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Gary Hobson

Beans are always being recommended on medico-culinary and gastro-medical TV shows. I always have plenty of beans with breakfast. It's the best way to avoid nasty things building up in the sewage works. They help to reduce overall transit time.

I always watch this program:


Too much sharing

Saints are 1-0 up.


Only 72 minutes to go-will it last?

Don't you ever want to be just entertained Gary?



It did not last long


Gary Hobson

Quote of the Day.... from Google News...

If you want to be happy for an hour, get drunk, if you want to be happy for a year, get married, if you want to be happy for life, become a gardener.



What do you say to a hitch-hiker with one leg?


Gary I always thought it was discovering chocolate made you happy for a year until you discovered the side effects

Geoff  never mind if you could just win your home games you would survive.


I hope we have the tissues ready for judges houses

Did you notice that Jade who got through last year was also in this years contest but hardly got a mention?


Hop in

I will not need tissues but I will be shouting at the screen. I believe that Jade has not changed some of her more controversial opinions no room on XF for free thinkers.


Yep-there will be another one tomorrow

You will need tissues on Sunday -when they do "this is so hard but I am going to have to send your home" and a 16 year old's life who has "only ever wanted this" bursts into uncontrollable sobbing and gets a Dermot hug

Mascara shares will shoot up-and that is just the boys

Where is Kitty Bracknell?


I think as a parent that would be the scary thing, even people who make it to the live shows disappear afterwards.

I wonder how hard hearted the presenters are?


Geoff. I a friend of mine had a gippy tum whilst on holiday and the Dr told her to just eat plain boiled rice and bananas, for 3 days, but that was in Mauritius so perhaps they don't have beans on toast there. can't think of a lot you can make with rice and bananas, unless of course you are a chimp.

S and BIL coming for a meal tonight, on the menu, if you can bare to read it Geoff.if not look away now.

Cheese Pate with walnuts and chives, side salad, ciabatta..

Fish Pie, cauli and broc.parsley sauce.

Apple crumble and custard or creme fraiche.

They say eating/entertaining at home is the new going out, I haven't quite worked that one out.

Have a good evening everyone




It is difficult to tell-do they go home and wet themselves with laughter or say they can't do this anymore it is to heart-rendering



Chris now I am hungry

Geoff I am assuming that to get this far they must be quite tough, not quite wet themselves but quite philosophical.


Thanks for the warning Chris and advice-am going with fish instead off rice and bananas

They are going out-you are staying in and catering- how does that work?

Jean Genie

Greetings and salutations to all, Had a busy day today , shopping, boring stuff and then G.C. to buy a nice pot for my new plant - got a lovely monstera in Asda for a fiver ! Couldn't believe the price, it's a fine speciman with proper cheesy leaves. Have no idea where I'm going to put it but I'm sure I'll find room.

Geoff, sorry to hear you're still poorly - try the lemon thingy it does work.

Kate , I read about the new building problems, hopefully the trellis and climber will take the edge off it.

Here is my  50p collection and if any of you have the equestrian one , hold on to it, my friend who works in the bank says they are rare and could be of some value one day. Took her ages to complete the set waiting for it.



Jean that is impressive, I still miss the olympics.