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Gary Hobson
pottiepam wrote (see)

Jean, your grandchildren will be worth a fortune when they go to the  Antiques Roadshow of the future.

Only if they've got the complete set.

jean riley wrote (see)

They have a 30th coin but with the price they are charging I think I will stick to the 29

You've already spent (or saved, or invested, however you like to look at it) £14.50. The extra medalion, to complete the collection, is only another £3. It must be well worth that. If no-one bothers to buy the completion medalion, then that's the one that will be rare and valuable.

It is a bit disheartening to see some of these antiques shows where grandchildren have come into possession of family heirlooms, and the children are not the least bit interested in keeping them, to pass on themselves. They just want to sell them. Presumably, many years later, some of them will realise their big mistake.

Raining here again! Yesterday was much better but had the job of buying new school shoes, my son (14) had worn a hole in his new ones only 4 weeks into the term!
It is always a nightmare, I see a pair of black shoes similar to the ones he has and likes but no, they are apparently awful enough to cause complete social humiliation.

Glad you are feeling better Geoff!

Well done with your coin collecting Jean!

Best not mention lofts to my OH or will be told about how ours needs a good clear out.

:- D :- D Nola, the insight into a 14 year old's mind made me giggle.



Does that shoe thing still go on-I remember buying trainers were a nightmare-never buy nicks- just because it looks and sounds like nike


Well at least the water heater works really well. My comments previously re costs of electricity can all now be ignored!!

Yes, I was thinking a new boiler will be needed. No idea whereabouts it'll go. Airing cupboard perhaps? as in a house daughter once lived in of a similar age. Tend to be very much of the 'if it aint broke dont fix it' brigade up here, but somehow not this time. I cant actually remember how old it is, t'was a replacement for the same sort that was here originally. If I say that the first one of these was fitted in '68 at parents' house & Dad had had a replacement that was still going strong when the house was sold last year! Oh well, end of an era. J.



Does that shoe thing still go on?-a tip -never buy nicks trainers just because they look and sound like nike- no matter how poor you are

Jo-boilers have come on a bit-

when we had ours done- the hot water tank goes,the tank in the roof goes it is all compact and sits on the wall-do not go to British Gas unless you want to pay double what a local plumbing and heating engineer will charge-check out possibilities through Checkatrade


Yes Geoff, noway BG! We have a good local firm that only serviced it this time last year, to within the week! So shall get in touch with them first to get things restarted, then enquire about how we get a replacement organised. Not something I relish coping with, but needs must & at least it's not the depths of winter! J.


If it is really old there may be a council grant available as well

The disruption was minimal -the bulk of the work was done in one day and completed by the middle of the second day,


A busy morning, OH cut the lawn and I then trimmed the edge of it I am now getting to the stage where I cannot reach the back of the border without stepping on it. Any suggestions?

sotongeoff wrote (see)

Does that shoe thing still go on?

In my experience it happens a lot younger now as well. extends to lunchboxes, pencil cases, you name it.
I remember several years ago when a friend, quite a few years younger than I, came into the staffroom after her class had been painting. I pointed out that one of the little dears had been careless with a brush and made a splodge on my friend's shirt. She said (somewhat shirtily, I felt) that it was a designer logo!   :- )


I am cooking Sunday lunch for our Son and DIL to say thankyou for taking us to Cornwall

Roast loin of Pork and apple sauce,Roast potatoes,Runner beans,buttered kale ,courgettes and shallots in creme fraiche,carrots and Delias sticky Toffee puddings for afters  All veggies from the garden/allotment

I will have to have a catch up later

Pam LL x

Shoe shopping....Funnily enough it isn't the logo or make of shoe that is the problem it is the shape/ style of them. He isn't picky about brands at all but I know a lot are!

Pam- your lunch sounds yummy!

Someone here commented re council grants too! Trouble is neither of us are yet of pensionable age nor on benefits- dont think mine counts, but there again, my medical circumstances......hmm

Just had very yummy fresh sweetcorn cobs, mushroom omlette to follow- OH brought a 2cnd box of mushrooms back this time. Then, when I can get back into the kitchen , pears baked in the Remoska with wonderful vanilla icecream. Nice!

Ooh Pam, dont think have ever tried doing D's STP. That's an idea for sometime soon. J.

Gary Hobson

Trying to maintain a border wider than you can comfortably reach is a pain. A few nice stepping stones, one every couple of yards along the border, are an option.


Gary see this is the problem, I have let shrubs take over in the back of the border but I now want to put some climbers in to give me more privacy. Every spring and autumn I pinch a bit more lawn but now I am getting to the stage where I need to redesign it. Stepping stones may be the short term solution, thanks.



Just take care that if the 'stepping' stones are wood eg from felled tree trunks, they become very slippy when wet so need chicken wire fixixng to them. They also do eventually rot down so will need to be replaced.You can get very similar looking concrete 'fake wooden' ones from B&Q/builders places.

Omlette here. J.


Nobody had any room for a pud, so pears will get done another time. Good, as just noticed that recipe said 'ripe' & they were still hard!

OH has now fixed this pc to 'talk' to printer in his workshop/study. In my 'book' still just as easy to trot along to study with laptop & 'do' things in there- that way i can ensure there's paper in the printer! J.


Jo, you're quite right. My laptop 'talks' to the printer but 3 out of every 4 times I have to go into the room with the main computer and see to the printer for some reason or another!


Yep, am quite happy trotting into workshop to use printer, suits me, but OH into anything 'new' etc, so...... this is only a notebook, so not exactly heavy.

Have just been looking at local firms website- hmm, no mention of actually doing fitting of boilers, just servicing. Am sure though that they encorporated another longstanding local firm that DID supply & fit CH. Oh well, shall find out tomorrow no doubt.

Still to go & look at our 50p collection & it's the day for watering the house/porch plants- wow! J.


Jo thanks for the tip.