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Deanos Diggin It

Afternoon All!

Nice One Jean! Look's like you have set off the next topic of conversation!

Kate! as promised!

 They are 100% recycled rubber, so heavy enough to stay in situ, but not too heavy  or too much of a faff to move.


 Which you can have as a double track. single track or whatever!

 And once used, you simply roll up n put away!

Insomnia1973 wrote (see)

Flo, you ride a bike whilst playing piano? Cool!

:- D Not yet, Becks, but I intend to model myself on this person

 Is there anything that can't be found on the internet!!!!




Oh yes, I know, how to make marrow palatable ;- )


There are some things that should not be eaten,cucumber, courgettes, pumpkins marrows fall into that category

I had horsemeat on holiday


Jean Genie

I have been educated. I didn't know that gherkins are related to cucumbers. However, I'll pass on the fried cucumber and candied watermelon rind  

Dreary from Corrie cooks a stuffed marrow dish when she has visitors.What a sad life I lead


It is her signature dish -aren't gherkins just pickled cucumbers-like a nice gherkin




Jean Genie

 ! Aftie Dean, I could do with some of those - my lawn is like a bog.

Flo, I shall look out for you when I get my car back ( that's if I don't hear you first )

And Geoff, how could you ?



It was in the reduced section in a supermarket-so was probably pony-and it had pictures of horses in fields on the packaging

You have to try things-would have it again-first catch your horsey


Hi all, glad people's w/ends & parties went well.

Am fairly warm at the mo, despite a rotten day weather-wise. It's been cool, damp, wet & yes very Autumnal. Gas fire on & daughter gone back to bed! It was just after 2am when she got back from work & then OH got up & left by 5.30am & the police helicopter was somewhere around for ages in the night, so I'm tired too!

We've been down at Lowry outlet mall & nearby retail park. Got myself a fleece buff, as planned, & a new rucksack. My old one hasnt got covered seams & so when it rains no guarentee stuff stays dry inside. Will still use older one though until those seams do break! Daughter got herself a new super dooper suitcase to replace her old one, which she insisted we kept, so it went up into the loft with the others. No idea where she'll keep this new one- not in the spare bedroom that's for sure!

 Have decided not to get cross about being unable to cut the lawn. It's not that long & am not proud of it, as just a green space between beds. That way IF we get a couple of dryish days can then do a cut, but may not.... Bulb pots/planting more important.

Got on to the heating/electrical company first thing this morning & someone coming Wednesday morning. They also do supply & fit new boilers so will discuss that on Wed. Drat, as was going down to NWorcs to meet up with friend, but boiler/heating takes priority. Will rearrange with friend, she already knows wed off, but, as she is also having a household crisis her end, no problems.

Found a nice 3 in 1 new waterproof coat whilst out, but needed the size they'd not got in store & it's not on web site either in the size/colour I want. Oh well not to be. The old one will continue in use a bit longer & get increasingly scruffier.

None of the 50ps were special ones we did have quite a lot between us, for some reason.

Right off to start a tomato rissotto next. Was going to do ratatoue, but it takes longer so will probably do tomorrow.

Back later I expect. J.


Jean Genie

 Couldn't. Can't even eat rabbit . What does it taste like ?



Dean they look interesting I will do some investigating, my garden is not very big so I have some thinking to do.

Gary I will write to Nigella I am sure that she will oblige.

I have ate rabbit by mistake


Well- as long as you don't eat the hooves- it honestly is just like steak-was very tender-if you didn't know you wouldn't know the difference

Rat is lovely

Jean Genie

Think I will delay dinner  Kate, I ate goat once on hols - that was a BIG mistake.

Gary Hobson

I've had rabbit when I was little. We used to visit my gran once a week. Her OH always managed to catch a rabbit from his allotment, so he said, which we always had for our special treat dinner. It was quite nice, a bit like chicken, from what I remember.

I think there's more on a rabbit than a squirrel, although the later might be more plentiful.

I wonder if the sight of a cooking pot would act as a squirrel deterant.

Gary Hobson


I have occasionally seen the ingredients for squirrel-au-van, and, very unfortunately, hedgehog-au-van.


Deanos Diggin It

I have eaten Horsemeat by mistake! 

But that said! I agree with Geoff! It was rather nice!! 



Nice cup of coffee anyone~~~


Jean Genie

Reminds me of a butchers in the Cotswolds - they were selling ''roadkill'' burgers. God only knows what they were made from.


Hi everyone.

What an menu. Horse Meat, goat and rabbit. Have eaten rabbit and still do, but not horse meat. I really couldn't eat that, they are such beautiful animals, so intelligent, it doesn't seem right. We go to Louth most Saturdays and there is a game dealer there. He sells rabbit, hare, pigeon, partridge and pheasant, when in season and had venison too last Saturday. There was a shop in Holt, Norfolk that sold squirrel when we visited last year, we gave it a miss.

Bought a bag of spuds today 25 kg cost me £7.99. that's twice what they were last year

We are having something far more ordinary this evening.

Shepherds pie with cheesy top, cabbage, beans and carrots. Left over Apple crumble for afters for OH.


It's funny, isn't it, that we will eat some animals - even cute ones like lambs ducks and chickens - but not others. I like rabbit, though according to my butcher it's imported from China so I don't buy, I like traceability in my meat. And if we'd been brought up in a different time or place we'd each witchety grubs or be horrified at the idea of eating cow or we'd eat puffin on Fridays because it counts as fish.

Here endeth the lesson ;- )