

Another end of summer flower

Pam LL x


Gary Hobson

Kate's neighbour's shed is a monstrosity. If you're in any doubt about the legitimacy of the building you could easily Email that photo to the local planning dept, and politely ask if the overlooking windows etc seem OK.

Quite enjoyed GW last night. Highly impressed by those vegetables. But that man is really a full-time commercial market gardener. He presumably sells a lot of that veg, to get some income to pay his taxes, and afford to run a car, etc. I manage to get all my veg for £3 a week from Sainsburys, with no work on my part. But I was still impressed by his efforts. Note that he makes all his fertiliser from nettles, comfrey and wood ash.

And Carol, entirely back-lit, among lots of long grass. My bit of long grass is mostly flattened and unphotogenic, due to the wet Summer.

Deanos Diggin It

Good Morning All! 

Geoff- Here's hoping your upturn as upturned even more!

Lottie - Good luck on the worm front and all the best for Grandad's Birthday Bash!

Pam - Lovely picture yet again, but now expect nothing less!

Fig - A little encouragement

Had an invite to my Gardening buddies house last evening for a few drinks n a bite to eat and on pondering his garden checking out his pot's, tub's etc and enquiring where the various plant's had come from? I didn't realise I had collected that many early in the season! Oh well! My to-do list as just got longer!

That said! Plot bound! Greenhouse clearing shall be the topic of the day!

Enjoy your day all, whatever you choose to do!!




Morning All

I watched GW and was also impressed by the veg, we sowed all sorts of things this year but had very mixed results. Just harvesting a few carrots that are no bigger than your little finger The veg bloke didn't give much info away. I'm not keen on grasses, but then I haven't the kind of garden that could accommodate them, ours is split up into "rooms" Carol was really excited about them wasn't she, but then she gets excited about everything.

Lovely picture Pam, was it Bishop of Llandaff? mine are doing very well this year. The garden is holding up well considering the weather, looking as good as it has all summer.

Greenhouse cleaned and ready to be insulated

Geoff - hope you are feeling better. If you are dehydrated, rehydration  crystals really help.I had a bad bout of food poisoning last year and they did make me feel better.

Have a good day folks.


Gary Hobson

A fascinating (to me) news story, originally from the September issue of Meteoritics & Planetary Science...

"In 1938 an expedition of Nazi scientists, sent to Tibet to discover the origins of the Ayrian race, discovered a heavy statue carved from a meteorite that likely fell 10000 years ago. The statue was brought back to Germany. The carving depicts a man, probably a Buddhist god. On his chest is a Buddhist swastika, a symbol of luck that was later co-opted by the Nazi party."

Full story:


Morning everyone.  Pam, such a cheery sight, you red flower and bee.

On GW Monty had Tithonia which was some thing I grew from a seed when I had only just started gardening; they were robust and colourful and I received many good comments about them. Adding to 'To Get' list. 

Hope you are feelimg better Geoff its not nice with an upset tum. Think the chap that plays Kryten looks better with his Kryten head on. Out again today with friend that ive known since we were 7. Not nuch we dont know about each other is that a good or a bad thing i wonder. Will definately fit lunch in somewhere. Managed to get in the garden yesterday untill it started raining. Lovely and sunny today so best we  make the most of it.


Thanks for the sympathy about next door's home office, I was feeling quite depressed about it yesterday and OH could not see why I thought it was a bit of a monster. They will have absolutely no soil left in their garden, it is all being covered with hard landscaping so I will need to grow the plants to hide it.

I actually like the grasses garden and would also do something similar if I had 2 acres

Oddly I read about the vegan guy last week

Pam lovely photo.

Has anyone read the book A street cat called Bob? Absolutely gorgeous cat and a very heart warming story. I loved it in spite of the tears


Hello everbody-thanks for all the health advice and good wishes-after another disturbed night-phoned the out of hours service this morning and got some helpful advice-drink more fluids,eat more-the trouble is that seems like a recipe for disaster

Gary that sounds like a plot from an Indiana film

I think we gonna need a bigger garden

Keep drinking plain water and try eating a rich tea biscuit. Never underestimate the power of a rich tea biscuit. How long have you been poorly Geoff?

Pottie Pam

Hi, Kate, did your neighbours talk to you about their plans? If the government relax the planning laws as they say they will lots more of unsightly extensions could sprout up. It will look better when it's finished and might create a little shelterd area in your garden.


Pottie Pam

This one is 'Bishop's Children' grown from seed. the dahlias are still going strong and have been good this year.

Pottie Pam

How are you,Maud? I haven't read that book.

Inka talked about the Rainbow Bridge when she lost her cat. I had to google it as I'd never heard of it but I was in floods of tears. Really beautiful.


Geoff what are we going to do with you

pottiepam lovely dahlia, my neighbour did discuss his plans and it looked much better in his pictures, I am hoping that when it is finished it will look better.

maud have a lovely lunch.


Maud it has been going on since late Monday-it seems to a bug I have picked up-that is the advice I got as well

I will survive-never fear

I am waiting for David to comment on the sweet pea trial-it seems that that spring sowing is a slight winner for more but later into the season flowers


Regarding the sweet peas, I am going to do an Autumn and a Spring sowing  for next summer.