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Deanos Diggin It

Geoff!  Although not my Favoured means of support!

Kate- Infact I have two! Will post tomoz!

Soz! Dippin in n out between cooking! I have free range of the kitchen!  

Jean Genie

 Good aftie all, A pleasant day spent visiting rellies . Just been catching up on here and having a chuckle

- first thing I saw was a pair of Y fronts !

Gary - I'm going to get the medal - I just didn't want to fork out £89 50 for the set.

Sorry to hear about your boiler Glyn , but like Kate says , thank goodness it's not the depths of winter. Hopefully you will get it sorted by then.

Nice veg. Dean. Sorry to hear of your friend's setback.

Geoff I see you are back on form - Small faces ! That takes me back. I was never a mod though - give me a nice Harley any day !


Deanos Diggin It

Soz Kate! Missed ya post! No I didn't!  But watched alot of American themed things regarding veggies! The doctors name escapes me! But had nearly 37 years of research! n once presented to the medical council! Not an interest was had! Forgive me for being cynical! But no money to be had!!! 


Jean it's ME with the poorly boiler (no not OH)! Not surprised mixed up (or muxed ip as we say in this house) though with all of us 'flitting' in & out on here.

Neighbour has brought round some Indian sweets- oh boy they are good. J.


Jean Genie

Jo, so sorry ! I have great difficulty catching up when I've missed a lot of posts ! Hope you get it sorted soon. Losing the plot - I may need feeding. Indian sweets sound good

hollie hock

Evening everyone- still no way that I can catch up with everything that's been going on. Flo- I haven't read the book but I think I started to read it in the works sometime ago, think it would be a really good read.  Geoff- glad you are recovering and feeling better. Kate- I've used  round tree stumps as stepping stones on my beds, works really well.

Still having problems with my psycho/mixed up house cat- went loopy again today. No full blown attack but it was brewing., really scary. At one point, I couldn't even enter the house, she became so terratiorial. Had to make the difficult decision to let her or I should say get her out of the house! She's now on her own, there's food and her blanket in the shed. At least she has recovered from her op, it's her first night outside so despite everything I hope she is ok.

I have always thought that I was born in the wrong generation- I would have loved to have been growing up in the 60s. Love a lot of the music and the films- Crosby,Stills & Nash are one of my favourite bands as well as many others

Anyone been watching Lilyhammer on BBC 4? Mafia boss under a new identity rellocated to Norway- Funny, dry and quirky


Hi Jean and Hols

Have you got any advice on that cat?-that does not sound like a serious lot of fun

Not watching Lilyhammer missed the beginning -the Killing 3 is rumoured to on BBC4 in November.

Am all cried out and a total emotional wreck after XF-could not pick a winner yet but think it will be one of the boys-there is one there who will entertain even if he can't sing

Posh soap now

hollie hock

Hi Geoff managed to catch up with the first 2 episodes of lilyhammer  on the internet today, episode 3 is still on iplayer.Maybe still a good watch now? there's 8 episodes. Good news about  the killing will look out for it.Missed "room at the top" this week on bbc 4, read this a long time ago

Just out of interest have you seen Episodes on BBC 2?


XF I am like a limp rag after watching that and I liked the twist I thought the boys were a weird mixture, I would go for a girl as winner.

I enjoyed the first series of Episodes and do not know how I missed the second one

HH I thought cats were supposed to be docile?


hollie hock

I'm just off to bed, had a look outside and my cat is back- i just don't know what to do


Gary Hobson

Seems that we won a heroic golf/fashion competition last night.

Unfortunately, I was not glued to the BBC 5Live commentary on the wireless, so missed it.

Jean Genie

Morning all, Just had a scary drive following hubbie's car to garage so he could take mine to work. His going in for some repair. The garage is at the end of a long .dark country lane but I don't like driving on it. Anyway, back now, tea needed and I have no car for the day so catch up on boring stuff and may do some more seeds. Dank and dismal here.

Hollie, If I were you I think I would ring for some advice over your cat - that doesn't seem right at all. Has she/he always been tetchy ? The cats' protection league can offer free advice or maybe have a chat with the vet. Ours went loopy a few years back and it turned out she had a bad tooth which was causing her pain. Hope she is calmer today, an angry cat is not a good thing,

Gary, I watched the fashion show on Downton last night.

Jean Genie

Hollie, I've just been looking on the cats' protection league website and there is a telephone number and an e-mail if you need some advice.  Maybe they can help you.



Gary I am stunned I went to bed last night and it was all over and now I find out they have won, the ghost of Seve helped them.

Dank is a good description here too. October arrives and it really feels autumnal.




Morning one and all.

I watched Downton last night, that's all. Great soap, cheerier and better dressed than any of the others. Aaaah :- ) 


Oh no-it is October-hate October even the word October sounds harsh and unforgiving-do not like October

Hols-did watch Episodes as it happens-it was ok- but a actor playing himself- albeit an exaggerated version- takes a bit of getting used to-apparently there will be a third series

It is raining and the sad news is I haven't cured the drip-am stuck again as to where it is coming in-can't do anything until it dries up

Not going out

Have managed to do quite a bit in the garden over the weekend, planting out bare rooted wallflowers, relocating forget me nots to surround them (I love that combination!) also moved some foxgloves the size of savoy cabbages into the recently rejuvenated shady shrub border, pleased to see the pulmonarias I divided a couple of weeks ago are putting out some new leaves. The Virginia creeper and grape vine are colouring up well, some teeny bunches of grapes which the blackbirds are guzzling. Today's plan is to start planting up pots and window boxes with spring flowering bulbs and violas... might even sow some sweet peas.

Figrat-have you stunk the place out with the microwave yet?


Geoff that is no good, maybe you shold have used more salt.

Have we had the nod for sweet peas?